arnica herbal lotion or cream

Arnica montana flowers have a long tradition of use in athletics, perhaps going back to ancient Greece. It is used for all the athlete’s problems – pulled muscles, cramp, twisted ankle, bruises, knee dislocation, pulled back, in fact everything to do with muscles, joints and knocks encountered in sport. Used by sports men and women in every sport. It gives extaordinary relief and healing, testified by millions and by centuries of use.

Our Arnica is extracted in our dedicated dispensary and can be used as a lotion, cream, liniment, ointment, or poultice.

It is not for use on cuts, open wounds and the like. For these use Marigold or Comfrey.

Available in 60ml, 120ml, 300ml, 555ml bottles
Arnica Cream 30g 60g Jars

How to make your own Arnica Lotion
You can use this lotion before and after playing tennis, golf, rugby, hockey, football, basketball, cricket, squash, athletics, etc
Take 25g dried Arnica Flowers add 250ml sunflower oil (or grapeseed oil) in a jar. Stand in a warm place (or in the sun) for a week before use. No need to strain. Then dip your fingers into the jar and massage into your joints and muscles.
Leave the mixture to continue extracting until used up then repeat.
That’s it!
It’ll keep your muscles toned and enable them to heal and recover more quickly (eg bruising, strains, twists, etc)
Go for it to get the edge!