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Hi Alan, Thank you so much. My personal prescription is so good and I can’t thank you enough.
Best wishes, Devina


Dear Alan, I have just finished my first bottle of personal prescription from you. I have felt well on your personal prescription. My energy is good and so is my mood. I am also more relaxed. My IBS is coping well with the medicine. My sleep has also got better. My weight has continued to get lighter on my carb free new diet, I have lost over 20 pounds in 6 months which is pleasing. There has been no worsening or spread of the big C. My specialist is pleased about this. It’s all going well, thank you, and I want to stay on your herbal prescription. Christine


Hi Alan. I found your consultation very helpful and would recommend it as the first port of call to anybody rather than trying to figure out what to purchase. All my questions were answered and I felt  your assessment was on point. The most gain I had from the consultation was that very gently I was motivated into doing daily exercise rather than walking on odd days. I got a rebounder and felt immediate benefits. My digestion  and fitness improved and I am sure my bones are benefiting too. I do what is called HIIT (High intensity interval training) which takes only 20 mins daily. I can do it on the rebounder, outdoors and it is so effective and easy to do. Also bloating is reduced and I have my waist back. I am doing it now about 6 weeks daily and the improvement continues. The HIIT makes the exercise interesting and because intensity is at my own pace and recovery periods are incorporated it is easy to do.
Again thank you so much for your help and the beautiful hand prepared herbs that you produce and are a gift to humanity. 
Kind Regards, Ann


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Alan N. Hopking MA MNIMH FINEH

How I practice herbal medicine

I’d like to outline how I practice herbal medicine. If you have an illness and you would like to receive treatment with medicinal herbs, what should you expect? It is now the modern world and post covid. The world of clinical medicine has changed forever, both for general practitioners in the NHS as well as for herbal practitioners in our private clinics. No longer is it essential to attend a clinic and be face to face with your physician. It is now completely acceptable to have a video consultation, a telephone consultation, even an email consultation. For me, as a private (non-NHS) practitioner, consultations have a fee (like any private clinic). Emails however are free, but donations for my time and advice are appreciated. Face to face consultations are available again now that lockdown and all restrictions have been lifted by the UK government.

I work as a functional medicine herbal practitioner. This implies many things which I will outline in brief. When you consult me, I am interested in your unique personal story, your history, how you have come to be who you are today. That is to say, I am interested in you as a patient as a whole, not solely in the disease that you present. I see health as a positive vital force, a natural and normal state of being, a right. In other words, your health is not merely the absence of disease. Your health as positively based on systemic function – an internal interrelationship that is indivisible i.e. the liver has its action and physiological function, but this function is both dependent on what comes to it, e.g. blood, as much as to do with the organs it acts towards, e.g. the gall bladder, the pancreas, the digestive organs, etc. Health is right function of all the organs and systems together. And it is the therapist’s job to help the body restore this balance and vitality. This is functional medicine. And this is where medicinal herbs have such a powerful part to play. But it is more than just handing out a prescription of herbs. It involves addressing the lifestyle of the patient as well.

Functional medicine is more focused on understanding the causes of a person’s health imbalance than with the symptoms that express this imbalance. So it aims to address these underlying causes of disease, utilising a systems-oriented approach. It focuses on the whole person rather than just on an isolated set of symptoms. As it is focused on a patient-centred individualisation of medicine, it prescribes remedies to restore the body’s physiology (the dynamic interactions that maintain life) to normal functioning. So diseases are regarded as disordered processes of normal physiology and plants are sustainable triggers that support the restoration of the affected tissues.

Lifestyle medicine provides an interdisciplinary, whole-system approach to the prevention and reversal of chronic and lifestyle-related diseases through the modification of the behavioural, social, and environmental drivers.
My herbal practice incorporates the defining characteristics of functional medicine and applies these through the lens of the unique properties of medicinal plants. Medicinal plants in my practice have gone through a rigorous number of tests, analyses, historical use, and scientific assessment. their range of actions and uses are known, and recent pharmacological tests are always being added to our understanding of the plant’s medicinal action, as are new herbs and medicinal mushrooms. All these advances are now at the practitioner’s fingertips for use to benefit our patient. But we also investigate the patient’s diet as a positive aspect of therapy, especially with the use of phytonutrient-rich plant foods. Again, a chronic disease results from multiple causative factors (pieces in the patient’s historical mosaic). The patient’s story is paramount. A personal prescription is formulated along with other supportive remedies if required, e.g. the ABC Powder, slippery elm powder, a sleep tonic, a liver restorative tea, etc.

Yes, I have formulated an unique range of multiherbal tonics for anyone in the population to consider, select and order from this website. I still hold my long-held belief that my practice should be accessible to all and not just the few, i.e. I regard myself as a people’s herbalist. This completely supports my functional medicinal approach because the herbs in each prescriptive tonic are such that, first, they are not isolated constituents like a drug or factory-manufactured vitamin or health supplement, and second, the herbs have multifaceted actions over the range of organs, which means that each tonic takes into account the whole body whilst focusing on the task in hand, be it inflammation, immune enhancement, gall stones, breast lumps, shortness of breath, constipation, enlarged prostate, etc. These “whole-body” medicines rightly called tonics and adaptogens also empower the general goal of physiological enhancement of the function of individual systems, organs, or even tissues and cells. Such enhancement usually also involves the correction of imbalances in other causative body organs.

So, formulating a prescription of medicinal herbs is indeed complex, taking the whole mosaic into consideration, they must also be regarded as “intelligent mixtures” of secondary plant metabolites shaped by evolutionary pressures and possess inherent synergy and polyvalence. Polyvalence can be defined in this context as the range of biological activities that a herb may exhibit that contribute to the overall clinical effect. It stems directly from the chemical complexity of medicinal plants.

Functional herbal medicine supports key endocrine responses. It eliminates persistent pathogens. Lowers danger signals, boosting cellular protection (cytoprotection), enhances mitochondrial function and biogenesis. The ABC Powder is so important in this respect during the treatment period of the patient – and indeed for long-term health. We require the patient to improve their sleep quality and time asleep, thereby restoring their healthy nervous system function (lowering stress, anxiety, worry, depression). The herbs will also boost microcirculatory, macrocirculatory and endothelial health, improving blood quality, thus promoting the healing of tissues (and the person’s energy and outlook). We need to eliminate dysbiosis and promote a healthy microbiome both by diet/exercise and herbs, to optimise digestive function. And since 80% of the immune system originates in the gut, this will optimise and strengthen the defenses in the whole immune function. The mind, brain, emotions and interaction with nature are so important in this mosaic of who we are. To this extent, modern research confirms traditional herbal wisdom which emphasised gut (digestive)-brain interdependence. This has become familiar today as “mental health” – but too often the gut is not sufficiently taken into consideration in this relationship (sugar and refined carbohydrates are the major culprits causing this functional irregularity – from chidhood diabetes through to mental issues, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s and cancer). So, meditation and mindfulness which have been shown convincingly to be of benefit to all peoples on this wonderful and intriguing journey on this beautiful planet, are recommended because they give a deeper perspective of who we are, where we are, and our connection with the cosmic universe, gravity, and distant galaxies beyond our sun and moon.

I offer free support and advice throughout your treatment (usually by text or email due to time). Further telephone support and continued progressive treatment demands booking an online consultation or a further visit to my clinic.

Over 35 years as a herbal practitioner, and I am just as passionate about health and herbal medicine and functional wellness as I was when I qualified as a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH), and I promise I will do all I can to help you regain your vitality and natural right to health.

(c) Alan Hopking


Alan in front of clinic in 1985


Doctor-induced deaths

Alan, Did you know that according to a 2004 report authored by multiple medical doctors (entitled “Death by Medicine”), the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year? In other words, more people in the USA die EACH YEAR from “iatrogenic” (i.e. doctor induced) causes than died the ENTIRE Civil War!
Even the mainstream media outlets are reporting that “medical mistakes” are one of the top 3 causes of death in the USA. From Ty Bollinger


Herbactive Consultation Room

“I have been benefiting from Alan’s advice and herbal remedies for decades. He is a dedicated and experienced herbalist. I recommend Alan for the alternative approach on any kind of illness, slight or chronic.” Joan Tidd, Dorset.

“I consulted Alan Hopking because of intense discomfort and pain that plagued my life for many years until I started taking Alan’s herbal tincture that he made specifically for my condition, using his experience and expertise in herbs. I can highly recommend Alan as a practitioner of herbal medicine and recommend his herbal tinctures as very effective.”
A.A. Douglas

“I would like to say the support you give your customers and patients is so good and it’s really appreciated.” Priya

“Dear Alan, I’ve just been reading randomly some of your website. This is after an awful, unkind consultation with my GP. The difference is stark. Your words are kind loving Healing. His were gross and cutting. I suppose that is the difference between the two types of medicine. The grossness of pharmaceutical drugs and the soft loving beauty of Herbs. I love your storytelling and the poetry and your tenacity and dedication to help and heal. I’m so grateful you are there. God forbid they get to you!! Bless you.” Pam B

“Thank you for your advice yesterday, you were very helpful. The package arrived today – so quick! I’m very pleased with the service that you offer, so much so, that I have already recommended you to a friend.” Pauline from Kings Lynn

“Thank you Alan. Hope all is well with you. Sorry for the long absence, John has been very unwell and it is now really hard for me to leave the house… I have referred a lot of people to you, all of whom are utterly delighted with your amazing remedies… Thank you for all that you are and all that you do… Love & Thoughts, Isabelle”

Consultations In Person By Appointment At My Clinic

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Alan Hopking is a professional medical herbalist who offers his phytotherapeutic expertise of over 35 years.
“Free-4-5” – You can phone the Herbactive Health Clinic for free information and advice (please keep this to 5 minutes or less). NB Over 5 minutes of Mr Hopking’s time you will be requested to pay a fee for a telephone consultation.

Use our freephone 0800 0834436. For more detailed advice please send an email to


There is a standard professional consultation fee for clinic appointments with Alan Hopking, by appointment.

NB All consultations at the clinic have now been lifted and the UK government restrictions re Covid-19 have now been relaxed.

Consultations at Herbactive Clinic (face to face) by appointment are now available and last 1 hour. Fee: £50.00 (Non-refundable deposit of £25.00)
Consultations are available by telephone or Meet/Zoom by appointment. These have a professional fee of £45 (Non-refundable deposit of £22.50) for half an hour.


All consultations and conversations are treated with the strictest of professional confidentiality, according to regulations required as a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (of Great Britain) [MNIMH].

  • First consultations at Herbactive Clinic last one hour. A professional fee of £50 is charged. This is a full assessment of your condition, examination, medical history, lifestyle and needs. Mr Hopking makes recommendations and offers professional advice. A specific prescription is prepared for you at the end of the consultation. All medicines are charged at the standard rate.
  • All other consultations have a professional fee of £45.00 for half an hour.
  • The second consultation is usually booked for two weeks later. This consultation is a reassessment of your progress and further physical examination if necessary. This reassessment lasts at least half an hour. A new prescription is usually required and dispensed for you. All medicines are charged at the standard rate.
  • Further follow-up consultations are usually monthly, and last for at least half-an-hour. The fee is the same as for the second consultation, i.e. £45.00.
  • When you don’t need a full further consultation for a few months you become an out-patient and can continue receiving your herbal prescriptions (collected from our clinic or posted to you). You may ring Herbactive at any time for free advice. You may telephone Mr Hopking regarding changes in your progress towards health which he will take into account when you need to reorder your herbal prescription, this too is a free service. You may reorder your prescription on the phone, text or email. Your prescription may be collected at the clinic or we can post it the same day; we do not charge for postage and packaging.
  • Please note that for all booked consultations, whether in person, phone or zoom, require a non-refundable deposit of £22.50 or £25.00.


Alan looks forward to meeting you. “I will do all I can to help you regain your health and happiness.” To read more, click here.

See also an important announcement by Alan Hopking regarding his membership of the the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (MRCHM) and why he has renounced renewing his membership click here for info

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  3. Your herbal medicines are tailored for your individual needs
  4. Our herbal medicines are organic and made in our own dispensary for you
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* Freephone 0800 0834436

** Mr Alan N Hopking MA MNIMH

*** You may be asked to pay if your telephone call is longer than the FREE-4-5 allowed which takes up Mr Hopking’s clinical time. You may request a time to speak to Mr Hopking for longer on the phone; this may involve a fee.

If your call for advice is longer than 5 minutes, I’d appreciate you offering to donate towards the advice and time you have received.

Directions To The Clinic

Directions to the Herbactive Clinic in New Milton

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For your SatNav our full address is:
5 Station Road, New Milton, Hampshire BH25 6HN, UK
Tel 01425 613436
Freephone 08000 834436
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Dear Patient
Detailed directions to the Clinic:

By Car From London

Take M3 South (to Basingstoke, Southampton, Bournemouth)
At the end of the M27 take the exit to Lyndhurst and follow to Lymington on the A337 then on towards New Milton.
On A337 at New Milton watch out for Station Road to right. Follow this over the rail bridge to find HERBACTIVE on the right (just after the the New Milton Medical Centre).

Alternative route: After the M27 ends continue on A35 to the A338 to Christchurch, take the turning A337 to Highcliffe and New Milton. At the Wheatsheaf pub turn left (Old Milton Road) then at lights turn left into Station Road. Continue over the railway bridge to HERBACTIVE on right after the New Milton Medical Centre (on left).
Free Parking opposite the clinic.

By Car from Southampton, Portsmouth and the East

Take the M27 west
At the end of the M27 take the exit to Lyndhurst and follow to Lymington on the A337 then on towards New Milton.
On A337 at New Milton watch out for Station Road to right. Follow this over the rail bridge (about 1.5 miles) to find HERBACTIVE on the right (just after the the New Milton Medical Centre).
Free Parking

By Car from Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch and the West

Take the A31 east towards Wimborne and Ringwood, to Christchurch
Take the A337 to New Milton through Highcliffe on Sea. At New Milton after the Wheatsheaf pub turn left (Old Milton Road) then at lights turn left into Station Road. Continue over the railway bridge to HERBACTIVE on right after the New Milton Medical Centre (on left).
Free Parking opposite the clinic.

Ample free parking.

Train to New Milton

Take the train (from London go to Waterloo Station) to New Milton (trains go to Bournemouth, Poole or Weymouth). New Milton is next stop after Brockenhurst. From the station go the Station Road and turn left. You’ll find HERBACTIVE just 2 minutes walk (on right just after the New Milton Medical Centre which is on your left).

National Express Coach

From Victoria Coach Station, London take the coach direct to New Milton, Walk up Station Road over the railway bridge to fund us on your right.

To Fly

Get a ticket to Southampton International Airport then take the train to New Milton (see D)


From Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst, Southampton, take the bus to New Milton (Whitefield Road stop).
At Station road turn right and walk over the railway bridge to find HERBACTIVE on your right, a 3 minute walk.

Safe journey.
You’ll be welcomed with a hot cup of our Paradise Garden Herbal Tea!
If you have any trouble or get lost please ring my freephone number 0800 0834436 or my mobile 07890326763.

A Little Pictorial History

A word from Charles Darwin about Homeopathy:

[It is] a subject which makes me more wrath, even than does clairvoyance. Clairvoyance so transcends belief, that one’s ordinary faculties are put out of the question, but in homeopathy common sense and common observation come into play, and both these must go to the dogs, if the infinitesimal doses have any effect whatever. How true is a remark I saw the other day by Quetelet, in respect to evidence of curative processes, viz. that no one knows in disease what is the simple result of nothing being done, as a standard with which to compare homeopathy, and all other such things.

from Darwin’s Most Wonderful Plants by Ken Thompson, 2019, p.10.