ColonCleanse Herbal Powder


ColonCleanse Powder

An Unique Herbal Powder to Nourish and Detoxify

To Cleanse the Colon Naturally

This unique powder is formulated as a complex herbal remedy to complement detoxification, nourishment and gentle elimination.

It is based on the latest information of colon support.

Herbactive’s ColonCleanse is a favourite with those who regularly like to keep their intestinal system clean and healthy. It is used by most of Mr Hopking’s patients.

Ingredients include: slippery elm, marshmallow, alfalfa, spirulina, psillium seeds, linseeds, and herbs making it an easy mixture to take in water or soya milk.

Great to take at night for a month once or twice a year.
Can be used safely long term.

Safe for all.

Take ColonCleanse also when you use our Detox Tonic.

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