Herbal Cosmetics


Herbactive Ltd have developed a wonderful herby healthy range of cosmetics to complement your individual health regime without compromising your treatment.
But these herbal health cosmetics aren’t just for people undergoing treatment. They are for anyone who values their health and doesn’t want to compromise it with chemically overloaded products.
We have gone out of our way to make these products both endearing and effective! We have aimed only to use herbs, essential oils and natural ingredients that are safe for you to apply to your skin and hair. There are no added chemicals in these products – just herbs, herbal extracts and oils.
What’s more, our packaging is ultra simple – to do our bit to help save the planet (don’t judge a book by its cover!).
We love hearing your comments about our products so don’t hold back!

“The products for mum have been tremendous. Her mood has been transformed. I have absolute faith in your products Alan and I thank you.”

First we’ll list all our cosmetic products, then you’ll find a description of each to follow 🙂


SkinClear Shampoo Powder
Bhringaraj Oil Hair and Scalp Conditioner
Herbal Hair Colours
– Brown
– Rich Red Brown
– Red
Haer!Haer! Hair and Scalp Lotion for women
HairMore Men Hair and Scalp Lotion


Eye Lotion
EyeDrops for an EyeBath
Face and Neck Skin Tightening Lotion
Aloe Day AquaCream
Seaweed and Comfrey Day AquaCream
Hemp AquaCream
Wheatgrass Moisture Cream
SpotLess Lotion
Sea Purslane and MarshMallow Mask
– “… this face pack is awesome, never have I seen a product draw puss, poison out almost immediately upon putting on my face!” Gail R
Oat and Elm Honey Mask
Maca Root Face Mask
Green Man Face Mask for Men
Nasal Drops
Sinus Decongestion Drops
Lip Wax
Wild Yam Lip Cream
Cold Sore Lotion
Wild Yam Lip Cream – for dry and wrinkled lips
MouthShield mouth wash for teeth and gums
MouthShield Toothpaste


SkinClear Soap Powder
SkinClear Lotion for Dry Skin
Mallow Body Powder (no talc) Fragrance Free
White Deodorant Cream
Coconut Deodorant
Body Massage Oil
Hand Toning Lotion
Pigmentation Creams
Rose Water
Witch Hazel Water
Aloe Vera Gel Lotion
Shh Massage Lotion
Cellulite Massage Lotion
Legs Veins Lotion Spray
Healthy Feet Lotion


Air Freshener Spray


– wash your hair with our soapwort shampoo. Made from soapwort root, yucca and rosemary – nothing else – pure and simple. Yucca is known for its help in hair loss, hair thinning and baldness (including tinea or ringworm in the scalp which causes bald patches). Washes and softens your hair and cleanses your scalp; conditions and cleans – couldn’t be more natural. How to use: put a teaspoon or two of the powder into a cup or bowl, pour boiling water on either to make a loose paste or a tea (experiment to see what you like), when cooled use on your hair (some people prefer to strain it first). Best to put plenty on and allow to soak and condition for a good while before washing out. No conditioner necessary – the herbs are your hair and scalp conditioners.
Both our soap and shampoo powders are low lather products – completely natural!
“I’ve tried the shampoo & found it washed my hair well” – Linda (London)
“Your shampoo is really good. It becomes like a jelly and cleans my hair like the American Indians used to use. I’m glad you use Yucca in it which is so good for the hair and scalp. My wife likes it as well.” Peter (Kent)
“I love your Shampoo powder and I now also am regularly using your Bhringaraj Oil.” Christine Morgan.

– ‘Bhringaraj’ means ‘King of Hair’ in Sanskrit. This oil is traditionally used in India to nourish the hair, improve hair growth, kill any mites (!) and strengthen the hair roots and shaft. Its rejuvenating properties can help to prevent early greying and balding in both women and men. Our Bhringaraj is made from organic herbs and organic coconut oil. Directions for use: Apply to the scalp 1 or 2 times weekly. Gently massage the oil into the scalp and allow it to be absorbed into your scalp. Can be left on for hours as you do the household chores (wrap your hair in a towel or use cling-film for a more intense action); or use at night (wrap hair or use a tight hair cap) and wash hair in the morning, or use sparingly as a hair dressing for shining locks. Tell us what you did and the comments you got.
“This is amazing Alan! My wife thought I’d dyed my hair!”

This colour range is made only with herbs and different Middle Eastern and Asian hennas. Strand test before using. Full instructions are given for these herbal hair dyes. Don’t expect anything dramatic – unless you’ve got grey or white hair and use our Red on its own!
– Brown – this can cover grey to give a light reddy-brown colour
– Rich Red Brown – this covers grey to give an auburn colour
– Red – this is bright ginger red

– “The lotion is particularly impressive. It actually colours my hair. I received the Haer Haer mix in May, the Haer Haer lotion is very good, not only does it help improve the texture it also gently colours which means I have replaced the hair dye with a semi permanent colour. I enjoy using this natural herbal product.” Val, London.

– “I have been using your lotion for over a year now and I’m very impressed – my hair is coming back!” Ian


– to nourish the skin around your eyes; helps skin tone and prevent wrinkles

– to clear the eyes for added sparkle. Drop a few drops in an eyebath of warm water and bathe each eye. Clears and refreshes. Removes sand and particles and keeps the tear ducts flushed. Buy an EyeBath as well if you don’t have one at home. (Note: You must not use these drops directly in the eyes. Only use the drops in an eye bath)

– made with comfrey and other nurturing, toning, skin-tightening herbs, this is a popular lotion

– made with Aloe Vera Gel. Use sparingly before make up (allow to soak in first), or without make up for an all day fresh feel. Reapply if necessary.

– sea kelp is a well-known mega-nutrient often used in beauty therapy. We’ve combined it with comfrey known world-wide for its healing, protective and tightening qualities. Often preferred for an aging face.

– hemp is becoming better known in beauty salons due to its versatility and gentle nourishing qualities. Slightly oily so it’s better for dry skins.

– we’ve had this product for many years and it is loved by all who use it. It is made with china clay and fresh wheatgrass juice. It contains that lovely smelling geranium oil. Nice to use as a moisturizer at night.

– apply this lotion regularly to spots and pimples, acne and blackheads on the face and neck and shoulders; especially useful for angry spots and to help preventing them getting worse. This lotion is known to clear spots (often best when used with SpotLess Tonic)

– this is a mask you don’t want to miss using! Alan our herbalist collects the sea purslane fresh from the clean shores near the New Forest in Hampshire England. It is a wonderful herb (edible) that is salty and claimed to be better than sea kelp because of its remarkable medicinal value. You can find out more about this remarkable plant at https://www.herbactivehealth.com/shop/sea-purslane-and-marshmallow-mask/ Purslane and marshmallow, both from the seashore, are perfect to use as a mask after rambling on the cliffs, or cycling in the dales, where your face has born the brunt of sun and wind; apply and relax with a hot cup of green tea and let the nutrients of the mask restore and improve your skin.

– this mask is thick and does two things at the same time – it detoxifies the facial cells by drawing and cleansing and it nourishes with the oats and honey to moisturize and rejuvenate.

–  maca has been found to promote a healthy, radiant complexion and to structurally enhance the firmness of skin and boost its inherent protective abilities. This once little-known root from Peru is proving that it can you to have younger looking skin. It firms skin and leaves it feeling smoother with fewer unwelcome fine lines and wrinkles. We already include this herb in our internal powder mixture the ABC Daily Herbal Powder.

– this face mask for men follows the tradition of the Green Man. He has hair and beard of oak leaves. He represent the spirit of nature, the eternal youth. This mask is made with oak which is astringent, wound healing, skin tightening … youth giving!

– for nasal polyps. More medicinal in a sense but it can also be an important application for clearing nasal passages for easier breathing and speaking.

– congestion drops to help clear a stuffed-up nose

– coconut and marigold oil to nourish and improve your smile; good for dry lips

– to help reduce wrinkles on and around the lips

– keep this in your bathroom for immediate application; clears cold sores almost instantly. Cold sores are known as the kissing condition – it is very contagious. This lotion has a very long shelf life and so can be instantly to hand to prevent your developing cold sore from getting any worse (and getting passed on)

– a great multiherbal breath freshener and whole mouth protector; after holding it in your mouth you can even swallow it like a tonic so that it works back through the bloodstream to the teeth and gums

– this completely natural toothpaste is made with MouthShield and includes arrowroot, slippery elm bark, coconut oil, bicoarbonate of soda, with menthol oil; natural dark colour. Apply to your toothbrush like any toothpaste – but notice the difference and great herb action on your teeth, gums and mouth; works with your natural mouth defences.

– “wow, your toothpaste is good, my mouth feels really refreshed afterwards. I really love the subtle salty taste with the myrrh, thyme and Stevia … so nice to know it’s completely herbal and fluoride free!” Jane. “It’s better than ordinary toothpaste and better than all the natural toothpastes I’ve tried!” Sue.

“Your MouthShield Toothpaste is fantastic! Excellent! Really good for the gums! I love it and use it all the time. But I did find it a bit thick for the squeezy bottle but with a little snip of the top it came out perfectly onto my toothbrush – the screw top was unaffected. You still get ten out of ten for this product. It just wows the mouth!!” Lyn V. UK


– Our SkinClear Soap is simply a mixed powder of soapwort root, comfrey, slippery elm powder, marshamallow root, oats and lavender flowers – all perfect for your skin’s health and cleanlines. It is gentle on the skin, healing for skin problems and a highly effective natural cleanser – for eczema, psoriasis, fungal infections (ringworm/tinia), and general health. Place some of the powder in your hand, add a little water and wash your whole body; or you can put some of the powder in a flannel mit or loofah, perfect!
“I love using this soap on my skin, it makes it feel soft and smooth” – Melissa (Northern Ireland)

– all over spray for toning, soothing, for all skins

– made with herbal powders with a base of slippery elm; healthy and safe wherever you powder yourself; you use it from a bag (or put it in a used powder container; recycle); Fragrance Free

– “Your white deodorant works so well and I absolutely love the fragrance! It completely protects me against underarm smells!” Priscilla, Kent. This deodorant is made with natural ingredients and oils and aqueous cream so doesn’t stain or sting sensitive skin

– coconut is well-known for its anti-bacterial protection with gentle herbal fragrance.
“I live in the south of France where it’s very hot! I’m very impressed with your Coconut Deodorant. It has an all-day protection which is unlike any other natural deods I have used. And it has a lovely smell too. Thank you, I love it!.” Anne-Marie.

– light body plant oil with sensual essential oils

 – moisturizing, nourishing for aging hands

– Melasma – a cream for darkened patches
– Vitaligo – a cream for loss of pigment (light) patches

– a classic water for a great feeling with a great subtle rose perfume

– a wonderful refreshing water for all kinds of beauty uses

– aloe is ideal for the skin and for sunburn or allergies; apply it direct for immediate relief

– for aches and pains in your shoulders and hips; apply this lotion and massage it in for instant relief (you can use it on other joints as well!)

– contains soothing, cooling, anti-inflammatory herbs that can be massaged in to help to disperse cellulite (fatty lumps on the thighs)

– to help reduce varicose veins; our herbal lotion includes strong horse chestnut with witch hazel and butchers broom

– apply to your feet and toes to soften and protect against fungal infections and dry or damp feet.
“My teenage son has had athlete’s foot for years and at first he resisted taking your FungalLess Tonic and applying your Health Feet Lotion. But after a lot of nagging he starting using both. Now he has lovely smooth skin and he is very happy because nothing else worked. Thank you for an excellent product.” A.B.

“Hello there, Alan, I am loving your skin product range, really feel it is so nourishing and enriching for my skin. Great job, as with all your products they simply work!!! I know that I am enriching my health and body through using them. I am so glad I discovered you and your products!!.I honestly couldn’t do without them now.” Gemma


– this is a spray for general use; it can be used also for infestations on carpets or the mattress; lovely fresh smell using real essential plant oils

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Powders (in bags) 50g, 75g, 100g, 250g

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