Eyedrops for an eye bath


Eye drops for an eye bath

These herbal eye drops are for health problems concerning the eyes. They can be used for conjunctivitis, blepharitis, iritis, cateracts, styes, dry eyes, etc. You can even used these drops just to bathe and cleanse your eyes, eyelids and eyelashes, tear ducts for general health of the external eyes. Just a few drops in an eyebath of warm water and bathe your eyes up to 3 minutes. Depending on the condition you may be asked to do this up to four times daily.

We can supply the eye bath as well if required.

If you have problems with your eyes get our internal herbal medicine as well, called SeeMore Tonic

‘”I have conjunctivitis and got your lovely herbs. Have to say Alan, the minute I used them, i could feel a real ease in my eyes. Also looking at them in the mirror, they had a brightness they haven;t had in a while. As always another fantastic product.”
Gemma McHugh


Dear Alan, I find that these are excellent in keeping my eyes clear.
Best wishes, Jo


I love the EyeDrops so much and have been using them every day for over a year now.They really brighten your eyes and revitalize them. GM

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