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Scroll down to read about Trevor’s amazing journey through which he says he CLEARED CANCER COMPLETELY FROM HIS BODY!


Dear Alan, I visited you in the Autumn when I had had a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. I thought you may like to know that my last CT scan showed bone tumours shrunk almost beyond recognition and bones grown back, exceeding all expectations. The oncologist said I should live a long life. Thank you for your help on my journey back to health. I recommend you to many people. Alison A


“Hi Alan, I hope you are well and share a lovely sunny day with us lucky people in Liverpool…  I just wanted to say thank you so much for the fabulous herbal products… I am feeling so much better.. more alive…able to cope better….more energy and best of all less pain and a definite reduced size lump. All of this after a week! Wonderful! I will keep you updated on my progress….thank you so much. Kindest regards, Julie x”


Brief Overview of 19 Important Herbs used as Preventives against Rogue Cells

1 ASTRAGALUS (Huang Qi): A Chinese herb; an immune system booster, known to stimulate body’s natural production of interferon. It also helps the immune system identify rogue cells. Work with the herb in both cancer and AIDS cases has been encouraging. The MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Texas conducted research showing that taking Astragalus when having Radiotherapy doubled survival times.

2 BERBERIS FAMILY (Podophyllum peltanum): Slow active purgative. Research has shown these herbs to have a strong preventative action against mutation and they have been used with many serious diseases, especially ovarian masses.

3 BLOOD ROOT (Sanguinaria canadensis): Research shows consistent anti-neoplastic activity. It is said to be an effective prevention against cancer tumours, and can shrink them; and has proven useful with sarcomas.

4 BUTCHERS BROOM (Ruscus aculeatus): The active ingredients of this herb has been found to be the ruscogenins which have tumour-shrinking and anti-oestrogenic abilities. Thus its use in the preventative treatment for breast cancer.

5 CAT’S CLAW (Uncaria tormentosa): An adaptogen and powerful immuno-stimulant, it enhances the white cells’ clean up process (phagocytosis). It is an excellent companion to astragalus, curcumin and echinacea. Research indicates it can reduce tumour size, particularly with skin cancers. It also helps reduce the side-effects of chemo and radiotherapy.

6 CHAPARRAL (Larrea Mexicana); Cancer Watch covered a major research study from the US which heaped praise on this herb. It appears to boost the immune system, stop metastases and reduce tumour size. Seems especially preventative treatment against the development breast cancer. It is also an anti-oxidant and anti-microbial, with low toxicity.

7 CURCUMIN (Turmeric): This spice has been shown to have significant anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activity. That alone seems enough for certain hospitals in America to consider using it in the treatment of polyps and colon cancer. However new research shows that it can both shrink cancer tumours and stop blood supply growth to tumours (angiogenisis). It is a powerful antioxidant with liver protective benefits, and outperformed several anti-inflammatory drugs without side-effects in research.

8 DANG SHEN ROOT (Codonopsis pilosula): increases the WBC and RBC levels and is extremely helpful to patients having chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Dang Shen is an adaptogenic and therefore where patients have a low WBC count this herb will increase their levels, likewise in RBC; and vice verse. And in cancer where this occurs in chemo this herb could be beneficial.

9 ECHINACEA: Another known immune system booster, it gained a populist reputation in treating colds. There is research on its helpfulness with brain tumours apart from its abilities to increase the levels of certain immune white cells in the body.

10 FEVERFEW: This herb caused a storm when research from Rochester University in New York showed it to be more effective than the drug cytarabine in killing leukaemia cells. The US Food and Drug Agency put the active ingredient, parthenolide, on to its ‘fast track’ programme. Nothing has yet been heard. But then, the FDA has never approved a herb for use as a cancer treatment.


Dear Alan, I’ve just had the best possible results after finishing the chemo. As you know I had endometrial cancer and I have been told it is all clear, completely gone. I am so grateful to you herbwise! Your treatment and care had the most action for this result. The HerbShield and LymphCleanse Tonics were supurb, as also the ABC Powder and Oil. I plan to continue these herbs as a follow up just as you recommended. Thank you so much. Scotland


11 GOLDENSEAL: One cause of stomach cancer can be the bacterium Helicobacter pylori. This burrows into the mucous lining of the stomach to ‘hide’ from gastric acids, and then causes irritation, acid reflux, ulcers and even cancer. Goldenseal is generally anti-microbial and is used in the Caribbean and South East Asia against parasites. Goldenseal, helped by the mineral Bismuth, will kill Helicobacter pylori. Vets seem to know this, even if doctors don’t.

12 MILK THISTLE: Known for years to be helpful to the liver, this herb has now been shown to be capable of protecting the liver during chemotherapy. Research in America with leukaemia patients was clear in the reduction of toxicity and chemo side-effects. There is a little evidence that it has its own anti-cancer activity too.

13 PAU D’ARCO: This tree bark was original thought to be a strong preventative anti-cancer agent, but then its actions were clarified as strongly anti-bacterial, anti-yeast and anti-microbial. That alone might be enough in some cases of cancer cause. But new research on the differing ingredients has shown the quinoids posses immune strengthening abilities and seem to help in preveventing cases of blood and lymph serious disease.

14 RED CLOVER: Research from a number of centres including the Royal Marsden has shown its potential as a part of a preventative treatment programme against the development oestrogen-driven cancers, from breast to prostate. One active ingredient in the so-called ‘Herb of Hippocrates’ is the anti-oestrogen Genistein.

15 SHEEP’S SORRELL: Used in Essiac and other herbal remedies it is antiparasitic, cleansing and aids healthy tissue regeneration. There is some suggestion from research that it helps ‘normalise’ damaged cells and tissue.

16 BARBATA (Scutellaria barbata): Research has shown action against many abnormal cell types, for especially of the lung, stomach and intestines.

17 SUTHERLANDIA (Cancer Bush): Peer reviewed research studies indicate that this herb is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-fungal. It boosts the preventative action of the immune system and inhibits Tumour Necrosis Factor (TNF), which is known to drive ‘wasting’ in cancer patients.

18 THOROWAX, or HARES EAR (Bulpleurum scorzoneraefolium): Research has shown its ability to enhance the production of natural interferon and it seems especially preventative against bone cancer.

19 WHEATGRASS: One of the top private hospitals in South East Asia extols the benefits of freshly juiced wheatgrass. One shot gives you the chlorophyll of some 12 or more kilograms of broccoli. It acts as a blood purifier, and liver and kidney cleansing agent. After two weeks of daily use, blood and tissue oxygen levels improve, as does circulation. And oxygen is the enemy of the cancer cell, as Otto Warburg told the world.

There are many other herbal immunomodulators in HerbShield. The immune system is the whole defense system of the body and it is the synergy of action in HerbShield that activates these defenses in every organ and system of the body – the brain and nervous system, the heart and cardiovascular system, the lungs and respiratory system, the liver and hepatic system, the pancreas and digestive system, the gonads and reproductive system, the kidneys and renal system, the lymph glands and the lymphatic system, the skin and whole sensory system (eyes, auditory, tongue and taste, touch and skin, smell and nose). The body is an incredibly complex system. We need to take care of it. It is an interactive, interdependant system. There is nothing like plants and herbal medicine in particular that will keep the whole body in a constant state of homeostasis, balance, and protection from microbial infestation. But we need to eat right, exercise, sleep, and maintain good social involvement, for the body’s defense to work at their optimum. The amazing specific herbs of HerbShield Tonic (backed up by the over 100 herbal powders of the ABC Powder) will keep your body in the best of health.
HerbShield is often recommended as well as other specific tonics for this very reason.

What Diet should you follow when on on cancer treatment. We recommend the Ketogenic Diet which is low is sugars and carbs (5%), low in protein (15%) and high in healthy fats (80%). Full info can be found at the bottom of this page.

Testimonial from Trevor who has Beaten Cancer

Hi Alan, I hope you are well. I wanted to share this with you as the help and education you have given me with your products and website, have played a huge role in my experience. Please use all or part of this as you want. Thank you for your support and guidance Alan.
Warmest regards, Trevor

Testimonial- Anal cancer cleared using a natural health protocol with Herb Active tonics and herbs! Read my Story below. Thank you…
In January of this year I was diagnosed with anal cancer, poorly differentiated cells an aggressive form of cancer which is prone to metastasise quickly. They were unable to diagnose the stage of the cancer. I had surgery to remove the very painful tumour.
After a hell of a lot of research, I decided not to have any chemotherapy or radiotherapy. The national statistics have horrifically poor survival rates for my cancer.
I combined 5 natural health protocols, the base of all was Ash Tan’s awesome protocol. (Facebook, c oil group).
1. First I eliminated every toxin in life, Pesticides/herbicides, tap water, soap, shampoo, deodorant, washing up detergent, washing powder, toothpaste, tinfoil and sugar. I also eliminated carbohydrates,dairy, meat, high sugar fruit, dates, bananas and grapes and GMO’s. I ate 90% organic food on a raw vegan diet. If I could not get organically grown fruit and vegetables I soaked it in water with a couple of drops of hydrogen peroxide and then scrubbed in clean water.
2. I detoxed my body, starting with the digestive system. I did several parasite death cleanses (Amazing number of parasites came out of my body, cups full of worms and liver fluke). I did three enema’s every other day. (All in one sitting, clean water first, organic ground coffee second and a third with clean water) I replaced all the bad shit with healthy probiotics (Kefir, fermented foods and supplements 20 billion) along with full herb supplement support. Herb Active ABC herbal nutri powder plus and, dosage a teaspoon in a glass of clean water in the morning and evening. I also took Herbshield Tonic from Herbactive 10ml in water in morning and again in the evening.
3. I used the following cancer killers:
– Herbshield Tonic from Herbactive 10ml in water in morning and again in the evening.
– Herbactive’s amazing 100+ whole herbal powder from around the world, ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus. I took this every day and I will never stop it.
–  oil 70% — and also —% and 20% —, 40 grams of — and around 25 grams of —. Dosage — 0.7 gm in one hit, after work, on the gums and approximate half the dosage of … taken forty minutes later. I also used small amounts of … and … in suppositories with coconut oil every other day.
If I had had the luxury of not having to work, I only had a week off after the surgery, I would have really enjoyed the high, the relaxed state of mind, body and soul. Exploring life, music, the countryside and a lot of sleep on another level with the … . But I had just started a new business a month before my diagnosis of cancer. So I had to try and fit it everything into my life at the same time. Hence taking the huge dose in one hit. Which was really difficult to deal with and I had to develop loads of coping mechanisms to function on a daily basis. Thing is, it was worth the hardship as my new business which is nearly a year old now is booming.
– I used Frankincense, organic, Oman Hojari (boswelia sacra) from the amazing Maya. Two drops under the tongue in morning and evening. Plus alternate days with the c oil in home-made suppositories two drops per capsule with coconut oil.
– Cance killers/preventative Bitter apricot kernels approximately 20 a day.
– Essiac tea, two doses, one in the morning and evening. (Tonic from Herb Active), called Caisse-ACT
– 9 rainforest herbs in capsules: Wormwood, Anamu, Cat’s Claw, Graviola, Chanca Pedra, Paud d arco, Camu camu and bitter melon,Suma (Based on Jim Gordon’s cancer protocol on facebook). Dosage: One capsule of each three times a day.
– I also used the following supplements daily: Black Seed cumin oil, a teaspoon a day. Nascent Iodine, two drops a day. Milk Thistle oil a teaspoon twice a day. Ashwaghanda two capsules a day. Wormless parasite cleanse, from Herb Active.
– I also drank a litre of clean water through the day with 5 gms of Vitamin C and 5 gms of bicarbonate of soda and a quarter teaspoon of Borax, each day. (The borax cured my shoulder which had been disabled for 14 months in three weeks)
– I put a small piece of Myrrh under my tongue for 15 minutes a day.
– Every morning I would, make a juice, half a glass of fresh celery and then twenty minutes later a glass of juice with raw beetroot, a whole lemon, an apple, a carrot and a teaspoon of wheatgrass and a teaspoon of spirulina.
– I made a fresh fruit smoothie with nuts and seeds in coconut water for during the day. (I would put the fruit, nuts and seeds in coconut water the night before to soak and soften the nuts)
– Every evening I made a fresh salad with fruit, nuts and seeds.
– I also drank a quarter glass of olive oil, a teaspoon of turmeric, a teaspoon of vitamin c and half a teaspoon of black pepper.

My body was, 95% of the time, high alkaline. (Tested three times a day) I made it impossible for cancer to live in my body. I believe cancer needs an acid environment and sugar as a basic to thrive. After the detox and giving my body awesome nutrition, I gave my body a chance to heal itself. Our whole body has been grown from a single cell, I believe if you give it a chance… do you think we can heal ourselves?
I lost two and a half stone in two months from 11 and half stone to a fighting fit nine stone.
On top of that I had an extremely positive attitude. I absolutely knew I could cure cancer (a symptom of an illness. I am still working on the illness, another 9 months and a lifetime of healthy protocols, to go for me) I did not have any fear, depression or anxiety. I used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique therapy (Supported by Michelle Hardwick, release peace), Daily Wim Hoff breathing and daily oxygenating exercise (after work), dry body brushing and cold showers. I grounding myself everyday in the local lake. The side effects of my natural health treatments are… good health In a nutshell.
The cancer came back very rapidly in the middle of my natural health protocol along the scar from the surgery. The surgeon predicted this as the biopsy on the tumour showed that they had not removed all the cancer.
After the first month I went on a 7 day fast to complete a liver cleanse, (Andreas Moritz) No c oil, no supplements, I only drank apple juice. Two days into the fast the cancer came back and grew 2cm in three or four days and then disappeared in the same amount of time. The only natural medicine I was using during this time was Maya’s amazing frankincense oil (Mayafrankoil@yahoo.co.uk) in suppositories. I put this return of the cancer down to the Herxheimer effect.
I had a full body CT and MRI scan last week and I am completely free of cancer. The second clear scan in five months.

The surgeon and oncologist were dumbstruck.

I had a horrific experience with the NHS surgeon, oncologist and cancer nurse’s, they gave me absolutely no support, they lied to me several times trying to intimidate and to bully me in to their treatments. And then washed there hands of me, dismissing good nutrition, mocking “alternative” therapy and my rock solid belief in myself. I had to threaten them with media exposure to get my first MRI and CT scans. They are currently treating me in the same manner and I have had to threaten them again for the recent scans.

The following are great resources for base level research:

Ty Bollinger, the truth about Cancer.
Doctor Morse. Master fast system
Alan Hopking Herb Active
Doctor Peter Glidden
Doctor Peter Barnes
Chris Wark
Michelle Hardwick, release peace.

I cannot express enough, in words, how valuable your questions, answers, information, experiences and support have been on my journey. The facebook groups and holistic natural healing websites are priceless (and for free) I am humbled by the collective generosity of the human spirit. Especially from the legendary Guru Alan Hopking and his herbs. This journey has been educationally enlightening and an incredible experience. Thank you. Om Shanti.

To summarise :
Eliminate Toxins in life.
Detoxify, cleanse your mind and body.
Eat organic food with a full herb support.
Supplement in areas of deficiency.
Develop your Mental health.

I used my natural health protocol and Alan Hopking’s amazing natural health products with my positive mind to defeat cancer x


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