Noni Juice Herbal Mixture


Noni Juice Herbal Tonic – made from the root (not the fruit)

•  Morinda officinalis (Morinda, Noni Juice; Rubiaciae, Madder family) Ba Ji Tian. The roots yield a yellow pigment used to make Noni Juice. Poor digestion, HBP, respiratory problems, immune deficiency; stimulates male sexual function, treats impotence, increases fertility; it is also used to treat menstrual problems. It increases energy, stamina, and endurance. Natural antioxident. Detoxicant. Treats: Antidepressant. Increases endorphins – improves well-being. Reduces pain and swelling of RA. Strengthens weak bones and ligaments. Reports say people taking Morinda have a rapid increase in the ability to walk. Acts as a preventative against cancer.
Phyllis Balch – Herbal Healing.

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