Paradise Garden Herbal Tea


Paradise Garden Herbal Tea

Natural Mixed Herbal Green Tea

“Big apologies for not thanking you for my lovely tasting herb tea, it tastes lovely, thank you so much.” June, UK

“Dear Alan, Your PG Tea is my absolute favourite herbal tea! It has everything: it smells wonderful and its taste is soft with multiple flavoursome tones, plus it has herbs that are so healthy for you (you can see I like it!).” Angela, UK


A unique blend of herbs to calm the mind and relax the body and give you a sense of the artistic (just smell its aroma and taste its levels of flavour to begin your right brain functioning…)

Paradise Garden Tea is a complex aromatic herbal tea with a high quality Chinese highland green tea called Yin Luo. Herbs only. No fruit flavourings, colourings, flavourings. Simply good honest to goodness whole herbs.

What’s in Paradise Garden Tea
This whole natural health tea includes Lime flowers, Damiana leaves, Bilberry, Pau D’Arco, Olive leaves, Hypericum tops and Juniper; it also contains Lavender flowers, Chamomile flowers, Peppermint leaves, Lemon Balm leaves and Hops. This unique blend makes a tea worth brewing. It is a loose-leaf tea so you can make it strong or weak as you like. Make it in a tea pot and fill it up – if you don’t finish it, drink it later cold, it’ll be just as lovely even if different. This is a special health tea.

It calms and refreshes, mood lifting and health promoting. Drink a cup in the morning at breakfast to set the tone for the day; have another on your return home before your evening activities.

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