Practical guide to esoteric healing


Practical guide to esoteric healing

Purpose of this book: This book is intended to open up the subject of spiritual healing as a science to a wider public. There is already a small band of ‘esoteric healers’ in the world working in conjunction with the Ageless Wisdom or Perennial Philosophy – a teaching about the spiritual way of life and an understanding of the spiritual dimension lying behind the happenings of the world and of Man; it arises in new form from age to age right down the cycles of history. The purpose of this book is to carry further my first book which was a compilation of all the references to the etheric body from what has become to most esoteric healers a text book of the subject, viz. Esoteric Healing by Alice A. Bailey. It will study the principles and practice of healing in the hope of clarifying to some extent the confusion which exists in many minds regarding esoteric healing. Confusion because this form of healing is so new and very little has been written about it; confusion also because esoteric healing constantly refers to the fact of the importance of the soul, and that healing is impossible unless it is the will of the soul. But it is of little use to talk about esoteric or soul healing unless one has some idea of what is denoted by the word soul, as distinct from psyche or ego. In this book you will find a lot spoken about the soul, this you must distinguish from anything to do with either the personality, intellectual thoughts, emotions, psyche and psychic phenomena, or bodily feelings. On this and other points this book can offer help backed up by the esoteric tradition, or the Perennial Philosophy. It may not be scientific knowledge in the usual sense, but at least it will have suggestive ideas, with more clarity and definition than has hitherto been given in the past by others working in this field. Fulfilment of Law: It is important nowadays to be able to offer a reasoned explanation for the occurrence of healings and miracles, as well as for their failure to occur – for intelligent people can only see a miracle as a fulfilment of law, not as an abrogation of it, an intensification of nature rather than something unnatural – and this book is written with this viewpoint that such a thing can be done. This is not to say that everything is explained or completely explainable; that can never be, for if every mystery of nature were made plain, man would lose his particular prerogative, which is that of constant enquiry, and investigation of the world in which he lives. It is in the exercise of that prerogative that this book has been written, particularly with the practical side of healing in view. Such a search, it is hoped, will be found helpful by all interested in this side of medicine, whether well acquainted with it or on the verge of entering the inner search and practice. It is my intention that as you read through this book you will find it far simpler than other books on the subject, which are more abstract and less practical. I know it is not an easy subject to learn, as I find when I give courses on it, so it will not be as easy to teach through a book. This can be overcome if the student reads carefully and follows accurately the techniques described. A lot of practice is needed but it will not be in vain. This book can also be a useful reference for those who have already done a course in esoteric healing, or who are embarking on the university-style degree course now available. ______________________________________________

From the Back Cover:

There is no doubt that this book will establish itself as an indispensable modern text in the field of spiritual healing, and Esoteric Healing in particular. Nothing like it has been published before, for Alan Hopking, a medical practitioner himself, has taken full account of research findings based both on present-day discoveries in this form of medical energetics, as well as drawing from the wealth of knowledge at the disposal of serious students of the Ageless Wisdom.

The introductory chapters examine the nature of the subject and provide the necessary guidelines for diagnosing, prescribing, and therapeutically utilising specific energy forms intelligently, yet from an intuitive understanding. The main part of the book studies the large and impressive body of healing circuits, known as triangles, arranged on a basis of clinical diagnoses relating to particular systems, governed as they are by the seven major energy centres in the etheric body – the digestive system, controlled by the solar plexus centre, the renal and locomotor systems governed by the base centre, the reproductive stystem governed by the sacral centre, the cardiovascular system governed by the heart centre, the respiratory system governed by the throat centre, the endocrine system governed by the ajna centre, and the central nervous system governed by the head centre.

There are expanded sections on the use of the sense triangles in healing and triangles used in more advanced esoteric healing. There are separate chapters dealing with the application of these healing energies to oneself and also how to approach cancer and other major planetary influences. There is even a section about the Rays in healing for progressing esoteric healing practitioners.

The book has been called the Practical Guide to Esoteric Healing for good reason, as it guides the newcomer to spiritual healing from the very basics to the great complexities with a simplicity which marks the quality of a text book that will substantiate esoteric healing as an art and a science that will become recognised as the new medicine of the future.


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Lani from New Zealand says, “The group found your book great as a
workbook along with E.H. as the text. The last couple of years
have manifested a sense of synthesis among those who
have journeyed with healing and ongoing study.”

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