abc herbal Smoking Mixture


ABC Herbal Smoking Mixture

“I ran out of my first trial of your smoking mixture so I went back to my previous smoking mixture called Honey Blend. But I must tell you that yours is far superior. Thank you, please send me 200g.” GC

This will help cut down nicotine dependancy and the symptoms associated with the addiction of smoking

Use this smoking mixture to replace your cigarettes, roll-ups, cigars, pipes or even dope (marajuana) dependency with the purpose of giving up nicotine-based smoking and eventually getting right off all smoking

ABC Herbal Smoking Mixture is a pleasant, aromatic, herbal mixture containing no tobacco at all. The herbs (over 10) it contains give a certain ‘kick’ but without the addictive nicotine. It contains a high proportion of lobelia (Indian Tobacco) which simulates the action of nicotine but doesn’t cause addiction. A pleasant smoking mix which has been a great help to a great many in kicking the habit.


I havnt had a cigerette for 2 months now. Occassionally I use your herbal which is most pleasant, and keeps me away from tobacco.
Martha C


What do you do when you receive the pack? Roll it into cigarettes using the loose herbs (we don’t supply the roll-up papers). Don’t separate the flowers and sticks (as I have heard some try to do); use it all, it’s all part of the experience!

Disclaimer – We at Herbactive Health Centre do not promote or approve of smoking: all smoking is bad for your health and so is secondary smoking whether tobacco or herbal; ABC Smoking Mixture should be used to help you stop smoking for the benefit of your health and those around you. We also don’t recommend you mix tobacco with this herbal smoking mixture as this simply perpetuates the nicotine desire and addiction; it’s not necessary as Lobelia in the mixture gives you the comfort you need and weans you off the addiction to tobacco.

Specific herbs to improve the symptoms of smoking and to help you to cut down and eventually give up smoking.
A highly effective and successful method of kicking the habit. The most important herb in this mixture to do this is Lobelia. Your body sees Lobelia’s main ingredient, lobeline, as nicotine. Certain receptors in your body are waiting to be filled with nicotine and so you feel nicotine fits. Lobeline is the same shape as nicotine and fits into these receptor sites, fooling your body into thinking you’ve been smoking Tobacco. Lobeline, however, is not addictive. The prescriptive chewing gums that doctors prescribe to quit smoking have lobeline as their main ingredient. But don’t sweat it out with expensive gums. instead cut back your smoking addiction the easy way – by smoking! As easy as ABC! (just see below some of the letters we’ve received).

Our herbal smoking mixture contains over 10 different herbs for a smooth smoke. Easy to roll by hand or machine. You’ll love the smell both in the packet and in the smoke!

This Herbal Smoking Mixture is best combined with SmokeLess Tonic to help you reduce the frequency of lighting up. More info on SmokeLess Tonic, click here

E-Cigarettes can still cause lung disease
Researchers have warned that although E-cigararettes are less unhealthy than real cigarettes, they still contain nicotine, and the vapour from them leaves traces of the sae free radical toxins found in cigarettte smoke (research 2015).


Hi, Your ABC Smoking Mixture arrived just last monday. Until today I smoke a little real tabbaco, but almost all day I smoke this green ABC tabbaco. I feel more !!! energy, calm, and my thoughts are much clearer, and I feel GREAT! even I some 2 cigarettes on day, becouse in my past life I smoke about 20 or 30 cigarettes on a day – now – it’s prepare to be amazing !! Thank you very much for more “quantity”. So I would like please you for one more pack of ABC Smoking Mixture, I have only money for 50 grams, than please send me an PayPal order for 50 grams of ABC Smoking Mixture , than I but this GREAT product again with no hesitate! Thank you very much for this and everything! It’s… suuuperrr!! I’m really happy in this day’s. Thanks. Filip Sliwinski


Brilliant stuff! It weaned me off tobacco completely. Now if I get an urge to smoke I will roll one of your mixture. I like the taste and smell. So I keep a small supply of your mixture for this purpose. Thanks very much.
Lucy, Devon.


Using your herbal mixture I’ve managed to cut the use of tobacco right down. I still have a strong urge to smoke but I know I never want to smoke an ordinary cigarette again. I’m very happy with your herbal mixture regards the taste and quality. I’ll keep working on reducing the tobacco in my roll-ups! Thank you also for your helpful advice! Sheffield


Alan, I want to thank you for your incredible smoking mixture! I have smoked since I was 16, at least 20 cigarettes a day. I am now 42. At times I was smoking up to 40 a day. So I think my body was deeply dependent on smoke and nicotine. In the last year I decided that was enough. I found your ABC Herbal Mixture. Slowly, slowly I was able to cut down using rollups and sometimes cigarettes. Three months ago I was down to just 8 a day – all your mixture. I began tasting foods better. Sometimes to the extent that I’d eat too much! But luckily my weight has only slightly increased and I’m watching it. Three weeks ago I was down to 4 a day. So your 100g pack is lasting a lot longer. Recently I had a drag on an ordinary cigarette, I found it totally disgusting!!! I cant understand how I ever liked them!! I used to go for a fag every time I was upset, or stressed. Now I use your roll up mixture. I have been very emotional as I have come off nicotine and it hasn’t been easy, but my mind is determined to bring my body into line!! I’m nearly there and I’ll let you know when I’m totally off smoke. Some days I don’t even smoke any which is absolutely unknown to me!! But I’m not quite ready yet. So to this point, a big BIG thank your Alan.
Rosaline Boye


I’ve been smoking Honey Dew cigarettes and other blends. Your prices are about the same as these. However the value and enjoyment I got from your ABC Smoking Mixture was far greater than all these others. Your blend is excellent.


I am delighted to say that the last time I had tobacco was in October 2007. I do, however, still enjoy an occasional herbal smoke, and your Smoking Mixture is great for rolling with!
Nick (by email March 2012)


Hi Alan,
I wasn’t a heavy smoker, only 5 a day, but I felt it was too much, so I’ve been using your ABC mixture. It’s ok! I used it in place of the tobacco and now I’m down to just one a day! I am soooo pleased! Thanks so much.
Jana Bennett. Suffolk.


Hi Alan,
Please send another 100g of your Smoking Mixture. The first consignment was very much an experiment and is taking some getting used to in a pipe, but the signs are good. My wife likes the aroma – a big plus.
David Suffolk


Dear Mr. Hopking,
Many thanks for your attention to my repeat order. I have found your ABC Smoking Mix remarkable, not only in that it stopped me smoking for 5 days without effort, but also in its pleasant flavour and aroma. It rolls easily by hand, machine or tube-packer and burns better than some cigarettes! Although I could still feel withdrawal symptoms from nicotine these were insignificant as, instead of frustrated craving, I could just have a “cigarette”, which not only alleviated the symptoms (both directly and by placebo effect) but had a pleasant, mildly relaxing effect in itself, which my wife described as “like a relaxed, sunny afternoon”.
My only problem is that my wife and two friends are smoking mine – good thing it’s cheaper than tobacco, too!
Thanks again,
W.G. Bruce

Dear Alan,
Still off tobacco, and this morning “forgot” to smoke ANYTHING for 50 mins – used to take 2 to get me out of bed!
W.G. Bruce


Dear Alan,
I’m going on holiday soon, in a caravan 3 miles from nowhere, which prompts me to reorder more rapidly than usual! Still not missing tobacco, in fact I positively DO NOT want to smoke tobacco these days and I’m much healthier and fitter already.
More thanks,
W.G Bruce


Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I have smoked herbal cigarettes before and they’re absolutely crap – your jaws are pulled away when drawing on them. I met someone in the pub yesterday and he offered me and my friend one of your herbal ciggies and I was completely taken aback with the first puff. They’re such a smooth smoke just like tobacco ciggies. I wanted to ask for another one but I didn’t want to be so cheeky, and so did my friend! Please send me 200g of your ABC Smoking Mixture.
Kelly. Scotland


I was smoking 25 a day. I have to have nicotine in the morning and through the day. I can tell you I am now down to 4 tobacco cigarettes a day and 8 of your herbal ones. I tried ‘honey rose’ and other mixtures but they’re absolutely disgusting, so there’s something in yours that makes smoking it nice and easy. I have also been using your Total Detox Tonic to help clear toxins from my body and my skin tone has improved. My gums have improved too, they are not inflamed and sore as when I was smoking tobacco. So I’m very excited about all this. It’s very hard after 40 years of smoking but I’m very impressed with your mix, it’s unlike any other, it’s a great help.
Thank you.


Dear Mr Hopking,
Thanks for the speedy despatch of your ABC herbal smoking mix, it arrived the next morning.
Not that I was in any great desperate hurry,as thanks to the mix and my usually unreliable willpower I appear to have cut my consumption of smoke, more than my pre-planning thought I would.
I have been substituting about 3/4 of the rolling tobacco I normally smoke with your mix (found I couldn’t go total cold turkey…but who would ever wish to do so..) and have found the results/benefits, remarkable.
My morning coughing fit has …GONE, and smoking isn’t the first thing I think about.
My circulation has improved dramatically as has my stamina.
My psychological well being is much improved..seem to have more time for stuff and less anxious about life/situations in general.
My dentist is happier..less smoke..better for the gums
I now find it quite easy to refuse a cigarette,because I can ask myself if I want to smoke and come up with the answer NO. DUE TO DESIRE
I enjoy a smoke and the idea of the use of herbs as part of our lives and I would like to say thanks for aiding my ever ongoing desire for disassociation from greedy multi-nationals and their products.
T hanks Again
John McDowall
p.s. I was Mad before I started smoking your mix…now life has better colours to it.


Hi Mr Hopking, Thank you very much for my repeat order of your excellent ABC Smoking mix.I continue to enjoy the taste, smell, effects of your product and if I may indulge to offer some more personal insight to the changes which have occured over the last few months.
Despite the considerable savings that I am making, I managed to over-spend last month, having no spare money and realising that I had enough of your mix to last me until pay day,I managed to go 2 weeks nicotine free.I did have a slight craving for nicotine by the end of the second week and when I got paid I bought a small packet of the tobacco that I had been using.
To say that the effect the tobacco had was both intense and frightening is to be rather accurate.The first draw left my head spinning and I was glad that I was seated at the time.It also made me curious so I had another 2 draws and the effects in first my arms and then my legs was one of numbness.You may appreciate that my intake of nicotine at present is negligible.
One of the things I noticed after my tobacco “hit”, I became a bit depressed in contrast with my earlier continual “cheeriness”(probably annoying to my workmates, but tuff) and followed that up with one of the worst “chest infections” that cost me 2 days off work.(An expensive packet of tobacco!!!!!!!)
I am greatly impressed that I can now run and catch a bus that previously I would have given up on…….much improved quality of sleep,especially as I work nightshift……..excellent feelings of well-being the list goes on.
Thanks again
Yours appreciatively and in good health
John McDowall


Hi Alan, Your ABC Smoking Mixture arrived just last monday. Until today I smoke a little real tabbaco, but almost all day I smoke this green ABC tabbaco. I feel more !!! energy, calm, and my thoughts are much clearer, and I feel GREAT! even I some 2 cigarettes on day, becouse in my past life I smoke about 20 or 30 cigarettes on a day – now – it’s prepare to be amazing !! Thank you very much for more “quantity”. So I would like please you for one more pack of ABC Smoking Mixture, than I but this GREAT product again with no hesitate! Thank you very much for this and everything! It’s… suuuperrr!! I’m really happy in this day’s. Thanks.
Filip Sliwinski
Gdansk, Poland


Dear Alan,
thank you so much for your patience and assistance. I’ve got the mixture now and I’ve been smoking it for about 5 days only and I lost appetite for nicotine completely. Well, I must point out first that I wanted to stop smoking and I have been on the “diet”, that is, I’ve been smoking only 5 cigarettes a day for about a month before I got your mixture, so, i guess it all made it much easier – I am no longer a smoker!!! Now, since you’ve been so patient and helpful I’ll try to help you in return as much as I can.
So, about the mixture: it looked and smelled like herbal tea, to say the truth it didn’t look like for smoking, but sure smelled good. The taste was ok, but i felled some bitterness in my throat and I didn’t enjoy it as much as cigarettes, but every time I had a nicotine craving I rolled myself the herbal mixture cigarette and smoked that instead, it actually did take away the craving.
And as soon as I stopped smoking I feel no longer need to smoke anything. So, thank you so much for all the help, as you see it wasn’t useless.
yours truly,
k. romanova


Hi Alan,
I am very pleased with the herbal tobacco. Burns very well, tastes great. Bit like smoking Paxo at first but that’s probably just the damage tobacco has done to your taste buds. Why can’t you buy this stuff in the shops, instead of the killer “Baccy”. I am starting to enjoy the nuances of the flavours as my body is saying yes to the ABC and no to the tar soaked Virginian plague.
I have been looking for a happy medium for some time, and I think this could be the one. at least until I find something better. It is impossible to find a mild enough tobacco that doesn’t clog your lungs up with impurities.
Alan, I know ABC does not contain Nicotine, but as you say smoking anything is unhealthy. It reminds me of a kind dry Hemp.
I have been smoking tobacco for some time using two filters as I only want an extremely mild, virtually tar free smoke. I notice ABC does not leave much tar in the filters. GREAT!
Please send me another 200g
Paid through Paypal.
Colin H


Alan, your smoking mix is really, really good! I don’t smoke at all excpt when I have a few drinks with friends. I prefer your mix to tobacco! Some people think I’m smoking pot because of the aromatic smell it has! I get the same feeling of relief and refreshment as I used to get with tobacco cigarettes.

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