Hi Alan, Just to let you know that I’ve now tried Stevia liquid in both hot porridge & cold soaked porridge oats & find it’s brilliant! I feel so much better after eating these dishes without the usual honey addition, even though the honey was organic & very good quality. No sugar hit of sweating & iritability ~ I,m very happy with your product.
Kind regards, Joanna Levan


Just to let you know as well that my husband is very very happy with the Stevia we recently ordered! Thanks so much!

Dear Alan,
Your Stevia is just great!
Janos (Sweden)


Hi Alan: The stevia is fine; it’s a treat several times a day and I’m experimenting using it in different ways. However, it seems different to other batches; a bit “rougher”.
Herbactive’s answer: You’re right Donna! it is different because it is now totally ORGANIC! Glad you’re enjoying it.

Dear Alan
Thankyou so much for the amazingly speed at which my Stevia arrived. Fantastic service. I will be using only Stevia from now on.
With regards Rachel Andrews

Many thanks again for your very rapid delivery of the stevia last week, the tincture is being used by my girlfriend as a replacement for coffee sweeteners. Although stevia is a more costly replacement, it certainly works very well as such and has enabled us to shed another artificial ingredient from our diets. I gave some to my mother who immediately asked me to order some on her behalf. If only common sense could prevail over big pharmaceutical lobbyists to enable this to enter the market more freely!

Craig Wood

1tsp Stevia-ACE = 200g sugar
Hi Alan. I baked some cashew nut/chocolate biscuits which required in the recipe 200g of sugar. Not knowing the equivalent in stevia I opted for the liquid and replaced the sugar with 1 teaspoon of it. I expected the biscuits to turn green but guess that the chocolate was more prominent at 75g of dark chocolate.
I let a friend have a taste and she could not tell it was stevia instead of sugar and thought that it was just the right amount! Fantastic!
Regards, Ingrid.

Hi Alan, I am loving the stevia powder which is helping me manage my sugar-free diet without withdrawals!!
Thanks, Rebecca

Just a quick email to say a very big thank you for the Stevia Liquid Concentrate received earlier this week. Thank you for such prompt service and I must say this is the best Stevia I have ever tasted. Several years ago I ordered Stevia from Canada and disliked the taste so much I discarded it. The Stevia you have supplied is absolutely delicious and I will order the Stevia Fine Powder shortly as I’ve invested in an excellent cook book and want to try out some of the recipes.
Thank you again Alan for such an excellent product and wonderful service.
Kind regards,
Angela Thompson

Dear Alan, Thank you for sending the stevia, this is to confirm that I received it on Tuesday as you had predicted. I appreciate that my order was processed promptly and will surely mention your company to whoever may need to purchase stevia or other herbal remedies.Yours sincerely, Alessandra.

Alan, Thank you for the Stevia, it cleared up my daughters eczema which was quite bad.

Alan, I’m on a low carb diet, Atkins style, to lose weight and it’s working a treat. But treats have been few! I can’t and won’t eat sweets or fruits (I have some berries). But I’d like something sweet after my high protein and salad meals and felt a certain unpleasant stoicism creeping in cos I refuse to have anything sugary. Then I got your Stevia-ACT liquid. Wow, what stoicism? It’s gone! I especially love good coffee with double cream and lots of Stevia. It is just sooo satisfying! Thank you very much for your brilliant product.
Getting Thin and Loving It! (Anna)

Hi Alan, WOW!! I certainly didn’t expect to receive my order today (less than 24 hours). Well done.
Just trying a coffee (filtered) with the Stevia tincture. I am normally a 2 heaping spoon of Demerera sugar person. I had tried some of the white processed Stevia’sweetener packets from America and found that I didn’t enjoy the taste as much as sugar although it didn’t have an after-taste of other sweeteners. I did cut down to 1 spoon of sugar and 1/2 pkt white Stevia and found that quite palatable. I am now experimenting with your tincture. This brought the coffee to an acceptably sweet taste and yet did not affect the coffee’s flavour.
As I enjoy strong coffee I did not notice any taste from your tincture. It will be interesting to try it with tea (which I drink with 1 small spoon of white sugar).
First impressions are good. I eagerly anticipate the next several days of experimenting followed by a larger order in due course.
Thank you for your product and service. Kind regards

Hi Alan. I arrived at your site because I was looking for organic, natural stevia, so its great to have the confirmation – I hadnt realised that the colour is such an important distiction. Its amazing how many sites are pushing the clear stuff, claiming it is organic!
I wish you all the best and of course will recommend to friends and family that we now have a proper and creditable source of orgnaic stevia available to us through your website.
Best wishes
Sam G

I bought some stevia from you the other day and am reporting back! My husband and I are both using it and enjoying it very much, completely irresistible – amazing stuff. We’ll be back for more for sure. Your range of herbal medicines is fascinating and very impressive. If we lived nearer we’d come and see you.
Best wishes, Sally

Singing for Stevia
Hi Alan. Thanks for the Stevia, which I got the other day. We like the Stevia as an alternative to sugar but also we have a singer in the family who finds a generous squirt of Stevia in a glass of water helps his singing, on days when his voice isn’t quite working a glass of stevia water seems to sort the problem out!
Hope this is interesting to you, Alison

I was really unsure about trying Stevia powder cos I have had ME for nearly 15 yrs. But now I’m really, really pleased with it and I’m really, really chuffed with the powder. I use it blended with basmati rice and it’s really delicious, just like a pudding! Also with buckwheat and in other foods. I just love it! Thank you it has been so nice talking to you about it.
H. Jones, England

Dear Alan, Since taking your Stevia alcohol-free liquid two years ago I just haven’t touched sugar and my shape has come back! I blame the sugar I used to eat that made my stomach to bloat and for being over-weight. I used to use the American stuff, but actually I like the slight taste of yours! Thank you for helping me to lose my addiction to sugar and to regain my feminine shape and my flat tummy! I still love sweet things but now it is your Stevia that I use. I bake with it and even make chocolate with it, also carob chocolate. Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. Please send me another two 1 litre bottles and many thanks for your gift of 300ml extra free. Very sweet of you!
P. Frost. London


Hi Alan. Just to let you know. I bought your dropper size stevia cos I was dieting, and then uncontrollably binging on sugar. It was chronic and stupid, but something gets into your brain, and you can’t stop binging with sugary stuff. I started using your stevia and it’s stopped, it has really, really helped, it is brilliant, I now feel in control. Thanks. Please send me the 300ml size.
Pam. Cheshire.

Dear Alan,
Re salad dressing:
Of course it is all approximate, a bit of this, a squirt of Stevia (as I have my Stevia in a liquid soap dispenser it does all come down to squirts) It also depends on the oil and vinegar used.
However, I have this evening spent a little time working with spoons to see if I can create a readable recipe. Here goes:
Stevia & Mustard Salad Dressing.
I clove of garlic crushed
2 tbsp white wine vinegar
2 tbsp whole grain mustard
6 tbsp olive oil
1tsp Stevia liquid
Throw it all together and shake. Try using cider vinegar, sunflower oil and Dijon mustard as alternatives. Garlic is optional.

Hello Alan
Our order to try the liquid Stevia – well it’s a winner! We love it & my father likes it too (but he still likes the green powder too!)
Kind Regards
Pat Bates

I bought stevia from you a couple or so weeks ago – in both powder and liquid form.
It goes wonderfully! I enjoy both forms and used them as a replacement for sugar in all drinks. After a few days it becomes a taste which excels that of sugar. A more herby less chemical sweetness. In mint tea it is absolutely delicious. So I’ll be coming back for more in a while.
Best wishes
Ray Brown

Dear Alan, After our daughter was diagnosed with DM1 we turned to a low carb diet. We wanted to replace the things she loved (biscuits,cakes,ice creams) so she didn`t feel she was missing out. Luckily for us we found your website and STEVIA- ACE : an extra bonus for us was knowing that you compound the Stevia yourself and know for sure that it has no hidden additives or other chemical preservatives. Now my wife makes things that are better than shop-made. The biggest reason (apart from my wife`s culinary skills!) is the quality of your product supported by your care about making the customer satisfied. I would never use anyone else`s Stevia. Briliant stuff !
Best regards John Raffertty,Manchester

Dear Alan.
I’m on my third order of your excellent organic liquid stevia, and my health has improved slowly but steadily through its use.
I’m writing because I want to share the most delicious and easy recipe I’ve developed for Apple and/or Pear Cake.
300g cored cooking apples (or hard pears) raw with skin on.
Blend to a puree in food processor
Add: 3 or 4 tsb whole leaf stevia powder to taste.
3 med eggs
200 grms ground almonds
1 tsp vanilla essence for apple cake. Almond essence for pear cake.
2 rounded tsp baking powder
For special occasions 1 tbs brandy.
Blend thoroughly and pour into
1 or 2 8inch lined cake tins.
Bake at 180 degrees for 20 to 25mins.
Test with skewer – if clean its done.
Delicious warm as a dessert or cold with fruit or yogurt.
I can’t recommend this too highly as a wheat free/sugar free GI treat.
I’ll be ordering some more Stevia soon,
Best wishes Pam Frost.

Your Stevia liquid keeps my blood sugar stable. I take it every day and I have no desire to eat chocolate or suck sweets. I feel more awake and less anxious. I also use it in apple tarts, crumbles, fruit stews. Stevia has changed my life, I used to feel low, almost depressed, now I have that get up and go feeling. Alan, you said it was better than ginseng and I agree, it is!
Pauline from Southampton.


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