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This Academy has been set up for teachers and students of esoteric healing using the books written by Alan Hopking to share experiences, ask questions, and heal, inorder to advance in knowledge and conscious awareness of the LIFE of who we are.

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The books by Alan Hopking


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Esoteric Healing –
A Practical Guide based on the teachings of the tibetan in the works of Alice A. Bailey

New Edition (6th Edition with additions August 2009). Greatly Expanded! Over 360 Pages
Published by Blue Dolphin Books, USA

by Alan Hopking M.A. 

Paperback : ISBN 1-57733-110-9, $25.00 (£19.99)
Hardback : ISBN 1-57733-162-1, $35.00 (£27.99)
384 pp., 6×9

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Alan Hopking , MA MNIMH MRCHM FINEH, has been a leading health practitioner for more than two decades. He has spent over twenty-five years researching natural and esoteric health and healing. He is a pioneer in the practical use of Esoteric Healing in the West as given by the Tibetan Lama Djwhal Khul. He continues to study the practical use of medicinal herbs and esoteric philosophy. He lectures internationally. He was the first Faculty Director of Healing in the University of the Seven Rays (USA), and he is the founder and director of the Global Academy of Esoteric Healing. Hopking is the best-selling author of Emergence of the Planetary Heart, and Advancing in Esoteric Healing.

NEWS!! Alan’s book Esoteric Healing has just been published in Portuguese and is now available in South America (July 2009). Order from Alan or Blue Dolphin.

Message: Dear Mr. Alan Hopking:
I read your extraordinary book ” Cura Esotèrica”, in the portuguis version.
I`m living now in Argentine and I will be very glad if I could contac here
in Buenos Aires any organization or group of people related with this
Please excuse my elementary English.

– if anyone knows of Alice Bailey students in Buenos Aires or Argentina let me know and i’ll put you intouch with Patricia. – Alan Hopking

*** * ***

Dear Alan,
I just finished reading your 2 books : Esoteric Healing and Advacing in Esoteric Healing. First, I want to deeply thank you for this astonishing work. I have been reading A.A.Bailey for 15 years and working in esoteric healing for 3 years. Your work made this science more comprehensible and deepened all the knowledge that D.K. made available to us. My profond and respecful thanks for all that.


Review by Mr Remco Van Reems,
Eindredacteur and Endeditor of the Dutch translation by Ankh-Hermes Pulications, Halland.

“Esoteric Healing, A Practical Guide by Alan Hopking is both a simple and practical handbook accessible to anyone, while at the same time it also gives the deeper aspects, the more specialised applications of esoteric healing. It is the first serious all encompassing book on this subject. It offers understanding, amelioration and the possible cure of disease.

“Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan Master, predicted, in the first half of the 20th century, that some people would make it their task later that century to transform the knowledge about Esoteric Healing to a more practical, working application. One person of this small group of people from the first hour is Alan Hopking, the writer of this book. He also brings two decades of practical application, experience and teaching in Esoteric Healing. He does this in a clear, encompassing, but also what is very important, in an understandable and comprehensive way.

“What is remarkable is that the author enters profoundly into the matter of what disease is, and the true cause of disease. His explanation about our origins and purpose on earth you will find secretly hidden throughout the authoritative esoteric literature (as hints); this in my opinion forms the nucleus and essence of this book. The implications are far-reaching; this nucleus gives the origin of, the reason why Service, serving, is the archetypical keynote, perhaps the pranava, of our life, and of Life itself: the deeply hidden reason why we want to improve ourselves and why we want to help others.

“This esoteric background will be new for most of us, and goes much further than the more simple explanations that ‘disease is [just] a result of inhibited soul energy’. This essential knowledge you will find throughout the book as an unwritten premise or point of departure of the writer: this book cuts through to a deeper layer… Diseases, sicknesses, or ‘fractors’, as Alan calls them, play a central part in purifying, in the learning of lessons, and to make possible the growth in consciousness so that we can come back to that Unity, that Wholeness, and ultimately that Home – the Home where we came from, and some day will return to.

“Although much in this book will appear as new knowledge, it is not unknown; it appeals to the wisdom and knowing already deep, unawakened, in us. It makes you think more. Hopefully it will unleash an unquenchable thirst from within your heart for Reality, as this IS, creating an open channel from the heart chakra to that Monadic Light and Life.

“In this book you will find a lot of extraordinary things, and a lot of what you need to know to reach for a more complete wholeness in your consciousness, in your feelings and emotions, in your vitality, and in your physical body; with this understanding it will offer you the possibility for healing your fellow human beings – and, as Alan emphasises, every living being. I recommend you take this journey – have courage, proceed, and be honest with yourself, so that you can be honest with others. A lot awaits you in this book.

“I thank the writer for wholeheartedly sharing his knowledge, his experience and practice accumulated over many years, as precipitated in this book. This is a book of high inner quality. His sharing, without reservation, of that which most of the time remains hidden, is unusual these days…. This sharing is his leading; it is a responsibility he has taken on himself for us.

“I truly recommend this book: may it inspire you to practical application of its content. Most of what you need at this exact moment is in this book.”

Remco Van Reems
Eindredacteur and Endeditor of the Dutch translation
March 2007


Esoteric Healing uses current research in medical energetics and sources of Ageless Wisdom to provide practical guidelines for diagnosing, prescribing, and therapeutically utilizing specific energy forms with both intelligence and intuitive understanding.
Esoteric Healing studies the healing circuits, known as triangles, ranged on a basis of clinical diagnoses relating to our physiological systems. Expanded sections describe the use of the sense triangles in higher levels of healing and also triangles used in more advanced esoteric healing.
Step-by-step guidance to the art of esoteric healing with diagrams and photographs
How to heal from the soul and spiritual levels of the self
The seven energy bodies explained
Descriptions of the major and minor chakra systems of energy
How to use the triangle circuits to restore health in the whole person
Over 185 triangle circuits described
The esoteric cause and reason for disease explained
Working with cancer and other serious conditions
The esoteric opportunity offered by esoteric healing
Detailed descriptions of advanced healing techniques
The esoteric purpose of our cosmic universe revealed
Advanced use of the rays with the chakras
The seven ray healing techniques explained for practical use
Self-healing and distant healing
Case histories
Useful quick reference summary
Extensive index, selective reading list, and bibliography
The New Edition contains four new specialized techniques to diagnose a patient;
it includes esoteric information on the relation of the rays to the chakras and esoteric healing;
the 7 healing techniques explained for practical use;
there are photographs for the student practitioner;
a large number of new triangles are explained;
all triangles are illustrated;
there is an important section on healing and cosmic purpose;
it is meticulously referenced and has an
extensive index.
This book is intended to open up the subject of spiritual healing as a science to a wider public. It studies the principles and practice of healing in the hope of clarifying to some extent the confusion which exists in many minds regarding esoteric healing.
There is no doubt that this book will establish itself as an indispensable modern text in the field of spiritual healing, and Esoteric Healing in particular. Nothing like it has been published before, for Alan Hopking, a medical practitioner himself, has taken full account of research findings based both on present-day discoveries in this form of medical energetics, as well as drawing from the wealth of knowledge at the disposal of serious students of the Ageless Wisdom.
The introductory chapters examine the nature of the subject and provide the necessary guidelines for diagnosing, prescribing, and therapeutically utilising specific energy forms intelligently, yet from an intuitive understanding. The main part of the book studies the large and impressive body of healing circuits, known as triangles, arranged on a basis of clinical diagnoses relating to particular systems, governed as they are by the seven major energy centres in the etheric body – the digestive system, controlled by the solar plexus centre, the renal and locomotor systems governed by the base centre, the reproductive stystem governed by the sacral centre, the cardiovascular system governed by the heart centre, the respiratory system governed by the throat centre, the endocrine system governed by the ajna centre, and the central nervous system governed by the head centre.
There are expanded sections on the use of the sense triangles in healing and triangles used in more advanced esoteric healing. There are separate chapters dealing with the application of these healing energies to oneself and also how to approach cancer and other major planetary influences. There is even a section about the Rays in healing for progressing esoteric healing practitioners.
The book has been called the Esoteric Healing – A Pra ctical Guide for good reason, as it guides the newcomer to spiritual healing from the very basics to the great complexities with a simplicity which marks the quality of a text book that will substantiate esoteric healing as an art and a science that will become recognised as the new medicine of the future.
The price of this book is £19.99 (plus p&p).
Alan Hopking’s book Esoteric Healing is now also available in Dutch and Spanish.
The Dutch translation of Esoteric Healing, A Practical Guide is published in Holland April 2007, by Ankh-Hermes Publishers

Now available from your book store
ISBN 1577331109 paperback
ISBN 1577331621 hardback

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Dear Alan, I am excited studying your book (and my Soul enjoys also). It was 25 years ago, when I came across Blue books and read them almost at once. So, as I already said, I am excited reading your book. What I found in it is practical DK. This is what I have always missed in his books: practicality. But as he said, information are scattered all over his books for those, who have enough intuition and perseverance to find them. And this is what I have found in your books. You (and your colleagues in INEH) have painstakingly and with much insight put together a lot of valuable information for practical working. A span from very abstract to very concrete. I would guess a lot of 5th ray is in it (exact and practical knowledge and inner light), motivated with 2nd ray behind it (benefits for all, healing and helping) and with a flavour of 6th ray (uplifting, inspiring, sovereignty). I would like to came across it 20 years ago, but doesn’t matter. I must assimilate those precious experiences from your book. I am here a little student who is trying to compensate the lacking practical knowledge. 
Sincerely yours,


Dear Alan,
Thanks for every thing and again your book is «formidable» !!!
Montreal, Quebec


Hi Alan, I have your book Esoteric Healing which I treasure! It’s wonderful and I refer to it regularly, even when I’m out of sync. It expresses everything so beautifully! I treasure your book and I thank you, it’s just great. It helps me tremendously. It gives me great understanding, even greater understanding than the courses I have done.God bless your work!
Love and Light,
Marjorie O’Neil (Ireland)


Dear Alan. Thank you for all that you do in this world. Meeting you and reading your Book has been a profoundly significant experience and I sense will become more so as I align myself more fully with the Soul’s task.


“I hope this edition endures extended use better than the very first edition which I acquired once [where pages fell out!]! Anyway, a classic such as this perhaps would age most honourably in hard cover…? After all, it is a *manual*, almost a (virtual) ‘colleague’, i.e. to be consulted perhaps even on a day-to-day basis. These days, at least my copy looks more like a ‘wrestling’ companion… 🙂
I have for years given thought about whether (and why) the one concerning Esoteric Healing may be of special interest here in Sweden/Scandinavia.
I think it would be great to eventually have the best available study and practice/reference guides (along with AAB’s Esoteric Healing) such as your books (and Brenda’s?) available in Swedish, and it may also prove to be a good complement, as well as a ‘logical advancement’, to the books on healing already published by Regnbågsförlaget.”
Much Love and Light,
Björn (Sweden)


Dear Alan Hopking,
I am a long time student of the teachings of the Tibetan Master DK, graduated with honors in Clinical Psychology and trained in different modalities of expansion of consciousness and energy work, including Esoteric Healing with the I.N.E.H.
First to send profound gratitude for the great inspiration and guidance provided through all your books, specially Esoteric Healing. A practical guide based on the teachings of the Tibetan in the Works of Alice A. Bailey. Apart of my own soul and the Tibetan, I consider you my best teacher in this healing path that is naturally and happily unfolding the pure nature of my soul.
I thank you too for the information online, specially the poems of the newborn, I see what your eyes see, and I thank you to be so brave to speak so openly to the world from your heart and soul.
In your case the experience is totally different, you radiate Life ! and one can easily breathe the vitality with which you live all this work, you are connected with nature, and in all that I believe.


Hi Alan,
no wonder I have felt so pleased all day!! So thank you so much this was exactly what I needed I have gained hope again …… your book it is on my desk today (as I read it in the morning). I look up things and read in it every now and then and I really like it! One of my students has bought one and she really likes it too! I will bring it to all my courses and I hope that people this way will be able to look in it and then maybe they will buy it.
In Light
Åsa (Sweden)


Alan Hopking has drawn on the writings of Alice Bailey and others and has interpreted them in a manner that will make the concepts of esoteric healing more easily understood by all who wish to heal.
In the author’s foreword he acknowledges the confusion which exists in many minds and says that his aim is to give more clarity and definition than has hitherto been given by ‘others working in the field’. In this the book succeeds remarkably well. The text is concise. There are no obscure profundities to distract the reader for hours on end. But this is not a book to open at random. It is necessary for the reader fully to understand the essential preliminaries which define the principles of esoteric healing contained in the first half of the book before attempting to gain insight into the esoteric triangles of healing.
The section that describes the function and role of the energy centres is both instructive in its theory and practical in its application. For instance, the importance of the Vagus Centre and the major influence of this centre on the life of the aspiring disciple is clearly explained. There is also a useful note on group healing.
As a text-book this aptly-named practical guide will repay hours of rewarding study.
Joyce Galley.
Book Reviews. Radionic Quarterly.


Thank you so very much for your new book – I am full of admiration.
Dinah Lawson


…it is a good book… You have done a substantial job on triangles. Gratitude for your research and clear way of presenting your work. I suspect this book (as well as your others) will be of continuing service to students of the Teaching. Thanks again Alan for your fine contribution and your loving concern.
Dorothy Maver
The Institute for Visionary Leadership. USA


Thank you very much for your input, it has had the result of pushing me forward in understanding.
Take care
Deborah (Canada)


Hello Alan,
A quick update on the new book, which I received from you before Christmas.
It is beautifully presented and explains the work in a very clear manner.
As a teacher of EH, there are a number of triangles which I hadn’t seen before.
The balancing of the pairs is interesting. It is very powerful to balance the pairs the way you describe in the book.
A number of the group I facilitate are purchasing the book through Blue Dolphin publishing.
Regards Elizabeth (Australia)


Dear Alan,
Thank you. The book arrived safely and it looks wonderful.
I am looking forward to digging into it.
Momie (USA)


Hello Alan, hope all is well with you and your family!
I would like to express my gratitude for your book, I found it very interesting, complete and stimulating.
Love ! Isabella (Italy)


Hi Alan
Thanks for the two very good days !
We have learned a lot and I am looking forward for the next course and the course after!
It’s not only that I have learned a lot but there’s also a lot happening while we practise.
It felt very good. There’s a lot of group energy building up during these two days.
I have noticed that it’s handy to have your book during the course, it’s more easy.
With love,
Sietske (Holland)


Dear Alan
Thank you for meeting with me on Wednesday I am elated that you will be part of the Colour Breathing at Home team. I can’t get over the fact you have so much knowledge, etc and are in Christchurch! Your book is great and I’m slowly (very slowly!) digesting the immense amount of new information contained within.
Kind regards,
Alison (England)



The Esoteric Healing Handbook

by Alan Hopking MA

The Esoteric Healing Handbook is about energy:
how to understand it, how to control it and how to direct it for health and healing.

This third edition sees further additions and improvements, making it even more practical for the Esoteric Healer.

It makes the science and art of Esoteric Healing even more accessible to students and teachers alike by including a detailed list of healing energy circuits, mantrams and index.

The etheric body is the field into which medicine of the future is moving. Everything necessary for a clear, easy and thorough grounding int he nature and function of the etheric body is presented in this book which has become so popular over the years.

It introduces all the triangles and centers that are used to bring about healing. It speaks about group healing, how to vary the method of healing for different people, the way to work with a dying person, and many other aspects of healing. It is a perfect companion to the author’s Esoteric Healing – A Practical Guide . The Esoteric Healing Handbook simplifies the complexities of Esoteric Healing whilst maintaining its depth and range.

“Alan Hopking is a teacher of the art of healing… The Handbook explains the application and techniques of healing; salient points on death… many important ideas… well referenced throughout.” The Beacon. 

Godshaer Publishing Co. ISBN 1 899485 05 8

The price of this book is £12.95 (plus p&p)

To order Esoteric Healing Handbook:

Order your copy from Alan Hopking


Advancing in Esoteric Healing

by Alan Hopking MA 

This book is a study of higher more inner causes of disease and illness in the human being. A detailed description of the organism of the causal body, the egoic lotus. A deeper understanding of the etheric sub-planes of the physical plane. A thorough study of the senses on the higher levels of consciousness and how we can use these in healing.

Esoteric Healing is the future medicine and it has begun! There have been initiate healers right down the ages, but it only in the late 20th century that this science has become comprehensible to ordinary intelligent people. Healing from the soul rather than the personality is now imperative. This book takes the healer deeper into the subtle realm of causes and origins, so that he or she can more profoundly and intelligently offer a selfless service to the one who asks for healing.

The new age demands group activity. This book will help those who are healing in groups.

Subjects covered include:

Materialising Energy, Direct Soul contact, the Causal Body, Karma and Transmutation, Group healing, the Rays, Using the Sacred Mantram, the Four Ethers, the Magnetic Aura, the Nadis, Disease and the Etheric Body, Healing through the Senses, the Inner Eye, the Four Aspects of the Centres.

Godshaer Publishing Co ISBN 1 899485 20 1

The price of this book is £12.95 (plus p&p)

To order Advancing in Esoteric Healing:

Order your copy from Alan Hopking


The Emergence of the Planetary Heart

by Alan Hopking MA

The emergence of the planetary heart is the most important event NOW to be prepared for on our planet. Getting ready for this event should be for us our only life intention. This book is for everyone. Its interpretation will be according to your own insight into the Coming One.

The reader is given a complete overview of modern esoteric teaching with special emphasis on the externalization of the Masters and the reappearance of the World Teacher. After explaining the meaning of the Planetary Heart, Alan Hopking speaks about the inner purpose of the World War and what it meant for the World Teacher and for Humanity. He then goes on to describe certain ‘provisos’ which we must look out for and which will indicate the time of His Coming. The author uncovers many hints concerning the extent of the World Teacher’s stay on earth, about planetary evil and other important related topics.

Alan Hopking then enters the very heart of the subject by going right into the actual events and implications of the Emergence of the World Teacher: What is His presence? Will it be an Overshadowing? What actually draws Him earthwards into a Body? The Vestures and their connection with the Buddha; the Christ’s Physical Appearance, and much more.

Mr Hopking also examines the consequences of the emergence and how it affects all the departments of human activity; and the effect on Shamballa is also noted. One of the themes running through this impressive and convincing work is the golden thread of how the individual can personally prepare for this Event. For example, how etheric vision can be procured and what the requirements are. Various meditation forms are recommended. And a programme of self-awareness is detailed. Then all the more important human activities are reviewed: the New World Religion, the Mystery Centers and Initiation, Right Speech, Telepathy and Astrology, the activities of the New Group of World Servers, how to work to Build the Bridge for the World Teacher, the purpose and use of Esoteric Healing, understanding the Seven Rays, perceiving the purpose of that great Triangle involving the avatars. This book is exactly what it says it is, a manual for servers of the planet. The vast amount of information it contains will inspire you for years and will no doubt become a text book and reference work for the seed group of the new religion of the future. By reading it and implementing the many suggestions you will be preparing the Way of the Lord in the best way possible: for yourself as a person, for the groups to which you belong, for the kingdoms of the planet and for the Heart of Life as the Spiritual Principle.

The Emergence of the Planetary Heart Published by Alan N. Hopking,
Godshaer Publishing Co ISBN 1 899485 00 7
Price £20.95 (plus p&p)

This book is sold out and out of print.
You may find copies in Amazon or in libraries in UK and USA


Lani from New Zealand says, “The group found your book great as a workbook along with E.H. as the text. The last couple of years have manifested a sense of synthesis among those who have journeyed with healing and ongoing study.”

Finally, would you like to borrow Alan’s first book THE CHRIST’S REAPPEARING, published in 1982? This is a book of about 100 pages studying the second coming of Christ from the perspectives of Rudolf Steiner and Alice Bailey. It contains the original quotations from the two authors and has a very convincing argument. How they diverge and where they complement each other’s perspectives.
I am often asked for this book (now out of print) so now here’s your chance to borrow it yourself! If anyone knows of other copies in libraries please let me know and I’ll post a link to the library.
THE CHRIST’S REAPPEARING by Alan Hopking is no longer in print and the only copy available for the public is held in Santa Barbara Library, California, USA. Here’s the link for the catalogue number.

Alan Hopking MA MNIMH MRCHM has been a medical herbal practitioner for over twenty five years.

Alan Hopking MA is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (Great Britain) (MNIMH) and the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (UK) (MRCHM); he is a Fellow of the International Network of Esoteric Healing (FINEH); he is the founder of the Global Academy of Esoteric Healing (GAEH)

To buy alan hopking’s books Order your copy from Alan Hopking


Esoteric Anatomy
Alan Hopking

The Beginning
Gaze upon a baby’s form. It is possible to see into three time zones.
The Three Time Zones
The first is the time zone I am in (with the rest of humanity on Earth); and there we are caring for the little vulnerable body of the baby.
The second time zone is that of the baby’s higher, well-developed, consciousness. This part of the baby is not in evidence at all as we care for and guard its little baby body. But with every day this time zone element comes ‘down’ to express itself more and more through the body of the baby. And over the weeks and months and years this process continues until he is an adult – indeed, throughout his life, this endeavour will continue.
The third time zone is extremely difficult to make clear in writing, although it is surprisingly clear in my perception. This third time zone links with the second as the latter does the first – however in a far more or greater ‘dimensional’ manner than the second has to the first. The third is literally out of this world, since it doesn’t belong to this world at all. There is no original connection with this world at all. So what we are witnessing in the first zone is a complete shift of experience from the third, via the second. The second and first zones are two sides of one whole – they belong together. The third zone however has nothing to do with the second or first. The being we see as “baby” is related to the second. So what we see is first a birth from the third to the second time zone. This birth means a complete forgetting of all experience as had in the third zone. and then a corresponding experience when baby is born in this world in this first time zone.
The Revelation Afforded by Neonates
Says Alan Hopking about his son, “This evening I was holding the baby, he was wide awake and it was the longest time he had been silently awake, observing all that was going on around him. Remembering he is now six weeks old. As he lay in my arms I observed him – his movements and actions. He was not at all distressed, but in perfect peace. His eyes often grew wide – alien wide – as though trying to reconcile what he saw around him with what he knows and sees so well in his own world, the world from which he has come; it was a look of bewilderment, not wonder or surprise, but bewilderment; an inability to reconcile what he saw, the chair, the picture, my face, the vase with flowering heather in, a statue of the Buddha, a wooden rabbit on wheels, and the table light. His head turned, his eyes looked and then over and over again he’d turn towards the light (a fact well-known already by paediatricians). This is because these incarnating spirit beings come from a world of light, a sun world, a bright, luminous dimension where no darkness exists, so they are attracted to the weak source of familiar form which they know and love. With this light they feel comforted and happy. I think it would be important in view of this fact that a light be kept in sight of baby throughout the night. They love the light, they know no darkness. They come from the light, they have never lived in a world where there is darkness.
“Now, as I observed the baby, I recognised that he was not here completely, only his physical expression was in him, something that had never happened before – he doesn’t live in a physical body in his own world; this physical expression was something new and it had happened due to a predetermined decision and purpose. His true expression in his own world is unrestricted, well far far less restricted than this having a physical body. He wants to communicate but the means to do this is so totally different in this world that all that comes out is a cry (the sound of a peacock says his mother); his ability to communicate is far advanced and yet now his ability to do this has been totally denied. Indeed, to live as he was used to has been so totally changed that to maintain his connection in this form world is extremely tenuous and constant drinking from the breast is an absolute necessity to keep life and sanity.
It is a great horror; scary; profoundly confusing – like being imprisoned in a cage where even movement is reduced to virtually nothing. And when you observe his movements, his arms gently waving in the air, his hands clutching at the air, movements up and down and around, it is quite clear that he is a spiritual being used to free movement – unrestricted, flowing movement. It is well known that these movements are often laughingly referred to as ‘flying’ or ‘floating’ by parents – a deep perception of an underlying truth. This spiritual entity about whom we know nothing has decided to come down into a human body and this means totally denying everything he knows and enjoys in his own world and accepting (as new) everything in this world from the perspective (the present evolutionary developments so far attained) of a human being.
Everything, but everything, is different – sounds, forms, smells, things to touch, how to think and speak, how to move and recharge yourself. He has to eat (whereas in his world the light is his food); the food is impure and so he must excrete (he never excretes in his own world), etc. all these things even now are deeply disturbing to him (he is not humiliated by them, just disturbed because they are so primitive and inadequate compared to his true understanding). At the moment, when he is but developing as a human baby, only a small factor of himself is being held – it is as though he has a pair of shoes on which are way too small for him – the rest of him is still in the spiritual world, his true home; but even there (in his own world) he is in a space of special circumstances – what we might call undergoing an initiation rite – this is because he is being born.
Birth is extremely slow due to the extreme limitations the human body and mind puts on these beings. The process actually doesn’t ever completely take place! Even when we accept this world as a place to live and work in and become so completely identified with the human way of life, incarnation is still not absolute (it is only absolute for one instant whereupon it again retreats immediately which humans call enlightenment or the state of crucifixion, the fourth initiation). Throughout our lives on earth wherever we go and whatever we achieve is done with only part of our true selves, our true potential. Incarnation is gradual even in ordinary development so that by the time we have reached twenty one it is as much as is usually possible – but the more that gets into the body and consciousness, the more that individual achieves for this crippled planetary Being (in order to help it back to its rightful place and order (the place and order we all know in our spiritual selves but know little or nothing about in our human consciousness.
This is our real purpose for becoming human – it has taken billions of human years it has taken billions of spiritual beings taking on human forms (most of which has been totally squandered on fruitless selfish pursuits which have achieved little or nothing save that the fact of becoming human was itself a benefit and useful to the planetary Being and for the most part the said Being has only relied on this form of help due to the constraint placed on the spiritual Being that was incarnating in human form – the higher consciousness of the spiritual entity itself could in no way be incorporated into the human mechanism (in the majority – some however did achieve it to the great advancement of the planetary Being for whom after all we are doing this work) – but mostly people remained asleep to the spiritual duty and the lower aspects of the human were only possible of expression leading to the various forms of society and culture which have developed in various parts of this world over the millennia.
This total abandonment of the world of light and beauty and which is so totally different in every aspect from the world of humans is the source of total amazement and, better, bewilderment, as the eyes begin to focus on the things of this sensory world – so instead of seeing the baby as a spiritual being of great wisdom and achievement, we see him as innocent, ignorant, amusing and because of these, one to be sorry for and loved and nurtured, trained, to be one of us. These things are written not because of any previous knowledge (indeed if there was some previous knowledge this has been greatly modified – and this can be appreciated by anyone who knows that knowledge of which I speak, but because of looking at, observing, the look, movement of the baby and allowing it to inform me – indeed I had a deep feeling that as I looked and reflected, it was the spirit of the baby himself informing me of these things. I realise that by writing these things it may cause some to be amused, others to be angry, others to be unconcerned, and some to think – but whatever the notion or reaction I felt driven to write even though by so doing the words have been very difficult to express the true experience, but some of it can be grasped; I have managed to release what has been ‘seen’.”

To read the revelatory THREE POEMS which encapsulate these insights please find them below.


I hear the wind
but it is silent
I see the leaves move
but it’s mind
I smell the sea
in a molecule bent
By my brain
I have adapted to the things around
I have adopted everything I call me
What is it I see?
What is it that sees?
I know it is not really me I fear.
I fear to change.
In my pocket there is no change
From every direction the view’s the same
I have to pay the fees
The limited range
I come from where there is no sound
I am heaven sent
Not as the stories speak
Not as the Tories preach
Not as five toes on my feet I am lent
But the demands remain
We’re promised we can be a millionaire
Who started the scam?
So what should they teach?
Nay, it’d only produce another faith
A legacy of shame, not “hello!”
Chant, repeat the endless virtues
It’s a sorrowful sham
Misguided, hell-bent, lost in darkness
Wandering around looking for the latest
Mark of the millions
The mark of the millionaires
Adidas, Coke, Tetley, Sony, Pentax
Worn with shame, pawns of a greater design
There’s no release
We’re all plugged in to pay the tax
And what we scratch together we give to the millionaire
That’s our line
But what of truth
Never mind love
For what is gold to a tooth?
And is there light above?
You may smirk or laugh
You may stop and think
But observe the graph
Is there a link?
Immersed in the frenzy
For survival
To buy what we can’t afford
To throw it away after a little time
How can we see?
How can we know?
Demented it may seem, or sorrow
As we struggle to hoard some space
To look around and tell the time
And avoid falling captive to that solitary line
What a bewildered state! What a beleaguered world!
Caught in the trap of falsehood
False religion, false education
False social standards I do not curse, for I was accursed!
But in an instant I saw something more
A storehouse of richness
Not of this world it unfurled before me
As I looked on a baby
Helpless, hopeless, hapless, useless
Just a physical repro
With no intelligence or fancy
Just basic needs, desires maybe
But no more, no more.
Lost in the grossness of form
Never before seen
But such was the intentional will
To endure the oncoming storm
By losing everything formerly enjoyed
Everything was lost
Not however in an instant!
And not all in the infant!
Where do we come from?
Who are we really?
Look at the tiny baby
The babe that is not yet three months
Here see what we really are
We do not belong here
We have come here on loan
We have left our true home
We come here for a reason
Not to stay here
Not to keep anything from here
Not to settle here
We come here to learn
Then to transform
Then to return
We come here to share
To work and to care
We come here to transform
An oak from an acorn
Nothing here is mine
Nothing here I want
Nothing here I take
I know the False One’s line!
But you say what about animals
What of the plants and trees
What of the planets, the moon
And the sun
What of the constellations
The universes outside?
None of these are mine
I come as a visitor
To work on this body
Which reflects the worlds outside
And when the work is done
And the mission I chose is complete
I will be lifted up from my feet
And go back to my own world’s Sun
This information to you I confide
Without caring about your faith
It is given in freedom, free from
The confines of faith
We come down as innocents
As innocent as a lamb
Without sin, without knowledge
All we learn is given us by those
Who adapted earlier
Those who forgot
Those who are lost.
Think and all we get is thought
Feel, and feel caught in traps
Which are made not by you
Not the true you but an outside screw
Turned and twisted by circumstances
Outside your control, that maps
A path that circles its own confines
These fences built by the very instrument
Into which we have welded ourselves
It is in our own stew we are being boiled
A cadenza which we try to shine
In supreme happiness as a virtuoso
But we cannot break free
We have toiled without a break
Our limits have been tested
And reached and we can stake
Everything on nothing
For nothing gets us anything
And everything we try gets us nowhere
Is there no sign?
Can we sublimate all including time?
Music, exercise, meditation
They all leave you somewhere
Where you don’t want to be
For it is there that repeats the limitation
The physical structure which is not free
Any hesitation, any settlement
Any focus is fallacious – Earth sent
How can you get out of this garden
Out of this playpen
These harnesses?
Just look about you
Like a young baby
With wide eyes
The whites of which are seen
Above the irises
The cats clean themselves
The washing dries on the clothes-horse
The coke bottle stands next to the sofa
The TV flickers worthless information
A film, a comedy, news, the weather
Nothing new
In the skies
Everything’s a has-been
Even the recently found viruses
And what about the latest supernova?
What gain is there?
Whether we’re at the airport or bus-station
We’re either waiting for some Event
Working for it like digging a road
Or anywhere between
The whole saga is a misinterpretation
The healing, the hospital, kneeling unseen
We are here for a purpose
Simply to live simply to live
Not to play sport for money and die
Not to work in a factory with noise and with filth
The whole sequence has lost its way
The Western culture has gone astray
Tell us straight
Why are we here
What is the cost of our state
Why are we here
And where do we come from?
The answers are there
They cannot be written
Look at the newborn child
The answers are there
They cannot be written
They cannot be explained
Nothing can be claimed
For words get defamed
We are not of this world
We are of a world of light
We came here with nothing
We lost all we had had
Nothing here is the same as there
Everything here is coarse and hard and severe
Look at your hands
There we could fly
In our land of the light
But now deprived of all that we were
We struggle to be a light being on earth
The nearest we come to it is at the time of our birth
As the weeks and months go by
As the bodies of the personality come in
To our former world we wave goodbye
Nothing here is remotely like our real world
We are here for a purpose
And that is to live
Simply to live
All else is extra
To make time go by
Books and chairs and food and stairs
Politics and religion, and science and -ology
Everything around us is meant to help us to live
Instead people are trapped
By the things they think they possess
And so they fight and kill, maim and rape
Their brothers and sisters from the land of light
Forgotten are their origins their purposes their rights
Even the ancient memory has gone
And so we identify with the skin of our birth
And murder and cheat for the possessions of earth
We know it’s not right
Deep down we know it is wrong
We know it has all gone dreadfully wrong
National anthems have broken out
Into a blood-curdling song
Hatred and war from accusation and anger
Abuses of the flesh places us into greater danger
Can we not see we’re children of light?
Why then this unending fruitless fight?
If we saw our oneness our purpose
Our true fight to unite would bring to new birth
A new life on this planet the earth
No segregation, no castes or classes
No borders, no hunger or thirst
As we educate the masses towards oneness first
Away with education, parties, religion and racism!
The way forward is clear
To share and share and share and share
There is no place for the millionaire
Gone is sorrow gone is pain
Oneness is our relationship
We can claim no power over anyone
We all came from the land of light
We all came with one purpose in view
To live on earth
To take a body of earth
To live on earth
To forsake all at birth
To imbue the earth with light
The light of ourselves in a body of earth
In this way we regain for earth its right
While we retain our pre-birth right
Only by knowing this
Can the new world order begin
And the real work begin
And the ultimate victory be gained
And the birth in flesh be unstained
As we restore the earth to its glory
Before we depart
Back to our own domain
For we do not belong here
And we will not remain
When all has been achieved
The time of the end is us-determined
Just live together, eat together
Give birth together,
Heal and support each other
We are from another world and it is not the Earth
But we’ve come to the earth
To heal and restore
Some occult misappropriation of force
When this is done
We return again to our light land
Until such time we stay bound to Earth
Repeated births of personality bodies
Until the light Spirit shines
Right through the bodies of birth
In this way we cancel the ancient curse
Each individual must achieve
This ancient reconciliation
With his own being of Light
Such is the test, the sacrifice
The purpose of birth.
Look at your hands look at your feet
Not your breath your senses your heart beat
Stand ready, you have nothing to fear
All you need do is to live and to share
This is the sign, the new sign of life
It is not the mark of the millionaire
But to live and to be and to share.

(c) Alan Hopking, 23 August 1996



I hear a baby cry
I see a baby’s eye
I watch its jerky arms
It’s kicking legs
And grasping palms
I hear its voice
Coming from this world
Directed from another
It cannot speak our language
And what it sees in the world
The table, the plant, the computer, the cup
And me
Nothing is as it was known before
The little child is sleeping now
Giving rest to the tiny body
Which is nothing but a chemistry set
His arms are outstretched in the form of a cross
Withdrawn back to the higher world
Of himself
I see it all
Everything makes so much sense
But expressing it straight
Just makes me tense
He moans as he breathes
Look at it now, the world in which we live
The world in which the babe has come to save
The world to which he must become a slave
The world which must eventually become his cave
Of enlightenment
The search is on
The world from which he has turned
Must be re-sought
It is there that enlightenment resides
Skip from here to there and everything hides
In light
When I read the texts of Buddha’s words
And when I read the verses recorded of Jesus
They say the same
And the world hears them not
The world hears them not
Cry, weep, shoot, desire, eat and die
It matters not!
We are here to do a work
Which not even Buddha and Jesus texts have recorded
We are here to do a work:
To be here on earth
Simply to be here!
But if you child can find that world from which you came
Your spirit will rest
This is true fame
The ultimate gain
The winning game
But it doesn’t really matter
If you know or not
You must play the part you have chosen when you left
We didn’t know where we would end up
We could have been born a prince in Britain
Or a child rejected by his father in Bahrain
With no roof over his head
And no money for bread
It makes not the slightest difference
As far as the Planetary Being is concerned
The quest has been achieved
You arrived!
The interval between the time of arrival and the date of departure
May be 10,000 lives or just 28 years
But the quest has been achieved
Because the time is but a crack of the whip
You will eventually say to yourself
“I do not belong here on the Earth
I came for the Earth
And not for myself
I lost myself in so doing
For a time
A short space of time
A crack of the whip
But now I find that my home is visible
An opening in my mind
I see my land, my home, my people
And all the time they told me
It is called the state of Enlightenment
Where no thought touches
An emptiness in respect of the earth and of me
But I see it now,
I know it now
And so I live on to complete the cycle
I know there is no escape from the earth
Unless I go through this gap
And when this gap becomes me
I leave never to come back
It happens to everyone
So it doesn’t matter what we do
We may try to possess the world’s lands
It’s riches, its beauties, its pleasures, its mysteries
We may try to possess people saying,
‘He’s mine’ or ‘She’s mine’
But don’t worry if you are the captor or the captured
It’s not true and it won’t last
You may suffer or cause suffering
You may become deranged and kill animals or people
But you will get better sometime
In this life or another
Someone from the Land of Enlightenment will cure you
But it is better not to cause suffering
It is better not to kill or curse
It is better not to criticise or be violent
It is better not to desire the things of this world
That beautify your apartment
Or amplify your little ego
It is better to help your brother of the same land
The Original Land from which we all came
To take bodies of the earth
To save the Planet of Death and Curse
Why else are we here?
You tell me that!
I have seen through a gap in my mind
A shaft of light lifted me out of this abode
I look upon the face of a child
Who can neither speak not fend for itself
But who smiles because it quickly knows
How to respond to love
From Love we come
Love saves
Love is the source which binds this world with ours
Hence we have traveled to this world
This is all that connects us from there to here to there again
So don’t waste time chasing after a dream made in this world
Of cars, boats, lands, homes
They are castles in the air
What is the gain of having them
What is the gain of dripping with gold and diamonds
What is the gain of having cars and boats and homes?
But can you do better by having loans and change
Money that will help your brother in the gutter
Is better spent
But better by far is first seeking enlightenment.

(c) Alan Hopking, 13th October 1996


Turn your gaze to things that go beyond the mind
Sweet they may be
But find the truth of what you seek
The street you briskly walk along
To cash a cheque
Or buy some bread
Or borrow a book
And should a flea jump onto your lap from the carpet
Will you tip your head disparagingly at the cat?
How will you look?
What song do you sing most often?
Are you regarded as a pain in the neck?
Yet even while you set your sights on the higher things in life
Wherein you avoid the mindless chat of a thoughtless wife
For such is the brain
A knife nagging to be sharpened on some unsuspecting act
Wise up! Stay cool!
If you say there are others of a superior kind
Working for you without shame, without blame, without gain
They can’t be found in this world
But lead a life of purity in fact and truth
You’d be a fool to deny it
But an even greater fool to answer
For with all these claims there is no proof
And even if there were what good would it do you?
Would you fall back and say good
I needn’t do anything now, I’m in good hands?
There is a Pure Land
From it you have landed
That is all you need to know
Empty your thought
Hold on to nothing in this world
For it profits you nothing
Hand it back
Stay with the flow
View the child
The one in the cot
It hails from elsewhere
And in this wild country where nothing is known
And life depends on a mouthful of milk
Stare at this child
Prepare yourself again like this child
And penetrate to the plot where you know yourself to be real
It is not a game
Stand back a step
There’s no reason to get angry or upset
But laugh or smile and feel assured
What you consider slow hastens faster as you near the line
Climb the road, the rope, the net, the spine
No law holds you to ransom
No effort puts any other at risk
Even the stored memories and achievements of this world
Can help you none
Cast aside!
Release the disk!
The plan for the plants, the planet and the planes
Is the same
First we must get the stain by being born
This stain is all that the planet is for us
Our work is to restore it to its original state
Which bear in mind is not the same as ourselves.
Enjoy this planet’s offerings
They are simple pleasures
Based on the five senses and the mind (and sufferings!)
Nothing at all like what we have in our own original world
Not better not worse but very different
Look at the infant
It is closest to our Pure Land in this world.
Reach your hand! Take your stand!

(c) Alan Hopking, 27th May 1997

Further Insights about Neonates
and Birth into a Human Form

1. Babies hiccup frequently, especially after a feed. Entry into this world is highly complicated and technical, involving subtle forces beyond our reckoning. It is no easy thing getting born let alone being conceived. The transfer of energy patterns from a non-material area to earth requires more than just a “modem”. The strings, vortices, energy ganglia, karmic accumulated “file” and general inter-activity of the whole is hugely subtle, governed by sublime “midwives” and “gynaecologists” who guide and weave the out-going individual into the “birthing web”. With this in mind it is no wonder that at the time of actual physical birth, when the being of Light is embodied in human form, takes in the gross, thick, air of this planet, gulps, chokes, cries for help, and subsequently frequently hiccoughs or hiccups as he struggles with the new method of gaining vitality and strength to remain embodied.
2. Babies sneeze frequently. Sneezing, like hiccuping, is the result of the newly incarnate’s struggle to deal with the coarseness of the air and the particles breathed in; it is a clearing, cleansing function. The newly established and unused lungs or airways (through the mouth, the nose, down into the bronchi and into the lungs proper where, via the alveoli, the air meets the blood) must be made efficient, hence the highly effective pressurised method of sneezing frequently. This function, like all these natural functions found in all human babies, is inherited from the our first physical ancestors, and has become an established pattern (or gene) in the body.
3. Babies make grunting noises when they breathe, especially when they are awakening. Sleep, and there is much done at the tender new-born age, throws the individual out of the body for vital nourishment and refreshment; the trauma of birth is exhausting and devitalising; it is imperative that the two lowest bodies (physical and vital-etheric) are kept in optimum condition, hence sleep is long and sound, enabling the individual to draw on the himself for further development. For birth is not the end of the process of incarnation from the subtle world, it is but the first stage. The stages that follow are the first three years, the next four, the following seven (to 14 years old), the final seven (to 21) where the individual is finally completely born – all of the individual is at last on the earth and in the body (consisting of bodies or envelopes of subtle fields of energy involving the personality and soul and spirit). Hence, on returning to this world every few hours for the milk of human nourishment, there are grunting noises and clearing functions as re-entry is reestablished. This re-entry is only on the level of the physical and etheric with only the slightest instinctual thread of the astral (emotional) body visible (the desire for physical maintenance). All other aspects of the Light Being remain out of this world.
4. A few days after birth, the skin, especially of the hands and feet, may peel. This is normal and natural remembering that the baby has been enclosed in the womb surrounded by the uterine fluid as it reenacts the whole of its previous incarnational development. On entering the dry world, the skin that was in the wet can before one’s very eyes, fall away, as it prepares for a new (airy) interaction. Incarnation proceeds.
5. It is common for hair to fall out after a week or two, to be replaced by new hair. Hair is not necessary in the womb. But it grows because the cells are there and the inherited genes are beginning to function. After birth the hair has a definite protective purpose and must be replaced.
6. Babies develop innumerable whitish yellow pinhead-sized spots on the nose and surrounding parts (Melia). These are merely obstructed sebaceous glands. No treatment required. Rejection of eliminative wastes occurs early in life. The Life enters the head and connects with its Expression, the personality form, which governs the nose, hence the first ejection of these wastes appear on the nose.
7. About half of all babies (boys and girls) have some swelling of the breasts. The breasts secrete the same substance as the mother (colostrum) before her milk comes in. The swelling may last some weeks. Said to be from the mother’s hormones which cause her own breasts to enlarge. There are female hormones in all of us, which, coupled with mother’s hormones can cause this phenomenon. It is a personality effect only – the Life-Source of the baby has no hormones and is neither male nor female. The later desire to be (or identify with) one or other sex is a ‘fractor’ effect and a therefore part of the Cosmic Evil which it is the Purpose of the Life-Source to correct (transform), and re-order. Read more about this on other of these WebPages (most important to properly understand).
8. A fold of tissue under the tongue is attached near the tip of the tongue in newborn babies, but as they get older the tip grows forward. Further incarnation of the spiritual forces connected to expression and communication.
9. On the roof of the mouth or palate two pale grey areas can be seen. They are of no significance. Esoteric science has no explanation or understanding of this to my knowledge. They may be connected with the shadow-self.
10. Hydration fever – babies usually two days after birth suddenly develop a high temperature. It is not due to infection. The baby is well but the mouth and tongue are dry. It coincides with the weight loss experienced by all babies at this time. The exact reason for the fever is unknown to science. It is harmless and no treatment is required. The entering Monad proceeds – a high vibration is entering a lower energy causing a raising of temperature. Watch and wonder!
11. The jaw of the young baby trembles at times. It is normal. The thrill of communication and control through this medium (the vocal apparatus) is entering even at this tender age.
12. Babies will startle when there is a sudden noise, or when he or his bedclothes are moved. At times he startles spontaneously. All is new and the world is a shocking place for the sensitive Light which has taken human form.
13. Finger nails grow rapidly in young babies, and need to be cut every three or four days. This is due to the quickly descending Spirit into the form. Growth itself and the acquisition of sense consciousness is extremely quick at this age. Transformation of matter forces is far quicker in the baby than in the adult because the baby is in the oceanic consciousness, the state of Life Awareness (Enlightenment).
14. Babies have little resistance to infection. The Life Principle or Monadic Spark in time corrects this. This is the beginning of the repatterning work on Cosmic Substance.
15. Babies in the newborn period object to the dark and cry – they prefer the light. This is one of the prime sources of information which hints at the origin of the Life that is in a human being.
16. Babies should not be left to cry. Crying signifies a need. Crying is to be distinguished from “grisling” when tired, etc. This is most important at this early stage as conditioning has already begun to set in.
17. Colic. The cause of these attacks is because the Life Principle is adjusting to the form, this causes wind in the bowel. The pain of colic is not relieved by bringing wind up.
·  THE DEVAS (Shining Ones) are the origin of form, the vehicle of divine thought. They are the sum total of the substance of the seven planes of our solar system. Each plane is ruled by a great Deva Lord. The plane is his body, they are the great Mother Aspect. (CF 66). In the 7th round of this Chain the human and the Deva evolutions will merge. Man evolves by contact and experience – expanding. Devas evolve by lessening contact – limitation is the law for them. Man aims at self-control; Devas must allow themselves to be controlled. CF667 Man is innately Love producing coherency; Devas are innately intelligence, producing activity. Man’s will shows as self-consciousness; Devas will shows as constructive vibration. CF 667.
·  The interaction of these Lives in the work of Salvation is mutually demanding; neither is more or less important than the other. Work for the transformation of Planetary and Cosmic Substance takes place at all the levels from the lowest to the highest cosmic plane. We are all in touch with them all. There is no exception to this. We all have the Cosmic Life Principle which is not of this Cosmic Universe. Hence eventually, there will come a time when the work is completed and Cosmic Harmony and Reconstruction has been achieved, our Cosmic Group will return home, and we will leave this Being to Live in Its own unique way – a way that is not in the least interesting to us, hence we will leave without any regret, only love.

Esoteric Revelation of the Origin of Disease
by Alan Hopking

The Beginning

Three fundamentals from the Proem of the Secret Doctrine:

I. There is one Boundless Immutable Principle; one Absolute Reality which antecedes all manifested conditioned Being. It is beyond the range and reach of any human thought or expression.
The manifested Universe is contained within this Absolute Reality and is a conditioned symbol of it. In the totality of this manifested Universe, three aspects are to be conceived.

1. The First Cosmic Logos, impersonal and unmanifested, the precursor of the Manifested.
2. The Second Cosmic Logos, Spirit-Matter, Life, the Spirit of the Universe.
3. The Third Cosmic Logos, Cosmic Ideation, the Universal World- Soul.
Each Solar System is the manifestation of the energy and life of a great Cosmic Existence, whom we call a Solar Logos…manifests through a solar system. This solar system is the body, or form, of this cosmic Life, and is itself triple (the three Persons of the Trinity): FATHER – Life, Will, Purpose (Electric Fire, Spirit). SON – Consciousness, Love/Wisdom (Solar Fire, Soul). HOLY SPIRIT – Form, Active Intelligence (Fire by Friction, Matter).

II. There is a basic law called the Law of Periodicity
This Law governs all manifestation, whether it is the manifestation of a Solar Logos through the medium of a solar system, or the manifestation of a human being through the medium of a form. It controls all the kingdoms of nature.

III. All souls are identical with the Oversoul.
Solar Logos is Macrocosm. Man the Microcosm. Soul is an aspect of every form of life from a Logos to an atom. This relationship between all souls and the Oversoul constitutes the basis for the scientific belief in BROTHERHOOD. Brotherhood is a fact in nature, not an ideal. The Law of Correspondences explains the details of this relationship. …it is the interpretive law of the system, and explains God to man. THE GOAL FOR THE EVOLUTION OF THE ATOM IS SELF- CONSCIOUSNESS AS EXEMPLIFIED IN THE HUMAN KINGDOM; THE GOAL OF MAN IS GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS (PLANETARY LOGOS); THE GOAL FOR THE PLANETARY LOGOS IS GOD CONSCIOUSNESS (SOLAR LOGOS). CF 3-7. An Archaic Manuscript – a collection of palm leaves made impermeable to water, fire, and air, by some specific unknown process – is before the writer’s eye.

1. On the first page is an immaculate WHITE DISC WITHIN A DULL BLACK GROUND.
1. The first represents Kosmos in Eternity, before the reawakening of still slumbering Energy, the emanation of the Word in later systems.
2. The POINT in the Disc represents Space and Eternity in Pralaya, denotes the dawn of differentiation. It is the Point in the Mundane Egg, the germ within the latter which will become the Universe, the ALL, the boundless, periodical Kosmos, this germ being latent and active, periodically and by turns. The one circle is divine Unity, from which all proceeds, whither all returns. Its circumference – a forcible limited symbol, in view of the limitation of the human mind – indicates the abstract, ever incognizable PRESENCE, and its plane, the Universal Soul, although the two are one. It is on this plane that the Manvantaric manifestations begin. It is the ONE LIFE, eternal invisible, yet Omnipresent, without beginning or end. Its one absolute attribute, which is ITSELF, eternal, ceaseless Motion, is called in esoteric parlance, the “GREAT BREATH”, which is the perpetual motion of the universe, in the sense of limitless, ever-present SPACE.

1. A plain disc.
2. A disc with a point in it (the first differentiation in the periodical manifestations of the ever- eternal nature, sexless and infinite “Aditi in THAT,” the point in the disc, or potential Space within abstract Space).
3. The point is transformed into a diameter. Now it symbolises a divine immaculate Mother- Nature within the all-embracing absolute Infinitude.
4. The diameter is crossed by a vertical one, it becomes the mundane cross – the sign of humanity reaching the third root race, the origin of human (individualised) life.
5. The circumference disappears and leaves only the cross, it is the sign that the fall of man into matter is accomplished, the fourth race begins.
The POINT in the middle of the disc is a symbol. It is a symbol of a great reality for our manifested solar system. The POINT is the FALLEN entity-dimension which we now call our solar system. What we see now is not what was before. What was before was a great and dynamic system of great power and advancement. It was an entity of great beauty and high quality. It was this identity which did a cosmic deed which was contrary to the cosmic code of conduct. Judgement was immediate and irrevocable. The being who we now name as Lucifer fell, crumpled into a state of paralysis and isolated uselessness. The judgement was meted by the being himself. It was not conferred by the other cosmic beings. This is symbolised by the POINT IN THE CIRCLE. This “slumbering energy” would slumber forever if something were not done. The cosmic beings had a conference. It was agreed that a certain spiritual order of a certain cosmic dimension could, because it was chosen in freedom, endeavour to awaken-heal the slumbering- paralysed being. This choice to go to the side of this collapsed being was not going to be an easy activity. It meant to INTO the other being; it meant SACRIFICING everything they had and were; it meant BECOMING something totally alien to how they really were. With full knowledge this choice was made. It was a choice made fully aware of the risks. The risk was that if it were to fail there would be no return to their former state – both victim and helper would be forever lost. The cosmic helper-healer considered all these requirements. Unequivocally, the challenge was accepted and immediately put into action. This cosmic helper-healer is a representative term for a group of beings known collectively (in esoteric literature) as the Fourth Creative Order. Initiations of the higher level reveal that the process involved four orders of beings. The process of entering the collapsed being was extremely complex. What we know in esotericism is but a fragment of the reality. But to word it all is impossible. The process actually meant spiritual transmutation leading to spiritual transference and finally the process of spiritual transformation – all done from within themselves whilst being within the collapsed cosmic entity. What is given here is but hints for your meditative sublimation. It is believed that this knowledge has never before been written and spoken about with such authority, sensitivity, completeness. The knowledge about this before was elementary and far from clear. The knowledge was in most part abstract – it had descended into the clear intellect. Now it has. I call it the Kinglsey Factor, for I believe it was due to my association and telepathic connection to the baby of that name that enabled me to see into the sublime reality and be able to bring it down.’
(This was first spoken about  publically at the seminar on Sunday 8th December 1996; although I did speak about it to the SEER Group when I had only just received the realisation and I was just formulating it intellectually early in August 1996). In both cases the knowledge was received enthusiastically and with due amazement!) See THE EMERGENCE OF THE PLANETARY HEART  by  Alan Hopking, for further details of the preparation of the revelation.

Esoteric Treatment of Diseased Substance
(Esoteric Healing)

by Alan Hopking

Esoteric Healing is an art and science to assist the transformation of diseased substance of the earth energy which has been taken up by the human spirit for the reconstruction of planetary matter, contributing to the making of the planet “sacred”. Esoteric Healing is complementary to all other therapies. It employs techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of “dis-ease” and the recharging the human energy field.
The energy field is the power system that sustains and controls the entire human being. Its electrical circuits to be found in the various subtle bodies must be learnt in the same way as physical anatomy.

From the INEH leaflet: Humanity, Health and Disease
The human being is a ‘Divine Being’ with not simply a physical body but also mental, spiritual and emotional bodies and an etheric ‘double’ of the physical manifestation. These all interpenetrate and surround the physical form. Humanity’s search is for balance and harmony between these higher and lower aspects of himself, making them an unimpeded channel for the inflow of Divine energy and purpose. When this balance and harmony is achieved, true health or wholeness is present with a healthy body, peace of mind and freedom from desires. Each person is then ready to serve the whole of humanity and the planet with goodwill and love. 

Dis-ease is caused by blockages and imbalances in the flow of Divine energy through a person’s soul to the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Physical disease is therefore only an effect. Healing is finding the causal imbalance or blockage at whatever level it occurs and restoring flow and balance to the system. 

There are many methods of healing. Some alleviate the symptoms whilst others treat the imbalance at different levels. Yet others try to reach the root cause. They all have a rightful place in a larger scheme of healing and should complement each other. No one method has a monopoly of truth, and, ideally, doctors, practitioners, therapists and other healers work together for the benefit of the one seeking help.
The Soul: True Healer of the Form

Esoteric Healing is really self-healing – remembering that the true Self is not the personality. The esoteric healer helps the patient, by application of scientific techniques, to lift his or her eyes towards soul consciousness. From there, the power of the person’s Self can be released according to its plan for that life. It is the soul alone that can heal the form or physical (personality) body. 

Sometimes it is the soul’s wish to present problems for learning purposes and it is not right to remove them until the lessons have been learned. Esoteric Healing can help a patient to understand this and thus remove the negative aspects of suffering. 
Esoteric Healing regards all disease as purificatory, for it can in itself raise the consciousness to incorporate a wider perspective of life making it deeper and more vital. 
At some time it will be the soul’s wish to withdraw. Healing then enables the patient to achieve (with joy and facility) liberation from the body.

Esoteric Healing in Practice

The esoteric healers in the International Network of Esoteric Healing may work alone or in groups, but even when alone they link subjectively to the group of healers. 

In a treatment, usually the patient sits, comfortable and relaxed. Using his higher consciousness, the healer attunes to the Source of Healing Power and forms a link between the Source, his soul and that of the patient. After the attunement, the healer senses energy imbalances reflected within the etheric energy fields of the patient. Then, according to the will and plan of the patient’s soul, these may be released and the energy centres balanced using the law that energy follows thought. The specific lines of energy connection and the unique requirements of the individual patient are learnt scientifically by the esoteric healer and related to the chakras in the etheric body of the patient. 

No physical contact is required, but sometimes the patient is aware of some corresponding changes in the physical, emotional or mental body as the substanding energy field is altered. It can, however, take up to a few days or more, for the transition to take place. Nearly always there is an awareness of higher energies being present, manifesting as light or peace, and there may be a feeling of release of tensions. 

Often, blockages can be cleared before they reach manifestation in the physical body and, ideally, Esoteric Healing is used as preventive medicine. Clearing and balancing may involve many treatments or can take just one.

Esoteric Healing in a Wider Context

Esoteric Healing involves the whole person including his intricate life of relationships with people and the environment both past and present. The etheric energy field in which the healing work takes place is like a fine network which not only vitalises and re-charges the whole physical body but also links it with the whole of humanity, the world of nature and the planet and the solar system.


All books written about healing are important for the advancement of our knowledge and practice. The basic textbooks of the INEH are those written by Alice A. Bailey for the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, especially Esoteric Healing; also New Age Healing by INEH founder Brenda Johnston, see also: The Esoteric Healing books by Alan Hopking

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