Herbs for Anorexia

The herbs to treat anorexia need to work from many angles including from the mental or psychological paradigm to help restore both a balanced attitude to self and enable the intake of healthy food.

Anorexia is mostly about our image of ourselves. It is an obsessive emphasis of this image-condition which is a natural part of everybody’s life. We all have an image complex to a greater or lesser degree. But when this looms larger than usual and pales other aspects of health and wellness into insignificance even to the point of life itself then holistic treatment becomes absolutely essential.

Herbs have a big part to play. Herbs have a physical and psychological action (for instance they can lift you out of depression, or calm you down in stressful situations), and this is an important part of the herbal treatment of anorexia – coupled of course with restoring a normal digestive function, as can be seen by the comprehensive complexity of the formula.

The herbs used must also take into account the debility and spin-off that anxiety produced by this obsession, that is, the possibility of secondary conditions, for instance, a peptic ulcer (stomach acid imbalance), respiratory symptoms (poor breathing habits). There are other associated problems, for example, skin poverty, parasitic and microbial involvement, toxicity (due to bowel stagnation), hormonal irregularity, inflammation in the organs, fibromyalgic onset (chronic viral response), energy decline, poor bowel action.

This indicates the importance for a wide general herbal medicine taking into account the primary cause as stated. Personal councelling along with the natural benefit and gentle support that herbs offer, is the best way forward for anorexic patients.

As an example, qualified medical herbalists will include many of the following herbs:
Blue Flag Root, Galangal, European Angelica, Burdock, Benedict Thistle, Caraway Seed, Jateoriza, Marsdenia, Swertia, Fennel, Chelone, Peruvian Bark, Quassia.

Drinking smoothies will also help your condition – find out more about smoothies

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