MoveMore Herbal Tonics for Constipation

Constipation: Gentle and Strong – MoveMore 1 and 2 Tonics

Constipation is due to a sluggish emptying of the bowels (lazy bowel), usually with dry and hard stools that are difficult to move.

The two types of constipation

1. Atonic Constipation. This is the most common. It is due to a poor diet, often consisting of junk food, little or no vegetables and salads and fruit, i.e. a diet that is very low in fibre. Also in this form of constipation is the fact that the person does little of no exercise with the consquence of no regular urge to have a bowel movement (or the person suppresses the urge with the resultant habit to go is lost).
Treatment This is safely treated with MoveMore2 Tonic (anthroquinone laxatives) and a change of diet and lifestyle. Within a few months normal bowel function and be restored.

2. Stress Constipation. This is due to a tense, worried, nervous personality. Here the tension is transferred onto the bowel muscle obstructing the normal and natural urge and movement of the bowels. This can alternate with diarrhoea due to the different levels of stress that is dealt with over the day (another form of this is IBS), resulting in small nut-like stools, often with mucus.
Treatment Anthraquinones are not used as these can cause further tension in the bowel. MoveMore1 is used to relax the system and restore the normal and natural movement habit. Exercise (active – sports etc, and passive – meditation) is recommended. Bran and such like are discouraged. Linseed and psyllium are useful to take in a good healthy diet. The ABC Daily Herbal Powder or colon cleanse powder are also useful to incorporate as a daily intake along with MoveMore! to help restore normal function throughout the body.

Constipation can become a serious problem in health management. It needs to be resolved quickly with lifestyle changes. Constipation causes poisons to be reabsorbed into the body that can be the cause of depression, low energy, skin problems, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, hair loss and many other related conditions.

Drinking smoothies will also help your condition – find out more about smoothies

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