Bone Health – Osteoporosis and Fractures


Bone Health and BoneMore Tonic

• to strengthen bones – for broken bones, brittle bones, thinning bones — by mobilizing calcium and other essential minerals for bone health
• for those who have a family history of osteoporosis
• for those who have been diagnosed with thinning bones
• for those who are have poor absorption of calcium
• for those with immobility and are unable to exercise adequately
• for those who want to support and promote bone longevity

BoneMore Herbal Tonic – A Traditional method for bone health
Herbs included in BoneMore Tonic

1. Alfalfa is used for its nutritional source of vitamins (A, C, E and K) and its high value source of mineral salts especially calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. It also has a beneficial use in debility and convalescence.
2. Rivalling Alfalfa is Sea Kelp for its amazing array of minerals, especially iodine. It is also very helpful for rheumatic conditions as well as to improve weight loss by stimulating the metabolic rate (fat-burning) in the body.
3. A well-known high-mineral herb for bone health is Horsetail. This has been used for centuries to improve hair, nails and bones.
4. The root bark of Acanthopanax is specifically used for strengthening the bones and sinews. It is also helpful for arthritis and fluid retention. It helps pains in the bones and joints. It is a favourite wine drunk by women in China to keep their bones strong and to help resist arthritis.
5. Dodder seed contains important nutrients for the bones, sinews and cartilage and is also used in herbal medicine for rheumatic joints and menopausal osteoporosis.
6. Mulberry mistletoe leaves help the liver and kidney and strengthens the bones by nourishing the blood; it is also used for an aching back and limbs; it has the added benefit of supporting coronary health.
7. Comfrey leaf for its power of healing tissue and especially bone tissue damage (because of its fame in this respect it is called Knitbone in the North of England); when used with other high-mineral herbs studies have shown that Comfrey gathers their minerals and nutrients to further facilitate the building and repair of bone loss – a truly remarkable herb. To do this it uses the amazing substance called allantoin (now used in every fracture clinic in the world).
8. Parsley for its chlorophyll and mineral benefits on the muscles and bones.
9. Raspberry leaf with its minerals and hormonal action helps immunity and kills viruses.
10. Other primary herbs used in BoneMore Tonic to strengthen weak bones used for osteoporosis include Broomrape stems, Butcher’s Broom leaf and root, Oat herb, Thorowax root, Grains of Paradise and Lobelia flowers.
Drinking smoothies will also help your condition – find out more about smoothies
Also included in BoneMore Tonic are herbs to improve better digestion of minerals from your diet.
If you have a family history of weak bones, calcium loss, or osteoporosis this is the tonic for you. It is natural, safe and is designed to be taken for a long time for greatest benefit. Bones need time to be built up and strengthened. Bone minerals cannot be absorbed and laid down over a short period especially if there has been bone loss over years. Such herbs could become your sun-riser and sun-downer – take a dose morning and evening.
Herbalist Alan Hopking also recommends patients take a 50+ herbal powder called ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus

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