What are the benefits of ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus?

• Over 110 different whole herbal powders packed full of nutrients to support your whole system, organs and intra-cellular network.

Now Containing: over 110 herbs – powdered and whole high-value, nutririch herbs for long-term use to positively act as preventatives to dis-ease, and to promote and protect your health. (see the complete list of herbs)

Micronutrients can prevent mutation and cancer

A paper (J Nucleic Acids 2010 Sep 22; pii 725071, and pubmed) from the Nutrition and Metabolism Center at the Children’s Hospital, Oakland, California (Ames B N) has summarised three of their research studies and concluded that optimising micronutrient intake will in turn optimise metabolism, decrease DNA damage and result in less cancer as well as other degenerative diseases associated with ageing.


The A. B. C. herbs are great and a real energy boost for the day. I take 1 teaspoon in the morning and it set’s me up for the day. Marvelois and all natural. Thank you. Bi de Mattea


It has been estimated that this 100+ nutrient-rich organic whole superfood powder contains a around 100,000 essential nutrients that support and promote intra- and extra-cellular functions (to the mitochondria) that promote natural protection of the organs and systems of the body and defend against invasive organisms such as bacteria, mycoplasma, viruses, funguses, parasites and toxins.


“The ABC powder is so helpful and my mum is so looking forward to trying the tonic! I too love the ABC very much, even in such a short time I can feel the benefit and so can mum, it’s marvellous and a great credit to you. The —oil is wonderful too, again, the benefits are beyond what I could have imagined.  I am managing to get some quality sleep for the first time in years.  I also have much less pain throughout the body, and in such a short time.  I am beyond grateful.  We feel truly Blessed to have these wonderful herbs and oil … and you!  I am passing the word re your wonderful company on to others, including my TCM acupuncture therapist.” Rita S. UK


Micronutrients are nutrients required by organisms throughout life in small quantities to orchestrate a range of physiological functions.

[1] For people, they include dietary trace minerals in amounts generally less than 100 milligrams per day, as opposed to macrominerals, which are required in larger quantities. The microminerals or trace elements include at least iron, cobalt, chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, zinc and molybdenum.[2] Micronutrients also include vitamins, which are organic compounds required as nutrients in trace amounts.[2] At the 1990 World Summit for Children, the gathered nations identified deficiencies in two microminerals and one micronutrient – iodine, iron, and vitamin A – as being particularly common and posing public health risks in developing countries.[3] The Summit set goals for elimination of these deficiencies. The Ottawa-based Micronutrient Initiative was formed in response to this challenge with the mission to undertake research and fund and implement micronutrient programming.[4]

1. Canadian UNICEF Committee, Global Child Survival and Health, 2006, p. 67.
2. Vitamins and minerals”. US Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Library. 2016. Retrieved 18 April 2016.
3. UNICEF, The State of the World’s Children 1998: Fact Sheet. http://www.unicef.org/sowc98/fs03.htm
4. UNICEF Canada, Global Child Survival and Health: A 50-year progress report from UNICEF Canada, p. 68.


The ABC is not like a tablet where you get your RDA. The ABC is more a holistic support of all nutrients needed for all the cells. Nutrients themselves are inducers of vitamin supplies in the body. No you don’t get your RDA of vit D, A, B, Zn, Ca, Mg, etc but OVER TIME by taking the ABC daily, the CUMULATIVE EFFECT or COMPOUND INTEREST is far greater than the individual vitamins and minerals in a tablet or capsule. What’s more, the tablet and capsule contains industrialized copies of these constituents, whereas the ABC is ACTUAL ORGANIC FOOD, each powder is an organic plant, so that the uptake is better and more agreeable to an ancient body that has evolved over millions of years. Most vitamins tablets and capsules are excreted, uptake is very limited; in fact many tables and capsules cause indigestion and diarrhea, they are unnatural and are not found in nature is this concentrated and abnormal form. Money is being wasted and the action of the tablet is inefficient and not agreeable to the body’s needs. Take your ABC Powder and add say Vitamin D3 over the winter when the sun’s benefit is unavailable, that’s fine; or better still get your needs from fish, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, roots and grains.

I hope this helps to clarify this common question.


Alan, I’ve been very ill recently and quite honestly, without your ABC powder I don’t think I’d be here. I really believe it’s a life-saver. It saved me.
Maureen M.

“Al, I just read your whole leaflet listing all the tonics you make. PHENOMENAL! Plus all the ingredients. INCREDIBLE! I love the ABC NUTRI POWDER PLUS. It’s DELICIOUS!”
Den – Tennis Coach, Artist and Sculptor. Byron Bay, Australia.

“I find eating the ABC powder really enjoyable! I put your powder onto my tongue and eat it cos the multiple tastes are amazing and intriging! I eat a teaspoon a day and have found it invaluable to my health, can’t do without it now! Thanks Alan.” Linda Cooke

“The ABC powder is fantastic! Thank you for doing such a great job.”
Shannon Hawkins, Australia

“Please may I order some more ABCD for Edward and also some for myself as I am going to start taking it as well. Edward says he feels it’s definitely the best supplement he’s taken and he feels good on it.”
ML – Shropshire.

Dear Alan, Using your powder I’m getting healthier by the minute.
Regards, June M. Portugal.

“I ordered the abc daily from you a while ago. I was very impressed. I went to New Zealand  for 6 mths and took it with me, it kept me going for that time and I was so thankful for it. I really wanted to congratulate you on such a wonderful product and website. I admire your knowledge and wisdom.” Gemma. Northern Ireland

“Your ABCD powder is brilliant! I have a demanding job. I was run down, stressed, no energy and couldn’t sleep. After just 10 days subtle changes in me are evident. I’ve got more energy, I don’t feel so stressed, I’m sleeping better – more serene. Thankyou. It really has made a difference. Brilliant!”
DH – Wales

Dear Alan- I wanted to Thank you again for the healing and improvements to my quality of life and stamina that I am continuing to experience. The tonics have been of amazing help to continue to “evict” the “unwelcome guests”, calm the allergies and finally return my stamina. Also, with the last order, you were kind enough to include a package of the ABCD powder. I have had strong allergic reactions to several of the ingredients that are in the powder in the past, but since I am working to clear (physically and energetically) the cause creating allergic reactions in my system, I decided to try the powder to test the progress of my clearing. After a few tries of taking the ABCD powder and clearing after any allergic symptoms, I am now able to take the powder once a day with no reactions whatsoever, other than helping me to feel better than I have for years. I am so Grateful.
Thank You again Alan for all of your wisdom, help and amazing healing products. It’s all greatly appreciated.
– Blessings!
Lynn C. USA

“I left your powder off for a few weeks and I started to feel not as well. I then restarted your powder and I noticed a huge difference. I love it, thank you so much.”
Karen – London

Update on my husband and his blood pressure, it is coming down and he is losing weight as well. He is taking the ABC powder also. We have always taken supplements but don’t believe any have worked as well and as quickly as these. Again thank you for all you do.
Regards, Kay (USA)

Hi Alan,
Can I order another 12 ABC herbal powders 100g please [for my patients]. My initial impression on AK [Applied Kinesiology] testing, and the removal of painful reflexes which I use diagnostically, is that it’s good stuff! I guess you know that.
Dr S Rudd

Firstly many thanks for the ABC powder, which has had some unexpected and slightly random benefits, in that I have noticed I sweat a lot less, have less tendency to overheat and bizarrely, I am less hairy!! I also feel better generally and sleep really well, all of which make this product worth taking. It is the first time any herbal supplement I have taken has had any positive noticeable effect, in fact. So, please could I re-order.

Dear Alan, I have been taking your ABC powder on and off for some time now, and when I am in the habit of taking it everyday, I find the benefits outstanding.
At first I did not like the taste, but have found a way of preparing it where I can say I enjoy the taste.
I put (just below a level teaspoon) into a glass and a small amount of filtered cold water on top, mix and leave.
Thank you for your knowledge and health supporting herbs.

Mr Hopking, I’m convinced that your comprehensive micronutrient herbal powder combined with your Fertility Tonic contributed big-time to me getting pregnant after just 3 months on your treatment (I’ve been trying for nearly 3 years). My first baby is now due in just 2 months. I’m sooo excited! Thank you hugely.
Margaret. Winchester UK.

Hi Alan, I hope you are well. If possible please could I order another 450g packet of Nutri-powder? I have also been spending much more time with my Girlfriend in Essex and she is also a huge fan of the ABC Nutripowder! It’s really helping both of us!! Thank you! Ian

Hey Alan! I’m fasting 24 hours each day each working week (that is, I only eat a light evening meal each day for 5 days), but here’s the thing, I start each day with a breakfast of 100K nutrients – a teaspoon of your Power NutriPowder!! I just drink Buxton water through the day and I’m losing weight of course which is the purpose! But I feel fit and full of energy and more so knowing I’ve taken your ABCD. Brilliant product (don’t know how you do it all!). You’re Britain’s best!! Cheers, Bryan.


It has been considered that the daily taking of this multiherbal powder works as compound interest for health. Half to one 5g teaspoonful daily over the long-term is necessary to maximize the compound health benefit.

* ABCD 100 + has an estimated 100,000 microelements, minerals, nutrients, vitamins plus the complete range of amino acids to feed, support and restore normal function and protection from the cell nucleus to the organs, nerves and glands of your body’s intricate interdependent system (to find out more about what nutrients, organic constituents and medicinal agents are in each of the herbal powders in the ABC Daily click here)

* Gives you complete nutritional support, including feeding your mitochondria, plus important medicinal benefits – for full information about this click here (please note: this is a large document and may take a minute to load)

• It supplies you with essential phytonutrients, plus propolis and bentonite with their unique medicoprotective and detoxifying qualities

• The synergy of all these constituents work for your health and healing

• Organic

• Gives daily sustenance plus it promotes and complements the treatment of all health problems and acts as a preventative to the development of cancer, chronic degenerative diseases, bone and joint dysfunction, brain decline, heart disease, organ diseases, toxic overload

More than just a Complete Natural Herbal Mineral and Vitamin Supplement – ABCD 100+ helps keep your body and mind in peak condition.
Just stir half teaspoon of ABC Daily in a little warm water and drink – great natural herbal taste! This herbal powder supplement is all you need for supporting your health – body and mind. We have thought of everything! Throw away the unnatural vitamin and minerals supplements you’ve been taking till now. Alan Hopking takes it daily and asserts it has improved his general health. Now you can take whole organic herbal powders, mixed in a way that makes it taste good as well as do you good. Only whole herbs and powerful nutri-medicinal agents have been used. Nothing else is added.

See the prices and order your ABC powder here at our online store – take a look


MICRONUTRIENTS: University of Otago Study : Anxiety and Stress in Children

One of the research group’s most recent publications, in the Journal of Child and Family Studies, investigated anxiety and stress in children. It found symptoms of anxiety improved when they were supplemented with specialist formulations of micronutrients.
“We saw such robust changes in the anxiety levels of the children in that study,” Rucklidge says. “Certainly, the research is suggesting it’s a viable way forward, with virtually no side effects.”
The children’s sleep improved. They were less anxious about going to school. They seemed easier to reason with, and were better self-regulated.
“In our studies with kids, they often have multiple problems, not just anxiety. We see kids with encopresis [soiling themselves], bedwetting, a lot of irritability, oppositional behaviour, temper tantrums; and we have found with our research that those types of behaviours can also be well managed with micronutrients.
“Our experience of the micronutrients over 10 years is that when it works – and I have to always be careful to say it doesn’t work for everyone – but when it does work we see a broad range of symptoms getting better.”

Tics and Anxiety and ADHD

When 10-year-old Sam joined one of UC’s micronutrient studies, he wasn’t taking them for his tics and anxiety; he was taking them to see what effect they’d have on his ADHD. But a couple of weeks after he started on the specialist vitamins and minerals, his parents began to notice a difference.
“His anxiety had gone down and his tics had reduced, which go hand in hand,” his mother Karen says. “When he finished the programme, we took him off the micronutrients and we noticed within two days it all came back. He was quite anxious and had his head shake going on, clicking his fingers, doing all the things he used to do.”
They put him back on the micronutrients. Six months on, Sam is still taking them, his parents buying the product privately when the study supply ran out.
“My message to other parents would be: don’t be scared to try them,” Karen says. “Even the smallest changes can make all the difference.”

Nutrients and Mental Health

The positive effect of nutrition on mental health is hardly a new idea. There are multiple studies showing the brain benefits of a better diet, but much of the discussion around junk and processed foods has been centred on obesity, not brain health.
Rucklidge believes that our current approach to mental health isn’t working very well. Many people don’t improve, even if they can access treatment, which would be a cause for outcry in any other field of medicine, she says.
“When it comes to mental health there’s this assumption that what we are actually offering, if everyone could get it, works. And that’s the wrong assumption,” she says.
“There’s this talk that we just need more resources. I would say we need to change what we’re doing, not just add more of the same.
“Even if you get the best treatment, many people don’t get better. That’s a hard thing for me to say, but the message has to get through.”

“Try Micronutrients before Drugs”

Pharmaceutical medication and psychotherapy certainly have their place, she says. But micronutrients have no side effects, and no street value. Why not try them before drugs, which can knock around already vulnerable people?
“We’re fine about all the people being on antidepressants, even though the long-term evidence for that approach is questionable and the side-effect profile can be concerning.”
But she says there’s difficulty getting buy-in from professionals. “There’s a lack of saying: ‘Why don’t you try some B vitamins first? Or change your diet?'”
She has lobbied for UC’s research to be considered in national care plans, but says there’s frustrating inertia.
Medsafe general manager Chris James says he’s aware of Rucklidge’s work and the organisation has approved the use of the micronutrient products in her clinical trials only.
“Due to the inclusion of certain ingredients or levels of certain ingredients and the conditions for which the products are used in Prof Rucklidge’s work, these products are currently considered to be unapproved medicines,” he says.
But after the trials that UC runs, the families have often found such relief with the products that they want to keep using them. In a convoluted workaround, they’re able to buy the micronutrients with the permission of their GP or prescriber, which essentially means they are sold as an off-label medicine.
For the treatment to enter the mainstream and be prescribed as easily as Prozac, these micronutrients would need to become approved medications. Rucklidge would prefer they be approved as part of the Natural Health Products Bill and allowed to be sold as such.

Micronutrients vastly different from multivitamins

But that’s difficult, as the vitamins and minerals in the products Rucklidge and her team use to achieve therapeutic results differ vastly from your standard supermarket multivitamin. They are sometimes present in high amounts many times over the recommended daily intake (RDI), and are therefore declared to be medicinal – but the cost and difficulty of registering them as medicine would put most natural health companies out of business.
The RDI is not an upper limit of safety, Rucklidge says. A handful of Brazil nuts can put you over the RDI for selenium, for example… “We have lots of evidence that there are very minimal safety issues, if any.”
The entire issue of what natural health products can be sold, and what they can claim, is currently before the Government as the Natural Health Products Bill, and Rucklidge has been lobbying against some of its wide-ranging restrictions.
The process for bringing a product into clinical care is extensive, and James says the Ministry of Health hasn’t received any application – including from Rucklidge – for consent to distribute the micronutrient products in New Zealand.
Rucklidge says that’s not her role, and she needs to stay at a distance from the products. It’s why she’s reluctant to mention brands.
“I am a researcher, not a salesperson or distributor of medicines,” she says.
“I find it frustrating as I need to stay impartial to do the research but also feel I have to advocate for people we have helped and for the vulnerable, people who are mentally ill.
“It would be nice if the Ministry recognised the benefits of the nutrients and actively worked with me and others involved to make access to them for New Zealanders simpler and affordable.”

Eat less processed food and more fruits and vegetables

Otherwise, her basic advice to improve mental health is, of course, to eat less processed food and more fruits and vegetables. But in the lab, she and her team don’t talk much about diet at all. Besides, basic lifestyle changes involving brisk walks in the fresh air and carrot sticks can seem impossible to someone in the clutch of depression or anxiety. It’s only when the dark moods lift that they become simple.
“We give micronutrients to people and they get better,” she says.
“When people who aren’t eating very well start to feel better when getting additional nutrients in pill form, they start to make dietary changes. They don’t crave sugar and carbs as much, and we start to see improvements down the road.
“Once they see the simple effect of the pill and the impact it can have on their behaviour, a light bulb goes on.”


Micronutrients – as opposed to macronutrients carbohydrate, protein, and fats – are the regular vitamins and minerals that the body needs in trace amounts: B-complex vitamins, selenium, iodine, zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, etc. The World Health Organisation calls them “magic wands”, enabling the body to produce enzymes, hormones and other substances essential for proper growth and development.
We should be able to get enough from a healthy diet, but that’s in increasingly short supply these days because of an increased intake of processed foods, soil deficiencies, and certain farming practices.


I’ve only been taking your ABC powder for 6 weeks at 1tsp a day and the cellulitis and lymphoedema in my legs have greatly improved following my mitral valve failure and atrial fibrillation with heart failure. I’m so pleased I’ve found you and the lovely powder, I’m so grateful, thank you. Susan J.

Dear Mr Hopking, Our whole family is now taking your products – most importantly your 50 herbs powder and have found such a difference in our day to day lives. My husband who has a very pressurised job is not as tired any more and has more sustainable energy during the day. He has even recommended that his team take it to keep up with the pressure. I am taking it and have found all my digestive problems are disappearing.
Thank you so much for doing what you are doing. Your years of research and expertise have helped our little girl from a potentially dangerous emotional experience and the rest of us to lead fuller lives.
Best wishes
Carolle Gregersen. London.

Dear Mr Hopking, I’m 90 and have had some mini-strokes (TIAs) and I’ve been taking your powder. I quite like the taste and know it has helped me. Thank you.
Roger R.

Dear Alan,
I have been deliberately holding fire in writing to you to check the progress of your herbal supplement for my brother. He was in excruciating pain – headaches – congestion pain/discomfort. It was pitiful to see him sitting there rocking back and forth.
I am pleased to update you that your herbal ABC Daily powder is working. The day after he was taking it he continued to rock back and forth..then it slowly started to subside and now gone.
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart Alan and my brother has requested I pass on his gratitude to you also.
Thank you. best regards,

_Thank you 🙂 I can’t wait to get my magic powder again:) I did also and you will think I’m mad !! Mix a bit with warm green tea and now don’t laugh ! 🙂 applied it to my face and eyes . I left it on overnight and all I can say is my skin looked better than I’ve seen it for ages 🙂 I may have a play with it and see what other uses I can find with it . I guess those thousands of actives can only do the skin good 🙂
Best wishes


More info about –

ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus

Britain’s leading herbal medicine practitioner Alan Hopking has researched for you an organic superfood-medicinal health powder to replace all your multivitamin tablets. This half a teaspoon a day whole herbal powder has all you will ever need for complete support of your vitamin, mineral, amino acid, micromineral and trace elements needs. Extended research has resulted in this remarkable power-phytonutrient powder to maximize the natural protection of your health and wellness.


The ABCD tastes great, it seems to be supporting my system well, I love the fact I’m getting all manner of herbs I’d never have got in my body before hand. I’ll definately be buying more!
Cheers, Mark


What’s more, most of the herbs included in this NutriPowder are recognized medicinal herbs that are the mainstay of immunosupport, organ regulation or detoxification in phytotherapeutic treatment. This is a real Plus over any multivitamin and mineral tablet or liquid extract available anywhere.

Watch Dr Wahls talk at a TED seminar about her remarkable recovery from a severely debilitating form of aggressive multiple sclerosis following a simple diet, the hunter-gatherer diet. She confirms the benefits of whole herbal powder support like the ABC Daily Powder as opposed to restrictive multivitamins, and the like, due to the range of nutrients it supplies. Watch her compelling story of recovery: Dr Wahls on YouTube

PETROSELENIUM – PARSELY LEAF – this herb is in the ABC Powder

Parsley is often used as a decorative garnish, but it may be the world’s most underappreciated herb. When you understand the amazing health and healing potential of this vibrant, curly green, you’ll realize it’s a lot more than a decoration. Parsley is a great source of antioxidant nutrients. It boosts your liver health, and it’s good for your eyes. Perhaps most impressive of all, components of parsley have been found to help prevent — and even fight — cancer.

Parsley’s anti-cancer power
Apigenin, a compound found in parsley, has repeatedly been found to have strong anti-cancer properties. In fact, more than 600 PubMed-indexed journal articles relate to the compound’s role in cancer. In research published September 2015 in Oncotarget, scientists for the first time were able to identify how apigenin is able to effectively slow down or stop an undesirable enzyme called IKKA, which plays a role in cancer progression. Their conclusion? Apigenin has the potential to significantly reduce cancer progression. The researchers also showed how, in mice, apigenin stops tumor growth and lowers the growth rate of dangerous cancer cells. But this research is not alone in identifying apigenin’s anticancer abilities. Some other examples:
A 2008 clinical trial used apigenin, along with green tea, to great success in reducing the rate of cancer in patients with colon cancer.
A 2012 study at the University of Missouri found that apigenin was able to effectively treat breast cancer.
A 2013 study in PubMed.gov found that apigenin killed up to 86 percent of lung cancer cells in vitro.

Also, the volatile oils in parsley neutralize certain types of carcinogens, and make this herb a “chemoprotective” food — one that protects healthy tissues from the toxic effects of anticancer drugs. And parsley is also a good source of carotenoids, which help protect the body against cancer-causing cellular damage.

How to take advantage of the anticancer compounds in parsley
Dried parsley — with 13,000 mg per 100 grams — is one of the most abundant sources of apigenin. On the other hand, fresh parsley has a good amount as well, with 225 to 300 mg per 100 grams. To get a 10 mg dose as used in a clinical trial by Prof. Harald Hoensch of the University of Frankfurt, you would need to take one tablespoon of raw chopped parsley per day. Or you could sprinkle a small amount of dried parsley into your food. Other sources of apigenin include grapefruit, peppermint, thyme, raw celery, and rutabagas, as well as chamomile flower tea. When you begin to add parsley to your meals, here’s a tip: much of the vitamins and volatile compounds are lost during cooking, so eat it raw or add it at the end of cooking, right before serving.

Parsley’s other health benefits
Parsley has some powerful cancer-fighting potential, but its healthful properties don’t stop there. The apigenin that is so abundant in parsley has been found to have remarkable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as well. Plus, parsley is a rich source of chlorophyll and fiber and also vitamins A, C, and E, as well as beta-carotene, lutein, cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, and folate. It also has more vitamin K than kale, with just 2 tablespoons of raw parsley containing 155 percent of the recommended daily amount. And eating a bit of fresh parsley after your meal will freshen your breath naturally.
Parsley is a great source of antioxidant nutrients. It boosts your liver health, and it’s good for your eyes. Perhaps most impressive of all, components of parsley have been found to help prevent — and even fight — cancer.
With acknowledgements to: https://foodrevolution.org/blog/parsley-cancer-health/?utm_campaign=frn17&utm


Dear Alan
I am writing to say how absolutely wonderful your ABC Daily Herbal Powder Plus is. The ingredients that go in to making this herbal powder are absolutely phenomenal. Ordered 450g as it is the most economical size and the price is so very reasonable. I have only been taking your herbal powder for two months and already I have considerably more sustained daily energy.I have also stopped snacking during the day: my body is obviously feeling completely nourished by your herbal powder. I now never take any notice of the various advertisements (in magazines and junk mail) for the latest “must have” supplements because I know I am taking the very best organic supplement (herbal powder) there is and, I am also saving a considerable amount of money. Before closing, I would like to compliment you on the in-depth information you give (on your website) on all your products and for the genuine and caring attitude I received by you during our recent telephone conversation.
Warmest wishes, Estelle (Wrexham, North Wales)


when you buy our ABCD

….so many people write in to say that they love taking the ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus with Stevia either in milk, soya milk, smoothies, yoghurt, or herb tea, that we’ve decided to give away a bottle of Stevia FREE with your first order of 450g!

Choose your FREE GIFT – either 50g Stevia Whole Leaf Powder or 60ml Stevia-ACT in a dropper bottle or 75g of our Paradise Garden Tea (worth £6.95) with your first order of 450g of ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus (even if you’ve ordered smaller quantities before);
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The 450g size gives you substantial savings over the smaller sizes

Dear Mr Hopking, my stomach is feeling much better, my head is clear and my breathing is better. I am 60 and have had ME for many years. Before I had a dull ache across my stomach for a very very long time but it went after just three days on your powder and it hasn’t come back. I really feel I could jump over the moon now! Thank you so much.
Michael R, Hull, England.


I just love your ABCD! I was so depressed, and taking vitamin tablets by the handful, but I felt no better. A friend told me about you. Your advice was very helpful, thank you. I’ve been taking your medicine and the Daily Herbal Powder. I’ve stopped most of the tablets and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I’m on the way up, thanks to you and your fabuous medicines. I’m deeply indebted to you.
Gloria S.


Alan, I have have now replaced all the vitamins and minerals I was taking, and all I take is your ABCD Powder. I can’t explain it but I feel better for it! But it is obvious that the powder is a much better source of an enormous range of organic nutrients that are lapped up by the body. In fact, I take your powder first thing in the morning and try to scrape up the last remaining grains on the side of the cup!
Petra S. Wiltshire.


Dear Alan, About ABC. I like it. I didn’t notice any improvement till now, but it tastes good. And my wife also like it. Immediately when she smell it, she said, this smells good. So we both use it regularly.
Primoz, Slovenia.


I love the ABC in my meusli every morning.


I put a teaspoon in a smoothie every day with banana, blueberries, yoghurt.. delicious, nutritious, plus!


Hi Alan. Just received my second pack of ABCD Powder thankyou. I e mailed you recently because i couldn’t stand the taste of the powder! (Sorry) All resolved. I am newly into juicing, which I guess you would advocate? any way, I now mix my ABCD Powder into my morning veggie juice and it’s great! I bought the juicer primarily because my husband doesn’t eat any veg and never has done! Can’t be good. Well now he drinks veg! Every morning! He doesn’t love the juice, but he will drink it, which has to be good in the long term. Anyway, I am sneaking your ABCD Powder into his morning juice as well.The things you do for love!
Alison McLean


I used to stir it in water and drink. Now I love putting your ABC straight into my mouth and chewing it. I enjoy the burst of flavours it gives! Malcolm. Poole, Dorset.


I’ve been taking a range of supplements for as long as I can remember, especially over the last few very stressful years. The trouble with that is you never quite know if you’re taking the right supplements and/or in the right concentrations. Once I started taking ABC Powder, however, the need for additional supplementation simply faded away and my health is improving daily. Knowing that ABC Powder is entirely natural is another major plus: not only am I no longer challenging my own body with any additional artificial substances, I’m not damaging the environment either. A win-win situation all round. It is the Best!  Chris. England.


ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus

is an organic phytorich superfood health powder to replace all your vitamins and mineral tablets, plus immunosupport, organ regulation & detoxification.
Extended research has resulted in this remarkable power phytonutrient powder to maximize the natural protection of your health and wellness.

* Replace all your amino acid, vitamin and mineral tablets
* Quickly notice what can become long-term health benefits
* Just ½-1 tsp daily
* Whole organic herbs and superfoods
* Immune system and whole body subcellular support
* Maximize the natural protection of your health and wellness
* 50g pack can last a month

Judge for yourself

Take a look at the herbal multitaskers included in this botanic health-promoting powder.

Barley Grass. Golden Seal. Alfalfa. Turmeric. Macca. Sheep’s Sorrel (ref Essiac). Mecuna. Spirulina. Centella (Brahmi booti). Siberian Ginseng. Barberry. Shitake. Cordyseps. Baical Skullcap. Bilberry. Kelp. Garlic. Stevia. Neem. Aloe Vera freeze-dried juice. Bacopa. Propolis. Ginkgo. Cinnamon. Cloves. Suma root. Liquorice. Chamomile. Asparagus (Shatavari). Bentonite*. Rhubarb root (ref Essiac). Hawthorn berry. Anise. Psyllium. Burdock root (ref Essiac). Asafoetida. Ginger. Wheatgrass. Liquorice. Carob. Indian Gooseberry (Amla). Slippery Elm (ref Essiac). Echinacea. Ginger. Stevia. Ginkgo. Cat’s Claw bark. Marshmallow. Star Anise. Celery Seed. Cardamon. Elderberry. Flaxseed. Ashwagandha. Yucca. Baobab fruit, and others. Now over 100 nutririch herbs from around the world!

* Bentonite – an ancient medicinal detoxifying volcanic clay known to absorb and eliminate pathogenic viruses, molds, pesticides and toxins.

ABC Daily Herbal Powder contains blue-green algae. This contains the amazing constituent astaxanthin, a carotenoid. This is what causes the blue-green colour. Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant. It has the ability to enter through the fatty bio-layer of every cell membrane, to extend it protection throughout the body and even penetrate the blood-brain and blood-retinal barriers in the central nervous system and eyes, respectively. This characteristic is not seen with all carotenoids or antioxidants. Astaxanthin’s ability to support whole-body health and wellbeing has been the subject of much medical research in the last few years. It is important in preventing deterioration of immune function, especially in the elderly, studies show. Astaxanthin helps prevent this decline by enhancing immunoglobulin production in response to T-dependent stumuli and antigens. Astaxanthin has also been shown to exhibit immune-modulating potential by inhibiting the production of inflammatory mediators associated with immune imbalances (it is included in HerbShield). Studies also show that carotenoids are exclusively transported by lipoproteins, and it has been demonstrated that astaxanthin protects LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol from oxidation, and may, thus, reduce the incidence of atheroma and arteriosclerosis (Am.J Cardiol, 2008, 101 (10A 58D-68D), as well as inhibiting inflammatory activation associated with atherosclerotic lesions (see atherosclerosis), and increasing HDL cholesterol levels (it is included in Cholesterol-Less Tonic); astaxanthin has also been found to support healthy blood pressure (Eur. J Nutr 2010, 49(2): 119-26). A 2001 study showed that astaxanthin could improve poor memory and prevent age-related memory loss (it is included in ForgetLess and AgeLess Tonics), as also protect ocular health (it is included in HerbShield), and improve age-related maculopathy and help other eye related conditions (it is included in SeeMore). Other help blue-green algae combined with other antioxidant herbal powders in the ABC Daily Powder is that it protects the skin against the sun and smoothes the skin (it is included in SkinClear) and is effective in limiting diabetic nephropathy, plus improving semen quality and health (it is included in Fertility (Men).

Click here for the complete list of herbs in the ABC Daily Powder, also their actions, constituents and more (please note: this is a large document and may take a minute to load)

What’s the PLUS in the ABC Daily?

• Gives you complete nutritional support, plus important medicinal benefits
• Supply you with essential phytonutrients, plus propolis and bentonite with their unique medicoprotective and detoxifying qualities
• The synergy of all these constituents working together in your cells and organs for your health and healing
• It’s organic
• It gives daily sustenance for general health, plus it promotes and complements the treatment of all health problems including cancer
– the taking of this powder daily could be regarded as one of the most important of our daily routines; perhaps foremost of the hidden bridging activities of anyone who is trying to keep healthy orwho is on a treatment programme to get back their health; “….and we eat and drink, work and exercise and socialise, bathe and sleep… and take our Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus!”

How much of this powder do you need a day?

Just as you took a multivitamin tablet daily for general physical backup, now you can take just half a teaspoonful (1.5-3g) for much greater preventative support of your health and wellness.
If you are having health treatment then it is recommended you increase your dose appropriately, depending on the nature of your condition, up to one teaspoonful two or three times daily. Ask Alan for advice.


Hi Alan, I Love the ABC product! Feel great everyday since taking. Will be on this for life! My test results came back and said no paracites or yeast! Lynda. USA


How do you take this powder?

Just place ½ tsp on your tongue then drink a little water, work the powder around in your mouth and then swallow. This is the best way for absorption of the micro-constituents directly through the mouth mucosa, bipassing the stomach, and into the blood stream. For larger doses you can stir the powder in a little warm water and drink in the same way. Or take it in juice, yoghurt, your daily green smoothie, in mousli; best taken in the morning at breakfast time.

Start your ABC Daily tomorrow. Order now – we can guarantee delivery tomorrow (UK) or within 3 days worldwide.

ABCD now has added Kapikachhu powder and Shatavari powder to further enhance promotion and protection of your health, see what these herbs do

Price of ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus

50g – 100g – 250g – 450g – order your own pack of ABCD here
Special Offer Savings on the Larger Sizes, PLUS a FREE 50g pack of our unique health-promoting, paradisically pleasant Paradise Garden Tea (worth £7.95) or FREE Stevia (worth £6.95) (see details top of this page) when you order the 450g size of ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus
[NB – To get this FREE OFFER you must ask for it]


If you want to put what I said online I think it would be great for people to read 🙂
I have to tell you. And if I was to meet you for real I’d probably cry.
The herbal powder is a Miracle.
I’ve taken vitamins and all kinds of concoctions to try and get to feel better. Nothing has worked. I don’t know how you have done it but each and every time I have taken my dose of your powder I feel energised !! Full of energy something ive not felt for years since I got so poorly. I don’t think I can explain what this means to me as my health has been so bad since I was attacked and robbed . All the 38 surgeries and medications wiped me out and each day I just existed. Now I am able to do more things and the most amazing thing which I never thought would ever happen is that I did 4 hours at work!! And I managed fine really well.
You have literally transformed my life!!
I know I will be taking this for ever and ever no question about it !!
Decided my body needed the boost so I take a tsp 3 times per day at the moment and I can stay away from first thing in the morning until last thing on an evening without even needing to sleep during the day.
I know it sounds stupid and a little over the top but it feels like you have saved my life.
Thank you so much
Daniel Saville

Dear Daniel, This is an amazing and wonderful story of your journey towards health. I’m very pleased it has resulted in a happy, herbal, new beginning.
Kind regards, Alan Hopking.


I love your ABCD Powder. At first I found it difficult to take just in water. So I tried it in plain yoghurt with a little maple syrup, that was ok, then I tried it in peppermint herb tea, that was ok. But I still wasn’t happy! Sorry I’m a bit of a wimp! I could see it was a super product and I knew I had to ENJOY taking it to improve its health-giving qualities! Then I struck on soya milk, plus a little soya dream (cream) plus a little of your Stevia liquid! This was a perfect combo for me. Now I really love the taste and a great way to start the day. But what was even more amazing, after I had stirred in a teaspoon of the ABCD, I wasn’t so hungry for a big breakfast anymore so I began losing a few pounds each month. So I’m a very happy bunny! Thank you. PS I like your “more weight more saving” offers – so good for serious health buffs like me!
Monique, London.


My dad is 76. he was in a wheel chair although he could walk using a walking frame. He was also on oxygen daily. Two months ago he started your HerbShield and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness – -ACT and the ABC Daily Powder. Now he is feeling so much better and he doesn’t use the wheel chair at all, nor does he use the walking frame. It is absolutely amazing that he doesn’t even take the oxygen any more! He’s a new man! He wants to stay on the tonics and powder of course! Thank you for your excellent service and life giving medicines.
PH, England.


Alan, your ABC Daily is brilliant! My skin is so much better and smoother and my joints are much better too since starting it in April. I love it! I’m going to stick with it for ever! Even my mouth ulcers have gone which I’m sure is due to the ABCD. Thank you. Oh! By the way, because my skin is so much better I don’t need to wear so much make-up any more! Thank you so much.
Jenny Hayes, Oxford.


Alan – I took the Herbshield/ABC mixture daily during cheemo ( I use a swimming nose-clip ! so that I can’t taste it….)
I did amazingly well in terms of my health and wellbeing and energy , and didn’t loose any weight coz I kept my appetite.
The cheemo did far better than expected as well.
I have no idea if the mixture really did anything for me, it is hardly scientific evidence …but , I believe in it….for some reason.
I think that it is one of the factors that is helping me to live stronger and longer.
So, thanks to you Alan for your support !!
Howard S.


I was away for the night last night so I missed my morning teaspoon of the ABCD. I got back home from work in the evening as usual and I saw the Powder in the jar, so I decided to make a salad dressing with it! Salads from the garden (of course!) some tomatoes and avocado. The dressing was olive oil, thick dark balsamic vinegar, pressed fresh garlic, chopped fresh ginger and a teaspoon of your ABCD. I can honestly say it was fantastic and the more so because I knew the ABCD was there too! I wanted to share this with you. (you should market it at Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s as a dressing for the health of the nation!).
Jayne Pitts-Smithe.


Dear Mr Hopking, my stomach is feeling much better, my head is clear and my breathing is better. I am 60 and have had ME for many years. Before I had a dull ache across my stomach for a very very long time but it went after just three days on your powder and it hasn’t come back. I really feel I could jump over the moon now! Thank you so much.
Michael R, Hull, England.


I just love your ABCD! I was so depressed, and taking vitamin tablets by the handful, but I felt no better. A friend told me about you. Your advice was very helpful, thank you. I’ve been taking your medicine and the Daily Herbal Powder. I’ve stopped most of the tablets and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I’m on the way up, thanks to you and your fabuous medicines. I’m deeply indebted to you.
Gloria S.


Alan, I have have now replaced all the vitamins and minerals I was taking, and all I take is your ABCD Powder. I can’t explain it but I feel better for it! But it is obvious that the powder is a much better source of an enormous range of organic nutrients that are lapped up by the body. In fact, I take your powder first thing in the morning and try to scrape up the last remaining grains on the side of the cup!
Petra S. Wiltshire, England.


Good afternoon Alan, I would like to pass on how good the tonics are working and also how much of a difference they have made to my health. After starting using the WormLess tonic it has made a huge improvement in ensuring that I am no longer requiring extra sleep throughout the day, I’m also having a lot less numbness throughout my body!
I cannot say how much of a difference that it has done since I managed to pick up the parasitical infection that the doctors methods were not working at all.
Additionally, and to try to ensure that my whole body is on the road to recovery, I must also say another big thank you for the Total Detox preparation and also the ABC daily nutripowder plus, everything is working so well and I am indebted to your knowledge and recommendations.
Best regards,


I am now 67 yrs young and only one antihistamine per day is all the medicine I take; asthma is nearly all gone and I can laugh freely and heartily with my grandchildren without spasms! .
I had some great deficiencies, however, and an incredible itch problem (thus, the antihistamine). Since taking your ABC powder Plus, for the first time ever, I have full eyelashes, that do not itch and fall out leaving empty spots; my nails no longer peel and are strong, and my thinning hair has already started to thicken and fill in again!
I also want to say thank you for proving what A. Bailey stated in her ‘Serving Humanity’ book about the diet and mankind – those on the Path –  that the time would come in which there would be found the right combination of herbs and natural products to heal and enhance a healthy lifestyle. I think she must have been speaking YOU into our lives. LOL 
Thank you  Thank you  Thank you!
Jaye B. USA


Micronutrient uses by plants

There are about seven nutrients essential to plant growth and health that are only needed in very small quantities. Though these are present in only small quantities, they are all necessary:

Boron is believed to be involved in carbohydrate transport in plants; it also assists in metabolic regulation. Boron deficiency will often result in bud dieback.
Chlorine is necessary for osmosis and ionic balance; it also plays a role in photosynthesis.
Copper is a component of some enzymes. Symptoms of copper deficiency include browning of leaf tips and chlorosis.
Iron is essential for chlorophyll synthesis, which is why an iron deficiency results in chlorosis.
Manganese activates some important enzymes involved in chlorophyll formation. Manganese deficient plants will develop chlorosis between the veins of its leaves. The availability of manganese is partially dependent on soil pH.
Molybdenum is essential to plant health. Molybdenum is used by plants to reduce nitrates into usable forms. Some plants use it for nitrogen fixation, thus it may need to be added to some soils before seeding legumes.
Zinc participates in chlorophyll formation, and also activates many enzymes. Symptoms of zinc deficiency include chlorosis and stunted growth.


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Read an article that refers to the ABC Daily Herbal Powder by Alan Hopking published in CANCERactive ICON Magazine, now published in www.canceractive.com. To read this article click here

Especially Important

It is especially important to take ABC Daily if you also take
Caisse-ACT – formula for life threatening illness
White Blood Cell Count
PainLessJoints Tonic
ForgetLess Tonic
Parkinson’s Herbal Medicine
Adrenal Tonic
The ABC is known to be taken by the whole household (including the pets!)
For more information about the herbs in ABC Daily, click here
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Below is the article published in ICON Magazine by Alan Hopking

The Dumbing Down of Natural Compounds
By Alan N Hopking MA
Originally published in ICON – Issue 2 2007

Herbs have medicinal benefits
The human organism is complex. Every system of the body is interactive and interdependent. Our bodies have evolved in an interdependence with our localised environments, especially the vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs that surround us. It is known that medicinal plants have a specificity that has been undeniable both by traditional herbal practitioners and modern pharmaceutical research. Hampton Court 400 years ago, was surrounded not by roses but by herbs, used to treat all the Royal ailments.
Take the publicly popular St John’s Wort: known for centuries for its various beneficial medicinal effects. Recently hailed as the best alternative anti-depressant in the west. This headline is not just because it works, but because science says its primary action is due to monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibiting activity, a function that inhibits the breakdown of mood enhancing brain chemicals.

Using herbs as drugs loses their credibility
So what does the drug industry do? It isolates this chemical called hypericin and concentrates it (called standardisation). And then, still calling it St John’s Wort, it promotes it as a safe and natural anti-depressant!
Safe it may be (although it has been banned in many countries in Europe including Ireland), but natural? Not at all. It may have been derived from the natural living plant, but such standardisations are no more natural than calling refined sugar, ‘sugar cane’, or highly refined trans fats, ‘olive oil’.
What became of St John’s Wort’s other medical attributes? Natural St John’s Wort contains a great number of active constituents apart from hypericin, each of which contributes to its synergy. Anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary, sedative; used for neuralgia, anxiety, irritability, menopausal neurosis; insomnia, arthritis, gout, bronchitis, asthma, paralysis agitans, senile tremor. For a thousand years or more humans have used the whole plant; the whole plant medicine called St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) may be used for any of these conditions but taking the other effects into account.
This approach is not surprising though as Pharmaceutical companies are only too happy to provide synthetically made vitamin C, without any of the naturally occurring bioflavenoids that surround it in its natural form, or synthetic vitamin E, which in Europe is now restricted to just one chemical form of the vitamin (alpha-tocopherol) rather than the 8 that occur in nature. Is it any wonder that researchers studying this form in ‘meta-studies’ have concluded it may reduce life expectancy, and increase cancer risk?! How often have we seen the headlines in the newspapers ‘Vitamin in cancer scare’? More accurately, it should read ‘Synthetic Compound in cancer scare’.
Without exception, every medicinal plant suspended from use by MHRA (see note 1 below) in Britain or in any other country is due to the use of the standardised form (isolating, concentrating and standardising the active constituent). The natural plant gets the blame for the unnatural compounds failings.
The fact is we can’t cheat nature. Is it any surprise that scientifically strengthening major constituents in medicinal plants (as standardised tablets), often results in the complex human organism over-reacting to this unbalanced, unbuffered, plant form – causing unwanted side effects, even death?
Many important medicinal herbs, perfectly safe when used in their whole and natural form, have been lost to medical herbalists because of this ‘Tampering with Mother Nature”. And be clear, this is all because standardisation of medicinal herbs once patented and licensed bring big money rewards and profits. But this is not herbal medicine as herbal practitioners understand and use it. These are drugs, with side effects.
How long before ‘vitamins’ go the same way? Herbal practitioners have already seen garlic, ginkgo, turmeric, ginseng, feverfew and more go the same way.

Organic foods – preventative but not curative?
There is much talk about our nutrition standards having fallen over the last sixty years. Yet today never have we been so lucky – highly competitive supermarkets with an increasing range of organic foods. Remember how these were branded as freakish and hippy forty years back? Real natural is now certificated organic by the Soil Association in the UK – no chemical additives, no chemical fertilisers, no hormonal enhancers, no toxic insecticides. Recent research studies have shown these foods do indeed contain more vitamins, minerals and factors like omega-3.
This ‘movement’ is growing as a matter of choice. Be clear, the supermarkets are motivated by profit too, and a chat with Tesco will tell you that these foods are bought by mum’s for their families and young children, unhappy with the falling standards of scientifically modified, refined and mass produced foods of the last 50 years. This trend to natural and organic nutrition is supported by science and the Department of Health.
The World Health Organisation is quite clear that ‘poor diet’ contributes to cancer and ‘good diet’ contributes to prevention. That foods contribute to prevention is scientifically proven and undeniable. And when a patient has been given the ‘All Clear’ don’t they just want to prevent the cancer returning? Yet we hear all too frequently from such eminent minds as Professor Waxman of Imperial College and CRUK that a good diet of organic foods, fresh juices and natural remedies cannot possibly help cure a cancer and that their sales are merely driven by gullible and vulnerable patients? Science moves in mysterious ways.

Back to basics
So would it be possible to take herbs, whole herbs, that are complementary in their effects, and so provide something that was organic, nutrient-dense and formulated to help maximise our physical organ function, plus give increased immune system support, systemic integration, alkalisation and detoxification?
The answer is a resounding YES. The prescribed intent of this medicinal nutritional powder would be to increase wellness and longevity. Sorry, it has to be emphasised again – this mixture must be nothing but whole herbs powdered and mixed together; a formula that needs nothing else to make it what it is – and certainly no standardisation, binders, chalks, taste enhancers, colourants, stabilisers, or isolated processed ingredients!!!

Such a ‘formula’ would need:
· Provide extended nutritional support, plus important medicinal benefits.
· Supply essential phytonutrients, plus propolis and bentonite with their unique medicoprotective and detoxifying qualities.
· To provide synergistic security that all these constituents work together for health and healing.
· Have a strong alkalising action in the body.
· To have scientifically proven phagocytic activity and increased natural killer (NK)-cell motivation.
· Be a cell oxygenator.
· Help regulate blood sugar levels.
· Be efficiently absorbed.

That’s what I set out to do and what I believe I have achieved. Nothing more, and nothing less. I call it ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus. The whole herbs (note 2) in the ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus are:
Barley Grass. Golden Seal. Alfalfa. Turmeric. Siberian Ginseng. Barberry. Shitake. Spirulina. Bilberry. Kelp. Garlic. Ginseng. Stevia. Aloe Vera freeze-dried juice. Propolis. Ginkgo. Fleeceflower root. Gotu Cola. Cinnamon. Cloves. Suma root. Guarana. Liquorice. Wheatgrass. Bentonite*. Anise. Slippery Elm. Echinacea. Cardamon. Marshmallow. Celery seed. Burdock root. Horse Chestnut root. Asafoetida. St John’s Bread. Kola nut. Peppermint. Psyllium seed. Aniseed. Rhubarb. Sheep Sorrel. Dandelion root. Horseradish. Coriander. Hawthorn. Ginger. Reishi. and many others (see the full list)
You can find out more about this product, the research studies behind the herbal properties and the references for this article, and how to obtain it in this article.

Alan Hopking’s ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus Scientific support

Many of the herbs included in the ABC Daily Powder have been scientifically researched for their preventative protection which is the ultimate anti-cancer action (note 3) .
For instance, macrophage activation by the polysaccharide arabinogalactan isolated from plant cell cultures of echinacea (note 4) . This was found to be effective in activating macrophages to cytotoxicity (cell death) against tumour cells and micro-organisms (Leishmania enriettii). Furthermore, this polysaccharide induced macrophages to produce tumour necrosis factor (TNF-alpha), interleukin-1 (IL-1), and interferon-beta 2, and also induce a slight increase in T-cell proliferation (notes 5&6).
The chemical constituents of garlic have shown significant evidence of inhibiting tumour growth (note 7). It has also been shown to have preventative protection against breast cancer (note 8). There are a huge number of papers about the actions and benefits of garlic (note 9).
Aloe has been found to contain at least three anti-tumour agents, emodin, mannose, and lectin. The researchers concluded that aloe controls pulmonary carcinogenesis and is effective in the treatment of leukaemia and sarcoma and that it would prevent the development of tumours. Aloe vera gel has been demonstrated to enhance the immune system’s response to cancer, promote the growth of new and healthy cells, and reduce the overall viral load within the body, thereby revitalizing the body in its fight against the rogue cells. When radiation and chemotherapy are used, aloe helps to minimize the damage done to the body by these treatments, which destroy healthy cells – particularly immune system cells – crucial to the body’s recovery. The use of aloe enables the body to heal itself from abnormal cell death and the damage done to it by conventional treatment: the immune system is boosted, tumours shrink, metastases are reduced so the rogue cells do not spread, and new healthy cells begin to grow, it is claimed.
Berberine found in golden seal root and barberry bark has an action against some pathogens that is actually stronger than that of antibiotics commonly used; it has been found to inhibit candida, as well as other pathogenic bacteria, preventing the overgrowth of yeast that is a common side effect of antibiotic use. This fascinating alkaloid increases blood supply to the spleen. This improved blood supply may promote optimal activity of the spleen by increasing the release of compounds that potentiate immune response. It has also been shown to activate macrophages in a number of ways. Coupled with its ability to inhibit tumour formation in the laboratory, suggests that berberine possesses some antineoplastic activity.
According to Kisaka Mori, Ph.D., shitake mushroom is high in enzymes and vitamins not usually found in plant foods. In studies, shitake has helped to prevent transplanted tumours from taking hold. Possible indications for use of shitake mushroom include: heart disease, lumps, AIDS, high cholesterol, gallstones, stomach disorders, ulcers, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, anaemia, common cold, allergies, insomnia, and neuromuscular disorders. Lentinula edodes (Shitake mushroom) has shown anti-tumour properties in laboratory mice. These studies, the earliest dating back to 1969, have also identified the polysaccharide lentinan, a (1-3)-D-glucan, as the active compound responsible for the anti-tumour effects. Extracts from shitake mushrooms have also been researched for many other immunological benefits, ranging from anti-viral properties to possible treatments for severe allergies. Lenthionine, a key flavour compound of shitake, also inhibits platelet aggregation, so it is a promising treatment for thrombosis.
Suma root (Pfaffia paniculata) has been called the ‘Russian Secret’ because it is taken by Russian Olympic athletes to increase muscle-building and endurance without the side effects associated with steroids. This action is attributed to the anabolic agent, beta-ecdysterone as well as three novel ecdysteroid glycosides which are found in high amounts in suma. Nutritionally, suma root contains 19 different amino acids, a large number of electrolytes and trace minerals including iron, magnesium, cobalt, silica, zinc and the vitamins A, B-1, B-2, E, K, and pantothenic acid. The high content of germanium accounts for its properties as an oxygenator at the cellular level. The root of Suma is composed of up to 11% saponins. These saponins include a group of novel chemicals called pfaffosides as well as pfaffic acids, glycosides and nortriperpenes. These saponins have clinically demonstrated the ability to inhibit cultured tumour cell melanomas and help to regulate blood sugar levels. Suma has many uses as an immunostimulant including ME and arthritis. Not surprisingly, the pfaffosides and pfaffic acid derivatives in suma have been patented as anti-tumour compounds in two Japanese patents.
Spirulina and some of its constituents have shown an ability to favourably affect various immune functions. In one animal experiment, it boosted phagocytic activity and increased natural killer (NK)-cell activity two-fold, compared with controls. Spirulina has significantly inhibited chemically induced anaphylactic shock and serum histamine levels in rats, leading to the conclusion that spirulina may inhibit mast-cell degranulation. In another animal experiment, spirulina significantly inhibited local allergic reactions induced by anti-dinitrophenyl (DNP) IgE. It demonstrated, more specifically, a significant inhibitory effect on anti-DNP IgE-induced tumour necrosis factor-alpha production, leading the researchers to conclude that spirulina inhibits mast-cell mediated immediate-type allergic reactions both in vitro and in vivo.
Cat’s claw bark has been shown to enhance phagocytosis. It is said to improve overall immunity while increasing stamina; it strengthens protection against viral infections; and has been shown to decrease the visible size of some skin tumours and cysts within just two weeks. Studies have stated that cat’s claw reduces the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy in cancer patients.
Chlorophyll, concentrated in wheatgrass, barley grass, peppermint, sheep’s sorrel and hawthorn, has been found to inhibit chromosome damage and this action may effectively block and enhance the preventative power of the body towards cancer. Chlorophyll also increases your resistance to x-rays damage. It strengthens resistance against pathogens and inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. It reduces the damaging effects of radiation burns; stimulates the regeneration of fresh tissue; purifies the liver and dramatically raises the oxygen level in the tissue cells.
I have already received astounding acclamations concerning the use of this powder, which are cited on my website. However, the directive concerning the possible remarkable health benefits of the ABC Daily powder is that it is designed for low-dose/long-term use to promote the body’s own unique powers of protection and healing by complementing a healthy diet regime, and medical treatment where this is implicated.
Please note that ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus is an unlicensed herbal medicine available by prescription only from Alan Hopking MA MNIMH. Alan has been a herbal practitioner for over 30 years. He has a clinic in New Milton, Hampshire, UK. For more information or to discuss your health needs you can contact Alan Hopking on Freephone 0800 0834436, or email alanhopking@herbactivehealth.com. For more information about the herbs used in the NutriPowder mentioned in this paper, go to www.Herbactive.co.uk/daily-nutritional-herbal-powder.php

The Dietary Chemopreventative Action of ABC Daily Herbal Powder

Large-scale population studies have suggested an inverse correlation between culinary spice consumption and cancer incidence. In particular, dietary use of turmeric and other spices like giner, chili pepper and other herbal powders are associated with lower incidence of bowel cancer in populations that regularly consume them. These spices and herbs are also excellent botanical tools for creating an anticancer terrain in people with an active cancer challenge. So there is a difference between low doses over a long time (eg taking the ABC powder at half to one teaspoon daily for months and years) to prevent cancer, and high acute doses (for active disease). High doses, eg of ABC as well as HerbShield Tonic with their preventative protection which is the ultimate anti-cancer action to inhibit cancer from arising in the first place. So the link between prevention and treatment is in the dose. The low dose long-term use of herbal powders like curry spices in Asia are called dietary chemopreventives. This also works in the case of taking the ABC Daily Powder. The distinctive feature of such dietary chemopreventives is their molecular multitasking abilities in that these powders in small regular doses interact with hundreds of different targets producing many beneficial health effects so as to help prevent all stages of cancer from tumorigenesis to metastasis from beginning.

1. MHRA – Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. The British government’s department for the assessment and regulation of all medicines in UK.
2. There are two products in this herbal powder that are not herbal: propolis gum is made by bees (the lining in the hive), and Bentonite is ancient volcanic clay. See my website for more information, www.herbactivehealth.com
3. For a complete study of the nutritional and medicinal attributes of the herbs in ABC Daily Powder, please refer to www.Herbactive.co.uk/daily-nutritional-herbal-powder.php
4. Luettig B Steinmuller C Gifford GE Wagner H Lohmann-Matthes ML
5.J Natl Cancer Inst 1989 May 3;81(9):669-75
6. Infect Immun 1984 Dec;46(3):845-9
7.Garlic and its significance for the prevention of cancer in humans: a critical view.
In: Br J Cancer (1993 Mar) 67(3):424-9
8.Proc Annu Meet Am Assoc Cancer Res (1993) 34:A3322
9. Other references to garlic’s preventative action:
Preventive action of garlic on aflatoxin B1-induced carcinogenesis in the toad Bufo regularis.
In: Nutr Cancer (1994) 21(1):95-100
Bioavailability of selenium from selenium-enriched garlic.
In: Nutr Cancer (1993) 20(2):129-37
Ip C Lisk DJ Scimeca JA
Potential of food modification in cancer prevention.
In: Cancer Res (1994 Apr 1) 54(7 Suppl):1957s-1959s

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