Herbs and Improving Breast Milk Flow


MilkMore Tonic

“Fantastic, really good! I’ve been telling all my friends about your tonic. It is really good. My midwife put me in touch with you. She has told lots of mom’s with poor milk supply to get your herbal medicine and they’ve all been helped, she said. So I thought I’d have a go. My baby boy is not latching on so I’m expressing my milk for him and it wasn’t enough. Now it is! So I’m so pleased he’s having all his feeds with my milk, thanks to your herbal tonic. Thank you so much.”
– Mrs Moore. Southampton.

Herbs have taditionally been useful for increasing breast milk tol help satisfy hungry babies. In modern Western herbal medicine there are specific herbs that are used.

Combining these herbs together either in a mixture of dried herbs or as tonic, these herbs can be a great benefit to mothers not producing enough milk and in danger of preventing their babies from receiving the life-time physiological enhancements to their system and organs, especially their immune system, given by mother’s milk – where we get the expression ‘the milk of human kindness’.

I have helped so many young (and not so young) mothers build a deep and lasting bond with their babies initiated by breast feeding.

As a side benefit to you taking this herbal medicine, is that it can assist in firming the breast tissue for more shapely breasts after suckling has ended. More about breast enhancement and breast enlargement, click here.

As milk thistle is so popular for general use for the liver, this afterword may be found interesting.

Milk Thistle
One of the herbs I use in this herbal medicine is Milk Thistle seeds.

Traditionally the leaves have been used as food and the plant was used as a galactogogue (increasing breast milk). It had, however, fallen out of popular use until modern research showed the plant to be useful for treating a whole range of liver complaints. As well as stimulating bile flow, it is also useful in fatty liver, hepatitis and cirrhosis. Commercial extracts are often standardised for silymarin content – this being seen as the main active constituent. Silymarin acts on cell membranes in the liver helping to prevent damage from infective organisms and harmful chemicals (including pharmaceutical drugs). It is seen as a liver trophorestorative by herbalists, that is, a herb that helps restore an organ to an undamaged state. As such it is immensely valuable.

Whilst many people will benefit from the use of a herb which aids their liver, Milk thistle is probably most useful in complaints where professional supervision is needed. Many of the people who are buying Milk thistle supplements might be better off getting to know a little more about the lowly dandelion!

with thanks and acknowledgements to fellow medical herbalist Bendle in Sheffield © Bendle MNIMH


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