herbs and breast size & shape


Natural Herbal Remedy for Improving Breast Size and Shape

Down the centuries herbs have been used for helping to improve breast function and health and also their size and shape (firmness).

The Way Modern Herbal Tonics are used to improve breast size
Specific herbs are used for helping blood circulation and lymph through the breasts and this can improve their size and shape. Such lymphatic herbs have had a long tradition of helping breast health and function and also of enlarging small breasts. Such herbs are usually recommended to be taken for at least six months. The herbs traditionally used are perfectly safe, but we recommend ithe mixture is stopped in the event of pregnancy.

These herbs working synergistically in this herbal health tonic can also help with sagging breasts, small breasts, shrinking breasts – this tonic can help to improve the shape of your breasts.
The herbs are healthy for your breast tissue and function; protective and reinvigorating.


“I have completed your course and I am really pleased that my breasts increased one size and I have decided to keep taking your tonic on the low top-up dose you recommended.” KC Yorkshire.

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