Herbs and Diuretics and Clearing Uric Acid

For fluid retention and oedema (edema)

WaterMore Tonic

Specific herbs are known to have a natural diuretic action to reduce fluid retention; also to support the reduction of high blood pressure. This tonic is good for a kidney and bladder flush, but if you have stones in the kidneys or bladder see our StoneLess Tonic


Thank you for the last batch of herbs. The water more really cleared my swollen feet problem which is now manageable. Such a relief.
Many thanks. Marie W


Uric Acid in the Joints and Kidneys

Uric acid builds up in the joints and kidneys due to inflammation in the body and joints. These tiny crystals can cause severe pain in the finger joints. writsts, and knees, as well as other joints. They can form into heberden’s nodes in the finger joints causing distortion of the fingers and hands. They can also build up in the kidneys and bladder causing kidney stones (see StoneLess Kidney Tonic).

Uric Acid Tonic has the most important herbs from both west and east to help clear uric acid build-up in the joints and protect the kidneys. In this way joint pain is reduced and the reliance on damaging pain-relieving drugs can be stopped so that the body and recover and the joint can have more natural mobility.

The major herbs in the Uric Acid Tonic are celery seed, gout weed, shepherds purse, gravel root, guai heartwood, devils claw, smartweed, willow bark, sassafras, tribulus, nettle leaf, corn silk.

For my chronic arthritis, my three main tonics are painless, inflammation and Uric acid. I decided to stop Uric acid tonic when I was taking the sciatica tonic. I think I must have stopped for approx 2 months. Anyway my joints got progressively worse, to the point I was starting to rely on paracetamol again to reduce pain and stiffness. My sciatica improved, so I stopped the sciatica tonic and instantly went back to Uric acid tonic. Now, 2 months later the mobility is really starting to return. Lots of the pain has once again reduced. I have been fighting frozen shoulder for past 2 months but I am reluctant to add/change anything as apart from my fingers (and immobile shoulder) I am walking well and everyone says how fit I look etc etc. Anyways I just wanted to share how much difference it makes once I reintroduced the Uric acid tonic.

– Jennifer, Portsmouth.

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