High10NGen Coffee-free Energy Drink

A great healthy alternative to drinking coffee


High10NGen Coffee


NB This herbal “coffee” is even stronger now. Only use one quarter to one half teaspoon per cup. This means your purchase goes even further! (from 09 Nov 2019)


Natural Herbal High Energy Generating Health Drink

We supply the dry mix you make the drink! (or, you get the tiger in the tank!)

This is a new way to get up and go!
Arise, shine and come alive!
Put it there, give me HighTen!
Stimulating, energising, weight-losing herbal coffee blend. Make in your personal cafetiere. ….and HEALTHY!!
A power pick-me-up health drink. You got to taste it to know why it’s called High10 Engine!
It’s even known to give your sex life new life (is there a secret herb in the mix that does this…?!).
Drink hot black or with milk or cream (or whipping cream).
Taste its natural flavours and sweetness, so no sugar required.
NB Best to drink in the morning. If drunk in evening can affect your sleep. Can improve your sex life.

“I love the High 10 – I made it with coconut milk and it was delicious.” Samantha, France.

What is High10 NGen Coffee?
This is a blend of a number of unique herbs (no coffee) for a synergistic power-up, an energy-generating surge without the negative effects often found with expresso coffees (overactive heart beat, increased blood pressure, nervous jitters, pounding headache, indigestion, brain fuzz following overactivity, then energy slump with depression as an after-effect, etc.)

What are some of the main herbs included to make this unique High10NGen blend?
Guarana, Kola, Ilex, Korean red ginseng root, Chicory root. Dandelion root. Cinnamon. Green Stevia. Cardamon seed. African seeds and barks. (You can add more stevia if you like it sweet like Italians do)

What can you expect after a mug?
A great taste in your mouth, refreshing, empowering, enduring, increasing alertness, concentration and clarity, no slump, enhancing to energy and emotional aliveness Pick-me-up; mood lifting), healthy to your heart, nerves, immune system, liver and digestion, increases metabolism (weight reducing). Can have sexual overtones; can improve a slack sexual response. NB only take a quarter to half a teaspoon (it can cause the heart to beat stronger). Drink slowly! Don’t drink too much at first (dip your toe in to see how your system responds)

Will it make a stressed, overworked person more stressed?
No. The opposite. This ‘coffee’ blend will help give more energy support without increasing stress. It will clear the head and contribute to less stress while helping to enable you to complete the work without the flag, flack, fag, or fatigue. It is anti-depressive. You will close the office door at the end of the day and feel ready for other things – your garden, a round of golf, the gym, DIY, drinks at the club or pub. No longer will you feel you just want to fall into bed or fall asleep watching your favourate TV programme! It can improve your sexual interest in bed.

In a word: High Energy Health Drink – so much healthier than coffee!


Dear Alan,
I have just ordered more of this lovely drink with its delicate, intriguing flavour. Never tasted anything like it before and I am always eagerly looking forward to my next cup of “herbal coffee.”
As for the effect,, the only way I can describe it is that after a few days I felt lighter, brighter and more energised both physically and mentally. For me, it is a tonic on all levels, mind, body and spirit.
Thank you, Alan.


Want More Convincing? – Well, then, let’s take it nice and slow:

Cinnamon warms the spleen (blood cleansing) and digestion, dispels cold and relieves aches and pains, it invigorates the circulation of blood; it’s spicy, pungent and warming. Kola nut stimulates the higher centres of CNS (central nervous system), it is known to be thymoleptic (mood changing, uplifting, energizing, anti-depressive). Yerba Mate leaf is a favourite beverage in South America; it is a stimulant to the CNS, thymoleptic, good for the joints; relieves stress and headaches, lifts nervous depression and energizes. Guarana seed (Paullinia cupana) is a nervine tonic, gentle stimulant with an attested aphrodisiac and helpful digestive action; it also helps headaches, depression, fatigue and mental sag. African bark warms the system and increases energy and metabolism (helps you to burn more fat and keep your weight down); it is claimed to activate the sex hormones of both men and women. Suma or Pfaffia root is a nerve and glandular restorative; it protects against cancer and tumors by strengthening the immune system; it detoxifies and neutralizes toxins; it improves the acid-alkali balance in the system; it is helpful to the bones and joints by clearing high blood uric acid (arthritis, gout); it improves high blood cholesterol; it balances the hormones (and relieves PMT); it is a rich source of vitamins and mineral nutrients, and contains germanium. Stevia balances the sugar in the blood by restoring the right function of the pancreas; it has important health benefits for the skin, teeth and blood; it has a wonderful sweet taste (zero glucose). Dandelion root is restorative to and detoxifier of the liver and gall bladder, and has a popular coffee-like flavor. Totally whole herbal; nothing else added. What a pleasant drink! Gimme a high 10!!

Finally: What’s in the name?
Why High10NGen?
High 10 = this is more than a one handed “give me 5”; a high 10 is putting your arms above your head and with both hands slapping other’s hands over their head, as you see basketball players do when they have just scored! The supreme feeling of acheivement and power! Goal! Big smile! Nice one!
N = this is for energy.
Gen = this is for Generating
NGen = this is Engine, or energy generating
Get it

What do you think?
I just love its taste. Wow it puts you in a lifted mood!
– Val, London


Feeling much clearer mentally and more energetic through taking the ABC daily and high 10ngen blend. Feel the —Oil is enlightening my brain too. Thanks for all which you do Alan, Enjoy your day.xx Gem


Can’t fault it! It’s got all you want in a drink to start the day – healthy, energizing, tasty like coffee.
– Ashley Tonkins, London

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