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Traditional texts speak about herbal treatment containing many herbs for the cleansing of the system of toxins caused by excess alcohol consumption, including the following herbs: Kudzu and KuShen

Chinese research: Chinese herb cuts alcohol consumption
The Chinese herb Kudzu, or Ge Gen (Puerariae Radix) appears to be able to reduce alcohol consumption in heavy drinkers. Those who were given the herb extract in capsule form for seven days prior to a drinking session cut their alcohol consumption by almost 50% compared to controls given a placebo. Not only did they consume fewer beers, but they took more and fewer sips and therefore consumed the beer more slowly.
In a report published by the journal, Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, scientists have found that the extracts from the herb kudzu may be effective in reducing alcohol consumption. The study performed at McLean Hospital gave subjects either kudzu extract or a placebo for seven days and allowed them the chance to drink as much of their favorite beer as they wanted. Subjects were in their twenties and generally consumed three to four drinks a day. Results from four 90-minute sessions showed a decrease in the overall consumption and sip volume with an increase in time to finish the beer. After administering the kudzu or placebo the beer was weighed sip by sip to give a complete analysis of consumption. Researchers were unsure how the kudzu effected consumption but that presumed that the extract somehow increased the effects of the alcohol and blood alcohol levels. No side effects were reported. kudzu could prove to be a safe and effective way to decrease alcohol cravings and consumption in alcoholics.
In 2003, a Harvard lab found kudzu’s inhibitory effects on alcohol consumption in rats and hamsters and recently completed the follow-up human study. Plans are to find a way to safely manufacture a drug for use as a supplement to alcoholism therapies.
Lukas SE, et al. An Extract of the Chinese Herbal Root Kudzu Reduces Alcohol Drinking by Heavy Drinkers in a Naturalistic Setting. Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research 2005;29:756-762.

From the Handbook of Chinese Herbs:
Sophora root (KuShen) is the root of Sophora flavescens Ait., a hardy deciduous shrub native to China, Japan, Korea and Russia. The shrub can reach a height of approximately five feet, with leaves of various shapes, greenish-yellow flowers, and brown seed pods that contain small seeds. The root, which is used in herbal preparations, ranges between four and 12 inches in length and one-half to an inch in diameter.
Sophora root has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. It is considered to have bitter and cold properties, and is associated with the Heart, Liver, Stomach, Large Intestine and Urinary Bladder meridians. Its functions are to clear heat and dry dampness, to promote urination, to disperse wind, and to stop itching.
Sophora root contains a wide range of biologically active components, the most well-known of which is matrine. Laboratory studies have shown that matrine can dilate blood vessels, stabilize some heart arrhythmias and increase cardiac output. Animal studies suggest that other substances in sophora root can stimulate the nervous system, treat asthma, and slow the degeneration of liver cells and fibrous tissue in the liver.
Sophora root can be used both internally and externally. Internally, it can kill some parasites, treat dysentery and some bacterial infections, and promote the production of urine. Externally, it can be applied to the skin (usually with other herbs such as dictamnus and cnidium) to treat scabies, eczema and other skin ailments.

Other supporting herbs said to be relevant include milk thistle seeds, passiflora, hawthorn, damiana, siberian ginseng, pau d’arco, stevia.
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