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Antiviral Herbs for Labyrinthitis
You can use a combination of these antiviral herbs mentioned above for all viral infections, including Labyrinthitis, an infection in the inner ear.
The inner ear consists of a fluid filled cavity that is responsible for hearing and balance. This region is known as the labyrinth and an infection that occurs here is known as labyrinthitis. The labyrinth consists of the cochlear canal, which is responsible for hearing and the semicircular and vestibule canals which are responsible for balance. Labyrinthitis usually results due to a viral infection, although bacteria can also be the cause in some cases. Viral infections of the labyrinth may occur during illnesses such as flu, mumps or measles. If an infection of the middle ear or otitis media is not properly treated, then a bacterial infection could develop in the labyrinth. This could happen especially if infected debris has developed in the middle ear and has spread to the inner ear. The bloodstream may also carry the infection to the inner ear from other areas of the body. In rare cases, head injuries can cause infection of the labyrinth. Herbactive has a specific herbal medicine for vertigo, labyrinthitis, and general dizziness. see prices

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