MotionLess Herbal Tonic for Travel Sickness

MotionLess Tonic

This herbal medicine has herbs that help the symptoms of motion sickness. Take the tonic before you travel to improve your experience.

This tonic is also used for vertigo – or you can try the specific herbal tonic for Menieres Disease and Labyrinthitis

Your tonic is amazing! I have always been sea sick. My husband is a keen yaughtsman (even got to Olympic standard when he was young). But even if the sea is flat and there is no wind I always got nauseous and vomited. I couldn’t even cross on the ferry to the Isle of Wight on a fine day without a minimum of 3 days sickness following the trip; and going to Cherbourg from Weymouth was even worse. My husband bouth a small bottle of your MotionLess Tonic and since then I have had a new life! I can even go down to the galley on our boat to make coffee. I don’t suffer the sixkness anymore, let alone the vomiting and after effects of the sea journey. I wish we knew about your products years ago. Thank you so much. I only need to take a teaspoon or two a day before and on the day and on the following day and I have no problems with motion sickness at all. I am very happy as you can imagine.
JC Christchurch, Dorset.

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