Herbs and Leg Ulcers

Leg Ulcer Treatment Programme



My Aunt who you sent a tonic for a very persistent leg ulcer has had a fantastic response – it has completly healed – it had been with her for a very very long time, it has made such a great difference to the quality of her life.
Regards, Jean


Leg ulcers can be healed. The sooner the treatment starts the better. You are required to apply the poultice daily until the ulcer stops weeping. Throughout the treatment you are to take the internal medicine which is designed to improve the circulation, detox the system and strengthen the immune system. My treatment programme includes an exercise regime (any of which can also be done by patients who are in bed or who have difficulty walking).

A full list of directions will be sent to you with your order. You will also be able to telephone me for advice, information and support. In the early days colleagues used to call me the leg ulcer herbalist because I used to treat so many patients at their homes, often I would have to travel long distances to attend my patients. Some of my patients had leg ulcers that were as big as side plates; they’d had them for years; with my treatment I cleared many such ulcers in less than 6 months. Often dedicated district nurses are necessary for success or devoted and practical relatives, so that the strict regime of herbal treatment can be done daily.
Also necessary for treatment is 1tsp of ABC Daily Powder once or twice daily.

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