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MalariaShield Tonic

Natural Herbal Remedy

These herbs may be made into a tonic mixture according to your specific needs if required
following an e-consultation with Herbal Practitioner Alan Hopking


The herb commonly used in treatment of malaria and as prophylaxis in China is Artemisia annua – Sweet wormwood, annual wormwood – the Chinese name is qing hao. It seems to be effective against both chloroquine sensitive and resistant strains of Plasmodium falciparum. There is currently a great deal of research on the “active constituent” artemisinin – to derive a new class of antimalarials.

SWEET WORMWORD: This herb has outperformed certain anti-malaria drugs and is now used by the aid agencies. It is strongly anti-microbial and anti-yeast and can be used as an effective part of an anti-candida diet. Also certain cancer treatments cause excesses of yeasts to form (for example, in Leukaemia treatment) threatening the patient’s health further. Excess yeasts are even felt by some cancer experts to be one of the causes of cancer. However, in recent research Wormwood has been shown to have direct anti-cancer properties.

I would suggest trying to ensure you don’t get bitten – especially since malaria is not the only disease carried by mosquitoes.
B-complex and garlic appear quite good at discouraging mossies, as do citrus scents – citronella, lemon, etc essential oils. Wearing long sleeves and trousers in the evenings, which is when mosquitoes are most active and sleeping under a mosquito net.

“I have used Artemisia annua myself regularly over the last ten years of travelling in some malaria areas. I have not caught malaria, but this doesn’t prove anything, it may just be luck. I arrived in Delhi a few years ago full of malaria prophylaxis only to find myself in the middle of an outbreak of Dengue fever!”

Malaria areas and seasons. The malaria in Africa and now moving in to the Golden Triangle (Burma, Laos and Northern Thailand) is much more virulent than strains you may come across in other areas.

Avoid being bitten. There are a number of products on the market, apart from a naturopathic approach. Remember female mosquitos are DESPERATE for a feed. Try everything and anything to prevent the bites. The best ones contain DEET – this is a strong insect repellent which works. Some may not like it because it is a nasty chemical, but in perspective malaria is a killer, so risk versus benefit comes in here. Mosquito coils – again not nice, but very effective.

I never dissuade them from taking conventional malaria prophylaxis.
I have had quite a few requests for herbal anti-malarials as a back-up to prescription drugs.
A neem oil spray made and sold by a pharmacist in my area has been recommended to me by fellow practitioners who have used it for foreign travels and say it keeps the mosquitoes at bay. It is non-sticky and odourless. Azadirachta indica is an insect-repellent and anti-malarial, and for travellers to the East should be available locally.

Following recent info about efficacy of Achillea as mosquito repellant I sent a patient who has recently gone to Mexico & S. America for a year off with a trial spray of:
100ml Achillea mill. tcr
40ml Eucalyptus smithii ol
60ml Aloe vera 1:1
25gtt Rose Geranium E.O.

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Other herbs to be added according to the patient’s need. Contact by email to get your specific herbal medicine.

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