MouthShield Herbal Mouthwash & Gargle and MouthShield Toothpaste

MouthShield Mouthwash


The Mouth Microbiome

a. Filling in cavities

The formula of whole herbal extracts is specifically for the microbiome of the mouth, to help protect the teeth, gums, tongue and whole mouth. It is well known (and obvious) that the roots of plants and trees feed and sustain the whole plant – trunk, branches, leaves, fruit and seed; the uptake of the nutrients from the soil also contain defense mechanisms to protect the plant from toxic invasion and infection. In the same way (but is little known) our teeth have roots which draw up nutrients from the blood and lymph to feed the tooth bed and sustain the enamel. The minerals and nutrients absorbed are used to defend the tooth against infection and maintain a healthy function. In fact, modern research confirms that any damage to the tooth can be regrown. That means, any cavity, or receding gums, which develops can be remineralised, i.e. regrown, filled in, restored to normal. This takes time, but it is not magic. You must eat well (organic), avoid sugar (low-carb diet), take a wide-ranging nutrient like ABC Daily Herbal Powder with over 120 herbal powders in the mix. This is the feed that the roots of your tooth takes up to fight and clear ‘pockets’ of bad bacteria, prevent further infection and regrow any eroded tissue (bone, enamel, gums).

b. By gum, that’s new!

The same can be said about the gums and other parts of the mouth. These don’t have roots of course but they are fed by micro capillaries from your bloodstream. The blood is life. Blood brings the vital nutrients to sustain life and health. Again, it depends on your lifestyle as to the quality of your blood. A good, healthy, organic, lifestyle, with daily walks into the countryside, with regular positive social interaction with friends, family and strangers, mindfulness, 6-8 hours of deep sleep, happy interaction with animals and flowers and trees, and interesting hobbies, and reading, are all so important for right functioning of all the systems and organs of the body. At the very least, we must endeavour to do these things to keep a health balance between body and mind.

c. Mouth hygiene

But there’s one more thing: keeping the mouth, gums, and teeth regularly cleaned. The mouth is the open door to the external world! Into it comes all manner of foods, drinks…and air (although I strongly recommend nasal breathing as much as possible, even during sleep [tape your mouth shut with surgical tape from your pharmacy]. Over use of mouth breathing is harmful to the mouth’s delicate microbiome. It dries the mouth’s natural saliva and makes it vulnerable to toxins and bad microbes. Back to cleaning: brush the teeth gently. Erosion or damage to the gums occurs if you are too aggressive with your toothbrush. Don’t allow your brush to splay – get a new one or replace the electric brush head. Use natural toothpaste with no alien chemicals. MouthShield Toothpaste is perfect for the job – it has such an amazing array of helpful, supportive herbs for the mouth, tongue, teeth and gums, including essential oils of clove, peppermint, cinnamon, myrrh, thyme, sage. These herbs not only freshen the mouth, but also enable the roots of the teeth to do their work of protection and building (having evolved to do this for hundreds of thousands of years), and no modern innovation or new fangled invention can possibly do it as well as the teeth themselves. Dip your brush into MouthShield (or baking soda or a natural salt solution) and paint the top of the gums. And when you floss or teepee between the teeth, regularly wash the floss/teepee and re-dip it into the MouthShield to continue. This is hugely supportive. It kills the pockets of anaerobic (bad) bacteria and enhances the function of the teeth. Don’t forget to tongue-scrape twice a day. This tongue cleansing is powerful because it prevents the spread of toxins and microbes to the gums during the day. Dip your tongue cleaner into the MouthShield for better protection. Your tongue may be fissured (cracked, geographic, contain fungus, candida) – this is the way to heal those cracks, clear the fungal infection, and improve your taste of foods and juices and other drinks. The pleasure that taste brings enhances your sense of happiness and wellness. Covid-19 affects our taste and smell, and this is a way to help it back whilst taking ColdLess AntiViral Tonic and the ABC Powder. Your mouth hygiene is so important, so don’t rush it. Five minutes twice daily is the absolute minimum time we should give for this daily routine.

d. Why all this extra effort?

More and more studies are showing that, just as tooth roots are there to sustain a healthy mouth of teeth, so also, if they are allowed to rot via infection and gum disease, the noxious bacteria is carried downstream by blood and lymph to other parts of the body’s organs, causing disease. Yes, the mouth can be cause of illness, blood illnesses (cardiovascular) plaque on the teeth being equivalent if not the same as plaques on the blood vessel walls which cause angina, heart attack, strokes, high blood pressure, etc, also kidney disease, digestive malfunction, including nephropathy, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, and abnormal cellular development. Tracing the cause of many of these illnesses have been verified as coming from diseased teeth and gums, as well as from other causes. So, 5-minutes twice daily as a mouth treatment can help prevent ill health.


My gums are continuing to improve – in fact I would say it is now at 90% of the healing process. I still cannot believe that I have suffered for 30 years from Gingivitis, after having tried many treatments unsuccessfully, and with your MouthShield, my gums are healed within a period of ONE WEEK, just as you told me! This is truly still amazing to me. I am seeing my friend Rosa tomorrow, to explain to her about the MouthShield.
Once again, thank you for this wonderful work you are doing.
Best regards,
Gigi (Portugal)


Just after a few uses of MouthShield my gums showed signs of improvement.
Thank you so much. Rodney. London


Alan, your MouthShield is unbelievable! I had very sensitive gums that always bled for years. Now after just 2 weeks they don’t bleed any more, I really can’t believe it! I’m overjoyed! Your MouthShield also has a great taste which makes it easy to take often through the day. Thanks so much. Linda. Birmingham.


A specific herbal mixture to be used as a mouthwash or gargle as a complete mouthshield for teeth, gums and tongue to give complete mouth confidence. You can now also buy MouthShield Toothpaste

Use this multiherbal medicine for tooth decay, gum disease, gingivitis, tongue inflammation, geographic tongue, bad breath, sore throat. Dilute in a little warm water.

The greatest cause of teeth loss after the age of thirty-five is periodontal disease (disease around the teeth and in the gums), which is preventable. Sound teeth require good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist. Regular use of our MounthShield mouthwash helps prevent periodontal disease.

With this remarkable herbal remedy, after you have used it in your mouth to do its herbal work, you can swallow it so that it can work back on your mouth via your blood stream.

Some of the herbs used in this remedy are sage, thyme, peppermint, and many others, including stevia which is glucose-free and research has shown protects the teeth and gums. Instead of using sugar in your cakes and bakes, ice creams and desserts for your family, use our Stevia. Keep your teeth after 35!


Alan, I had to send you my testimonial. I had mouth ulcers for a long time (years) and tried of course all the usual treatments from pharmacy stores and from my doctor. Finally I consulted the top specialist in the country because they were really affecting my eating and lifestyle and health. He prescribed medicine which I used diligently for a year, but it had no effect. My mouth ulcers did not improve at all. I then as a last resort (sorry to say!) consulted you. You prescribed a treatment that included MouthShield. It was like a magic wand! Within 3 weeks the ulcers were cured. I could hardly believe it. What’s more, they have never come back!! I’m a changed man.
Thank you so much. Paul S (Bournemouth).


Your MouthShield is brilliant! I use an inhalor and take a statin. I had thrush in my mouth and I was unhappy about it because it affected my taste of food and therefore my appetite. Your MouthShield corrected this within days, I could hardly believe it was so quick! I just put a teaspoon in some water and use it twice a day. I am so happy, because I’d tried all sorts of products both from pharmacies and in health food shops. Yours is a five star product. Thank you so much. SD. Barton-on-Sea, UK


Your MouthShield is by far the best mouthwash I’ve ever used. I love it’s taste. I put about half a teaspoon in a little warm water as the last rinse after each of my teeth brushing; I hold it in my mouth for as long as possible then swallow it as you recommended – a wonderful last boost to my system at night.
Thanks for a brilliant herbal product.
Derek West, London.


Dry Mouth
A dry mouth is the reduction of salivary flow by at least 50%. It is usually caused primarily by drugs, but also due to salvary disease, severe haemorrhage, psychological factors, Sjorgrens syndrome, radiotherapy to the head or neck for cancer, and hepatitis C.
Saliva is extremely important to the mouth ecosystem. It is necessary for lubricating the teeth and tissues of the mouth. Saliva also helps the mineralisation of the teeth and facilitates taste sensation.
Without sufficient saliva dental caries becomes more common as also gum disease and mouth infections and candida. Obviously, chewing becomes more difficult as also swallowing and even speaking. The tongue also can become infected, or swell, become inflamed. This can lead to psychological responses like depression and social withdrawal (due to speech defects and eating problems).
Natural treatments for dry mouth focus on both fighting infection and stimulating the salivary gland parenchyma, whilst also supplying natural moisturising agents to improve good mouth health. Apart from drinking small amounts of water throughout the day there are significant herbs that can greatly improve mouth saliva either to be taken long-term (if the salivary glands have been damaged due to radiation or disease) or to help restore the natural function of the salivary glands. Herbs include aloe, euphrasia, marshmallow, olive, flax, and wild yam.
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The mouthshield too – my gums are struggling and no matter what I was using – mouthwash, floss etc I could still taste blood in my mouth, since taking mouthshield this has gone. Once again glad my friend mentioned you, as I’ll certainly be doing same! June


Hello there Alan, hope all good today with you? Wondering if you could tell me the herbs which you use in the mouthshield tonic? Gemma

Hi Gemma, the mouthshield toothpaste is made with mouthshield with added arrow root, slippery elm, coconut oil, dmso, bicarbonate of soda, and essential oil of peppermint oil.
Thanking you for your continued support. Kind regards, Alan

As always fantastic ingredients Alan, you couldn’t also tell me the herbs in mouthshield tonic, just for my own curiosity. I really appreciate you taking time to email Alan, i know you must be v busy. I am only delighted to get from you Alan, you are thee best out there.xx

Alan Hopking answers: This is How MouthShield Works
The herbs in this herbal health mixture are for all round mouth, teeth, gums, tongue, throat protection to enhance the mouth microbiome. Like oil-pulling through your teeth, use MouthShield to do the same, and at any time during the day for added protection of your mouth and breath.
Here is a summary. It is useful for mouth, tongue, gum and tongue infections including: mouth ulcers (Ladies Mantle, Wild Indigo, Tormentil, Sage, Yucca, Periwinkle, Yucca), gingivitis (Ladies Mantle, Sheng Ma, Avens, Vervain, Yucca), gum or tooth pain (Pasque, Cloves), antimicrobial (Wild Indigo, Myrrh, Echinacea, Cloves, Propolis, Stevia, Thyme), antiseptic (Wild Indigo, Myrrh, Echinacea, Oak, Sage), infections (Wild Indigo, Barberry, Myrrh, Echinacea, Stevia), microbial pockets (berberines in Barberry bark), detoxification (Sheng Ma), sore and inflamed mouth (Sheng Ma, Avens, Witch Hazel, Bistort, Tormentil, Sage, Stevia), sore throat and inflamed tongue (Periwinkle), improves immune system in the heart of teeth (Myrrh, Echinacea), helps strengthen loosening teeth (Eclipta), bleeding gums (Eclipta, Avens, Witch Hazel, Tormentil, Periwinkle), infections causing pharyngitis (Bistort, Oak, Periwinkle), thrush, white patches on the gums and inside of cheeks (candida) (Propolis, Thyme), tonsillitis (Oak, Thyme), tongue inflammation (Sage), tooth decay (Stevia, and essential oils of thyme, myrrh, sage, peppermint, etc), mouth cleanser (yucca); promotes protective friendly mouth bacteria. And gives you a clean fresh mouth and breath. Carefully clean your mouth and teeth and gums with toothbrush, floss, tongue scraper, with MouthShield and MouthShield Toothpaste, for five minutes morning and night.

Thank you so much Alan for that, amazing herbs in the mouthshield. I admire you greatly. Please never stop doing what you are doing Alan, i would be distraught.xx Gemma



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