Seer’s EHA Tonic

There are herbs for those among us who are sensitive to subtle energy. Using specialist herbs uniquely and chemically connected with the relavant endocrine glands (originally constructed by the energy centre or chakra in our pre-physical era) these herbs have as their purpose to clear and re-balance the ten chakras (seven major and three minor), to strengthen aliveness and awareness.

Those who have endured meditational blocks for some time, those who can’t concentrate, those whose meditation seems barren and fruitless, those whose spiritual path seems pointless or precipitous, those whose creative spark has gone out, those whose love seems flat and colourless, those whose insight has faded, those whose purpose seems to have hit a brick wall, those whose relationships and service is weighted by effort and struggle, those whose emotions and fears are high on the agenda, those who need grounding but also a raised consciousness. These are some of the benefits.

What are the 10 Chakras? The seven major chakras are the source or originators of the seven endocrine glands in the body, viz. the base chakra to the adrenal glands (adrenolin), the sacral chakra to the sex glands (oestrogen and testosterone), the solar plexus centre to the pancreas (islets of langerhans), the heart chakra to the thymus gland (thymosin), the throat chakra to the thyroid gland (thyroxin) and parathyroid glands, the ajna or brow centre to the pituitary gland, the head or crown chakra to the pineal gland.

The herbs of SEER’S EHA also work specifically with the most important minor chakras, viz. the spleen centre, the vagus nerve centre, and the alta major centre (back of the head and linked with the carotid sinus or glands, as well as the medulla oblongata, etc).


Comments about it have been received:

“My concentration was very good.”

“Energy went up to my head and radiated outward, then settled in my heart.”

“It activated my head centres, extremely, very, very much.”

“I was totally focussed.”

“..a wonderful smiley feeling inside.”

“A touch of Zen.”

“My lungs expanded.”

“I was able to take clear decisions.”

“My third eye was connecting more easily.”

“My love for everyone went out to everyone.”

“I felt telepathic.”

“I had vivid dreams.”

“I became so alive and alert – alertness is the word I’d use about the effect of this herbal drink.”

“Mentally I was able to get on with many things…I had a shift in perception which was quite constructive. At first it made me a little depressed, but I realised it was just the process of detoxing or shifting the balance in my body, cos shortly after I was much clearer in my thoughts.”

………..and so on and so on.

What does it do for you? Let us know.

Origins of EHA

The SEER’S EHA has been made by Alan Hopking a medical herbalist for over thirty five years. He has also been an energy healer for over twenty years travelling to many countries and continents to teach this healing ar linking herbs and energy. Alan has been working with these two forms of healing and observing how they complement each other. He realised that the etheric in healing first touches the physical body via the major endocrine glands.
Therefore he took the herbs which acted on these glands and blended them to help the etheric and the chakras which are the parents of the glands. Then to help the organs and systems of the body, Alan took the most important herbs which are influenced by the seven inner planets and the twelve astrological constellations, and blended these with the first mixture. Finally, he selected the most important energetic herbs and oils that work with the three chakras/glands of the spleen, vagus and medulla (carotid) (alta major centre).
He blended the whole together to make the unique tonic remedy SEER’S EHA for alignment and clearing.

Thank you, you many loving people who have offered your experiences having used this medicine.


“Thank you for supporting this service of alignment and clearing,” said one person, “it helps me order my life. This helps my relationships. This helps the community. And the consciousness of the whole of humanity and the Planet is helped. Thank you for this healing remedy.” 

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