Herbs and Adrenal Stress

Common Causes Of Adrenal Stress

* Adrenal exhaustion * Anger * Fear * Worry/anxiety * Depression * Guilt * Overwork/ physical or mental strain * Excessive exercise * Sleep deprivation * Light-cycle disruption (going to sleep late) * Surgery * Trauma/injury * Intermittant inflammation * Infections * Frequent pain * Temperature extremes * Toxic exposure * Malabsorption * Maldigestion * Regular illness * Allergies * Blood sugar highs and lows * Nutritional deficiencies



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Associated Symptoms And Consequences Of Impaired Adrenals

* Low body temperature * Weakness * Unexplained hair loss * Nervousness * Difficulty building muscle * Irritability * Mental depression * Difficulty gaining weight * Apprehension * Blood sugar imbalance * Inability to concentrate * Excessive hunger * Tendency towards inflammation * Moments of confusion * Indigestion * Poor memory * Feelings of frustration * Alternating diarrhea and constipation * Bone loss * auto-immune hepatitis * auto-immune diseases * Lightheadedness * Palpitations [heart fluttering] * Dizziness that occurs upon standing * Poor resistance to infections * Low blood pressure * Insomnia * Food and/or inhalant allergies * PMS * Craving for sweets * Dry and thin skin * Headaches * Scanty perspiration * Alcohol intolerance

What Cortisol Does (cortisol is produced in the adrenal glands)

* Mobilizes and increases amino acids, the building blocks of protein, in the blood and liver.
* Stimulates the liver to convert amino acids to glucose, the primary fuel for energy production.
* Stimulates increased glycogen in the liver. Glycogen is the stored form of glucose.
* Mobilizes and increases fatty acids in the blood (from fat cells) to be used as fuel for energy production.
* Counteracts inflammation and allergies.
* Prevents the loss of sodium in urine and thus helps maintain blood volume and blood pressure.
* Maintains resistance to stress (e.g., infections, physical trauma, temperature extremes, emotional trauma, etc.).
* Maintains mood and emotional stability.

Excess Cortisol (due to stress)

* Diminishes cellular utilization of glucose.
* Increases blood sugar levels.
* Decreases protein synthesis.
* Increases protein breakdown that can lead to muscle wasting.
* Causes demineralization of bone that can lead to osteoporosis.
* Interferes with skin regeneration and healing.
* Causes shrinking of lymphatic tissue
* Diminishes lymphocyte numbers and functions
* Lessens SIgA (secretory antibody productions). This immune system suppression may lead to increased susceptibility to allergies, infections, and degenerative disease.

Balancing Your Meals For Blood Sugar Control

To maintain proper adrenal function it is imperative to control your blood sugar levels and the following guidelines will help you do that:
* Eat a small meal or snack every three to four hours.
* Eat within the first hour upon awakening.
* Eat a small snack near bedtime.
* Eat before becoming hungry. If hungry, you have already allowed yourself to run out of fuel [low blood sugar/ hypoglycemia – see pancreas treatment], which places additional stress on the adrenal glands.

An excessive ratio of carbohydrates to protein results in excess secretion of insulin produced in the pancreas [for more info about regulating insulin, click here], which often leads to intervals of hypoglycemia. The body, in an attempt to normalize blood sugar, initiates a counter-regulatory process during which the adrenals are stimulated to secrete increased levels of cortisol and adrenalin. It follows that an excessive intake of carbohydrates often leads to excessive secretion of cortisol. This contributes to chronic cortisol depletion and consequently, adrenal exhaustion.
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