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Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

Research has shown that people with diabetes who eat a plant-based, low-fat vegan diet lose weight, reduce their cholesterol and improve their blood sugar better than those on a portion-contol diet. you can use diet to control the condition, but if you retun to your old habits, it will come right back.


Dear Alan, I am very pleased to tell you that my blood sugar levels remain good — within the normal range in fact -after original diagnosis of diabetes two some 8 years ago – all the results of my recent medical tests based on blood analysis were in fact excellent!! So thank you so much ! Nigel


The most important cause of diabetes is weight gain, particularly in children and young adults. As soon as you see your child or grandchild gaining weight a regular regime of exercise should be organised. This can be going for walks (children usually run, jump and play around during walks), going to the local play area for children, going swimming, taking up a sport they like, etc.
As a person increases their stores of fat and becomes obese. This causes the body to become increasingly resistant to insulin, making the beta cells in the pancreas increase their production of insulin. This makes these cells vulnerable to autoimmune attack and failure. It is essential to lose weight and support the action and function of the pancreas beta cells via diet and herbs. How this illness progresses is all related to the individual’s immune response. This immune response is best supported by weight loss (by a good high fibre diet, lots of exercise and herbal medicines). This is the only way to help to avoid the inevitable – injecting insulin and the life-stunting symptoms associated with diabetes.
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Diet and exercise
These have the biggest impact and the best diet is high in fibre and low in the glycaemic index (foods that are slowly converted to sugar). Diabetes UK recommends eating about 18g of fibre a day, but studies show that twice that amount provides significant benefits, because fibre lowers insulin and cholesterol levels (International Health Institute).

Diabetes is one disease
Diabetes is professionally regarded as one disease, where type 2 is just a slower form of type 1. The implications of this statement is that the progress leads to insulin dependency, unless its progress is stopped and health is restored.

The main cause of type 2 diabetes
The main cause is being overweight. You have to make a big change to get healthy, and exercise is key to managing the condition. As you change your diet, aim to burn 300 calories a day through exercise. If you have to, work out twice a day; if you can’t, do it in one go. As you get fitter, gradually increase your exercise time. To kick-start your weightloss do the 5-day LSD Programme

After diagnosis, I recommend you try to delay taking prescribed drugs for at least three months so that you can change your lifestyle and make a difference to your health. If herbal medicines, diet and exercise don’t help enough, the most popular drug prescribed is Metformin, which cuts the amount of glucose released by the liver, has less side effects and no weight gain. The problem with this drug is that as the years pass and the diabetes progresses, your dose will need to be increased and after just ten years most patients will have to inject insulin. It is best to start taking a prescribed herbal medicine right away. Email Alan Hopking

Broken glass
It is said by the experts that excess sugar in the blood is like pieces of broken glass scraping the arteries. This can lead to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
It is best to keep sugar under control with a regime you love or else you won’t stay on it, and it must include high-fibre foods (whole foods like brown bread, brown rice, whole fresh fruits including the skin and vegetables). It has been found that cinnamon can sensitize your body to insulin, so include this in your smoothies. You must lose weight and become fitter, there’s no way round it.
We all like a bit of sweetness in our diet. But sugar is a no-no for diabetics especially. Although Stevia is very sweet yet it is neither a sugar nor has it any glucose at all, and has zero calories. Get to like Stevia and keep your life healthy and sweet!

What herbs are traditionally used for diabetes?
There have been huge developments in the range of herbs available for diabetes and particularly Type 2. No longer are we just using the well-known European herbs for helping the function of the pancreas and insulin control, we are now using the best herbs for diabetes from many different continents. We combine these proven herbs in herbal medicine for patients. For instance, Gymnema from South America, Bitter Melon from Asia and Stevia from China are three important herbs in PancreasMore Tonic which help to control the blood sugar and which are so helpful for people just diagnosed with diabetes and also for those who are already on drugs like Metformin, especially if such patients are on a sugar controlled diet. Even insulin-dependant diabetics can benefit from these herbs. Consult Alan Hopking to help you get off Metformin and other drugs, ring freephone 0800 0834436.

366 Million Diabetics by 2030
Our children within 25 years are more likely to get diabetes than any other illness. This is due to high obesity in children and low exercise activities and too many sedentary activities like PlayStation games and computer friends like FaceBook. Get your children outside to breathe fresh air and run around and ride their bikes. Restrict computer games (offer incentives to them to exercise). Exercise also improves brain function and sparks off wider interests.

Type 1 Diabetes
Cause: failure to produce insulin as a result of autoimmune attack on beta cells in the pancreas.
Onset: typically in childhood or early adulthood.
Prevalence: about 10 percent of all diabetics are type 1.
Symptoms: thirst, hunger excessive urination; weight loss, vision changes, drowsiness or exhaustion.
Onset: can be very rapid.
Treatment: injected insulin.
Prevention: not regarded as preventable.
Herbal Treatment: herbal medicines can be prescribed to support the pancreas and digestive system and improve energy levels.
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Type 2 Diabetes
Cause: insulin resistance brought about by overweight/obesity and physical inactivity.
Onset: usually middle age but increasingly seen in younger people, even children.
Prevalence: about 90 percent of all diabetics are type 2.
Symptoms: similar to type 1 but initially much milder. Almost half of people with type 2 are not aware they have it.
Treatment: herbs, diet, exercise, weight loss, insulin-sensitizing drugs. Many type 2 diabetics progress to injected insulin after their beta cells fail (about 10 years).
Prevention: dietary changes and physical activity can reduce the risk.
Herbal Treatment: diet reform along with herbs that can help to restore the pancreatic function; herbs to help weight loss, improve energy and immune system. Kick-start your weightloss do the 5-day LSD Programme
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Do you want to know if the insulin you are taking is necessary or not?
This is what you do: ask your doctor to run a test of insulin levels (as well as glucose levels) both before and 90 minutes after a typical low-fat/high-carbohydrate breakfast (including for instance a blueberry muffin, cereal with skimmed milk and an 8oz glass of orange juice). Make sure you take no long-acting insulin after 6pm the evening before and no diabetes medications of any kind the morning of the test until after the second blood sample is taken. (The blood drawn after eating or after drinking a glucose solution is called a ‘post-prandial reading.’)
Here’s how to interpret the results: If the second insulin level is 10 or more points higher than the first, it means your pancreas is working and that you probably can get off insulin with diet and herbs. If it is 20 or more points higher, it is almost a certainty that you can do so. To do this you will have to follow a low carbohydrate diet (along the lines of the Atkins Nutritional Approach) and specific herbal medicines.
(With acknowledgements to Dr. Robert Atkins)

There are major herbal medicines for functional treatment of a faultering pancreas, particularly diabetes type 2. But even insulin dependent diabetes can be helped with such herbs; as in Pancreas More particularly at the earliest stages following diagnosis. Herbs such as Gymnema, Bitter Melon, Stevia, Wormwood and Goats Rue are amongst the important herbs used in this tonic which is being used by many who find it a continual source of help and support.


Hi Alan, Here is my testamonial re your PancreasMore Tonic.
I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes over 10 years ago. Although both types of Diabetes were in both my maternal and paternal families, it was suggested that mine surfaced from stress caused by an ablation, a procedure of burning out the lining of the womb giving you 3rd degree burns which luckily you do not feel! It is likely that I would have developed it at some stage due to my always being overweight and having a very sweet tooth. I went into the operation without Type II and a week after the operation felt definitely ‘odd’ and was tested and I’d developed it.
I was informed that 50%+ of Type IIs require insulin after 5 years and as I did not want that to happen, I looked into ways of helping myself in addition to taking prescribed Metformin. I started taking Co Enzyme 10 and found Alan Hopking’s website, and due to my menstrual problems took both PancreasMore and Flushless tonic. That was in 2012.
The Flushless tonic had a miraculous effect literally overnight; the hot flushes stopped and my mood swings and energy levels were vastly improved, my husband told everyone how brilliant it was! I stopped taking Flushless last November (2017) and definitely feel the difference with lower levels of energy and some hot flushes, but luckily for me, these are very mild. My reason for stopping was that the stages of menopause are a natural process and I should see how I coped.
I suppose I cannot specifically tell if the PancreasMore works or not apart from only increasing my Metformin to the norm of 4 tablets per day in May this year, and not taking any other Diabetic medication, which I understand is unusual after all this time, especially as I do not manage my diet as well as I should. My pancreas is obviously still producing insulin which I attribute to the PancreasMore tonic.
I do know that on a few occasions when I have not been able to take it first thing in the morning, I have felt a bit shaky which I put down to lack of control of sugar levels without the PancreasMore, however I soon reach an equilibrium after I manage to take it.
I do know that I see no reason to stop taking it, there is no way that I would!  My Diabetic Nurse and GPs know I take it so it is on my medical notes. I would thoroughly recommend to others to take it, yes, you have to pay for it but your health is paramount.  
On a customer service level I can say that over the years when I have spoken to Alan he has always been nothing but very helpful and courteous!
Moya Wall

19th August 2018



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Stevia is a very useful sugar alternative; it contains no glucose and has been used to treat diabetes for generations. See our full study of the amazing sweetness of Stevia for diabetics

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