Herbs and Cysts Anywhere in the Body


Cysts – What are they?

Cysts are an abnormal sac-like swelling covered by a supporting membrane containing fluid of different consistencies which cannot escape into the general circulation. the following are common areas for cysts:
Cysts in the Breasts – generally regarded as harmless; common in women over 40; they may form a lump and cause discomfort.
Cysts on the Ovaries – single or multiple hollow growths containing fluids may grow large and obstruct abdominal circulation, interfere with digestion and cause shortness of breath. PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) ask for specialist herbal treatment for this condition.
Cysts in the Skin.
Cysts in other parts of the body.

Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine has important herbs for treating cysts, lumps, swellings, including stys. Herbal medicine may be taken for these conditions whether they ae visible or are inside the body and have been found by ultra-sound or x-ray diagnosis. Take herbs that can improve the immune system to prevent the condition from recurring. You need also to consider taking LymphCleanse Tonic

“Dear Mr Hopking. Thank you for your treatment of my cyst. Symptoms improved within a week. I am still taking the medicine now 3 months later and I feel it is now cleared my cysts and given me hope and belief again! Thank you for your expertise. Mrs. C.”

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For styes, use our EyeDrops for an EyeBath as well.

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LymphCleanse Tonic

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