Herbs for Healthy Ovaries and Womb


Herbal Tonic for Fibroids

Benign Uterine Growths

Herbal Medicine to support a programme of treatment for the protection against the growth of fibroids (womb health) and to help to fight and clear the onset of uterine fibroids.

Fibroids: What method is adopted by me?
I send you a herbal tonic specific for fibroids. The tonic contains only whole organic tinctures specific for fibroids. They are non-oestrogenic herbs. The dose for the first month is 1tsp (5ml) 4 times daily in water on an empty stomach. The second and third months you take the medicine 3 times daily in the same way. Thereafter you take just 1tsp (5ml) per day in the same way. After 6 months it would be an advantage to have another scan for an assessment of the size of the fibroids. If the size of the fibroids has decreased the herbs are helping you. If the fibroids have enlarged the herbs have limited value – however, increasing the dose for a longer period has also been found to be beneficial for such cases. Another scan in 12 months is recommended for assessment purposes. A lot depends on other circumstances and facts egg the length of time you’ve had fibroids, you age, your general health, and so on. I can advise you further if you supply details of your condition.


Dear Alan, thank you so very much for all of  your assistance regarding my gallbladder and my fibroids – left to the alopathic doctors I would have had both my gallbladder and my womb removed! Your herbal tonics for both of the above have helped me enormously – I have absolutely NO pain in my gallbaldder any more – and it was quite excrutiating before I took your GallStoneLess Tonic.
After three months on this mixture I was totally pain free). I was hospitalized twice and had to be given morphine for the pain. After taking your tonic for fibroids my periods have now become regular at the age of 53!
My husband and I have now been seeing you for over 30 years and during this period you have helped us with all of our medical problems – we rarely see our GP. Peter and I cannot thank you enough for all your knowledge and kindness over the years. Kind regards, Wendy and Peter. Hampshire. UK


How long does it take to cure fibroids? 
Fibroids are usually slow to respond to treatment. Sometimes they never disappear until menopause. Even with fibroids you can still have a baby but implantation needs monitoring. Many women I treat elect to stay on herbal medicine rather than have surgery and they find it perfectly manageable. Sometimes the fibroids may even increase in size very slowly over the years but the herbs seem to slow this process down and make the patient confident with the condition. Circumstances vary and we can’t predict, but it is certainly worth trying to stay on these herbs if you don’t want surgery. To save costs buying the low-price large size is often preferred.
Will it be a permanent cure? 
Sometimes results are remarkable. But usually treatment is slow and results are small over time. If the patient keeps to a healthy lifestyle and takes the herbal medicine daily there is more chance of success.

Prunella – Self Heal Herb
We are pleased to be able to include in our FibroidsLess Hebal Tonic. This herb is anti-oestrogenic and preventative against abnormal cellular development, see research below.

Prunella vulgaris, a commonly used Chinese herb, also known as Self-heal, has a wide range of reported medicinal activities. By screening multiple herbs using the endometrial cancer cell line, ECC-1, and an alkaline phosphatase detection assay, we found that Prunella vulgaris displayed significant antiestrogenic activity. We investigated the possible usefulness of antiestrogenic activity using both in vitro and in vivo models of endometrial function. Using the well-differentiated, hormone-responsive endometrial cell line, ECC-1, PV extract, at concentrations that were not toxic to the cells, significantly reduced alkaline phosphatase activity and cell proliferation in response to estrogen in a dose-dependent manner. The expression of CYR61, an estrogen-induced protein, was blocked in ECC-1 cells by both the antiestrogen ICI 182 780 and Prunella vulgaris extract. Interestingly, Prunella vulgaris extract did not appear to directly inhibit estrogen signaling. Rather, we found that its activities were probably related to an ability to function as an aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AHR) agonist in ECC-1 cells. In support of this hypothesis, we noted that Prunella vulgaris induced CYP1A1, CYP1B1, and AHR repressor expression in a dose-dependent manner—responses that were blocked by small interfering RNA treatment to reduce AHR and specific AHR antagonists. Ovariectomized immunodeficient RAG-2/gamma(c) knockout mice implanted with human endometrial xenografts developed implants only when treated with estrogen. Mice treated with estrogen and Prunella vulgaris tea in their drinking water had fewer and smaller xenograft implants compared with their estrogen-treated counterparts that drank only water (P < 0.05). Analysis of the resulting implants by immunohistochemistry demonstrated persistent estrogen receptor (ER), but reduced proliferation and CYR61 expression. Mouse uterine tissue weight in PV-treated mice was not different from controls, and cycle fecundity of intact C57 female mice was unaffected by Prunella vulgaris tea treatment. Prunella vulgaris, or Self-heal, exhibits significant antiestrogenic properties, both in vitro and in vivo. This activity is likely due to the ability of Prunella vulgaris-activated AHR to interfere with estrogen. This herb may be useful as an adjunct for preventative treatment for oestrogen-dependent processes like endometriosis and breast and uterine cancers. Full characterization of this herb will likely provide new insights into the crosstalk between AHR and ESR1, with potential for therapeutic applications in women. http://www.biolreprod.org/content/80/2/375.abstract

Fibroids and Pregnancy
If you have fibroids and you’re trying to have a family, we have a herbal medicine specifically for you, to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

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