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Microbes in your gut

Our microbes have a tremendous potential to affect our health. Positively if we keep them happy. Negatively if we disturb them (dysbiosis). This microbes contribute to all our metabolic functions as well as defend us against incoming pathogens, for instance in the food we eat. There are over a thousand species of friendly bacteria (phyla), and they all contribute to our gut microbiota. These micro-organisms have taken millions of years to symbiotically live in our intestines – to benefit themselves and also us, as their host. These bacteria are acquired from the time we are born, and take our first drink of mothers milk. But when the developed microbiome is disturbed or damaged the result is illness and disease. Hippocrates, the forefather of medicine, said that ‘death sits in the bowel’ and ‘bad digestion is the root of all evil’.

Dysbiosis has been shown to be strongly linked to autoimmunity. It is when there is dysbiosis (a disturbed microbiome) that parasites can take hold, displacing the healthy microbes and feeding on the gut wall (irritable bowel disease, leaky gut syndrome) causing bloating, constipation and diarrhoea, as the body tries to restore normal function. Herbal remedies have a big part to play to assist in this process. See Herbactive’s IBS-Less Tonic and LGS-Less Tonic (leaky gut treatment), also WormLess Tonic for parasites and worms. Slippery elm and marshmallow powder stirred in water and drunk down can greatly help the gut to heal and restore its normal function. Once the gut has been helped to settle down, you can take DigestMore Tonic to improve digestion and right uptake of nutrients (supported by ABC Daily Powder).

DigestMore Tonic
Possibly a better herbal remedy for you would be my DigestMore Tonic. This has specific herbal medicines specifically for weak digestion and indigestion. It includes herbs for the liver and bitter herbs to strengthen the stomach digestion to reduce gas, wind and bloating; and reduce stagnation and fermentation.
The herbs in this mixture are Bitter Aloes, Horse radish, Wormwood herb, St Benedicts root, Centaury, Columba, Germander herb, and Ginger.
These herbs give you a more targeted action rather than simply taking a bitter tonic, or Swedish Bitters.

The action of bitter herbs in DigestMore Tonic
Bitters are used for a number of reasons. The most common use is to improve the appetite and strengthen the digestion which includes the stomach, liver, pancreas and intestinal action. These work alongside with specific toning herbs like St Benedicts and Centaury, Germander and Columba.

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