herbal hair colours


herbal hair colours

Specific natural herbal powders for colouring hair. Nothing else added. You simply get a powdered mixture of herbs to colour your hair.
We have 3 herbal hair colours:
1. Egyptian Henna for vivacious red to orange hair colour (not for grey hair unless you want an even brighter orange).
2. Rich Red Brown. For auburn coloured hair.
3. Brown. This is best for grey hair, or greying hair.

Packs are 75g. Enough for short to shoulder hair. Long hair will need two packs.

How to use our herbal hair colours
Make a paste of a small quantity like single cream in boiling water.
Do a strand test with a small cutting of your hair. Wait 2 hours. If you’re happy with the colour do the following:
Make a paste of the rest of the powder like single cream in boiling water.
When still hot put on hair.
Wrap in cling film.
Leave for at least four hours.
Rinse off in warm water and shampoo.
Reapply in 28 days.

Prices of the Herbal Hair colours
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