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There are specific herbs that are used to fight infections and to help the body’s defences to stifle infection and allow the body to go through normal healing. When our immune system gets low due to stress, a poor diet, not enough exercise and fresh air, taking prescription drugs over a long or short period of time, parasites, or chronic viral disease, we can quickly become subject to infections. Often such infections originate in the intestines. But the lungs, kidneys and the skin are also prime sites when infections can take hold. But bacterial infect in the mouth eg gum disease can spread into the lungs and other parts of the body, even into the nasal cavities and eyes.


I asked God for help and He said put Dr. Alan’s potions in a glass with lots of dmso and drink and keep drinking.  By Wednesday, that cutting pain from coughing was easing up. I knew it was going to turn around. Today I’m back at work and the coughing feels like it’s from the neck up, not the core of my ribcage. This could have gotten much worse. I was stunned at how quickly the bacteria/virus (who knows) put me on my back and created such excruciating pain. I’m not hurting, my chest isn’t hurting and I’m barely coughing. I still feel a little wonky but absolutely nothing like five days ago. But for you, I’m not sure what the outcome would have been, I know it would have resulted in ER visit, prescriptions, tests and bills in the mail for co-pays—AND, I’d be sicker today!!!  You probably think you’re just a regular guy doing a regular thing every day, but you’ve impacted my world in an extremely positive and hopeful way.  DS. USA


The problem with infectious diseases involving both viruses and bacteria these micro-organisms can quickly spread and mutate in the face of antibiotics making long-term use of antibiotics worse than useless. This is because antibiotics at first begin to kill the alien invader but they lower the host’s defences so that the end can often be worse than the beginning. And the longer such drugs are used the more ineffective the immune system becomes. This enables the infectious organism to spread and deepen their toxic grip on the organ or organs of the body. The person feels very sick. But the body has amazing resources and if given the right support the millions of invading pathogens are soon put to the sword. The body has amazing armaments and can restore the castle’s security! It has evolved over millions of years to resist infection by all kinds of micro-organisms. It just needs to be introduced to a new virus or bacterium and it adapts to produce factors in its armaments to retalliate with astonishing speed to defeat the invading army of viruses. And once it has the virus’s number it will always recognise it and be ready to rout it before it can take hold and multiply again: health is maintained. But if there are environmental attributes that torture the host (us) like I’ve said, stress at work, unfulfilled relationship, financial difficulties, family adversity, dietary deficiency (fast food snatches rather than the ambience of having salads and home-cooked meals), other health issues, and so on, then the body wont have the resources (the amunition) to protect the body. The result is the person falls ill; infections begin to take hold. A change to your life-style is demanded, helped and strengthened by nature’s forces: medicinal plants.

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Dear Alan, You recently prescribed your Herbal Infection Formula for my problem. I had an acute infection with aggressive, redness and boil type lumps. I have had the Herpes Simplex virus on and off over the years due to stress, plus Candida. I was not sure what it was and explained the symptoms to you over the phone. You recommended your Infection Formula. It arrived the following day, and I took it for three days twice a day, and the problem almost completely cleared. I continued to take the Infection formula once a day for the following 3 days as you instructed. After that period the problem has completely gone with no trace of marks or redness. Thank you once again for your ‘almost miraculous’ formulas. I feel confident that you can treat every health problem that arises. Thank you for your wonderful work and service.
Karen. London.


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