LungShield Herbal Tonic

There are two forms of this tonic:
1. LungShield – for serious disease of the lungs, where the healthy cells are losing the battle against imbalances in cellular structure, overactive irregular cellular growth in the lung.
2. LungShield COPD – for regulating and improving breathing capacity including for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) e.g. emphysema, asthma, breathlessness.


Dear Alan, thank you very much for your advice. I am now taking the COPD tonic after having eaten and it works a treat. I am going to order today the next bottle, because I really find it wonderfully effective, it lets me breathe easier.
Best regards, Carin


These tonics contain … (sorry we cannot publish unlicensed claims) … but you can send me an email and I’ll give you the full list.
Specialist Medicinal Herbs to help improve lung function and health

It is important to strengthen your system to fight off imbalances in cellular structure, overactive irregular cellular growth in the lung; parasites, microbes, viruses and toxins.

LungShield (general tonic) can also be taken as a preventative at any time or for the support and restoration of healthy lung function, and improving your immune system.

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Nitric Oxide to fight Abnormal Cells – latest research

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a “substance of interest” for slowing and even stopping tumor growth. Researchers are getting closer to discovering the specific conditions which can trigger NO-related and NO-inspired tumor suppression − making it potentially one of the strongest yet little-known cancer-fighters.

Nitric Oxide is a water soluble, free radical gas produced by the body’s own cells. It is critical to many key biological processes, including neurotransmission, immune system function, and vascular health.

NO is also a promoter of cell growth, which can make it both a cancer tumor promoter under certain circumstances, as well as a cancer suppressor. One of the most powerful ways it can help heal cancer is by encouraging the growth of healthy cells.

Although it’s unknown the exact “low point” at which NO may increase cancer tumor growth, what is clear is that Nitric Oxide at a high level is a tumor suppressor.

Being proactive with prevention by upping your NO levels naturally may help prevent and even heal cancer.

Studies have also found that increasing Nitric Oxide can help in:

reducing inflammatory response
boosting the immune system
reducing the impact of harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites
improving exercise efficiency and endurance
reducing infection and healing time
improving bone density
Upping your consumption of L-arginine is likely the best way to increase Nitric Oxide production for cancer-fighting and overall health. Here are a few other tips:

Eat veggies that contain healthy nitrates such as organic greens and root vegetables.
Promote healthy gut and mouth flora.
Organic dark chocolate is an excellent source of L-arginine. Other good sources of L-arginine include organic turkey and chicken, pumpkin seeds, and spirulina.
Sleeping on a device such as a Biomat, which uses Far-Infrared light and negative ions to promote healing, is also said to increase NO levels and the restoration of healthy cells in the body.

– Source TTAC

Order L-Argenine from Herbactive. We supply 90 tablets 1000mg each. Cost £20.50. Telephone your order 0800 0834436 or 0044-1425 613436


For information about lung disease, respiratory insufficiency, serious bronchial cough, breathing difficulty, etc. send an email.


Dear Alan, This LungShield works very good. My doctor recently said after a test that the lung function has become better.
With best regards,
Monika. Germany.


Dear Alan,
Your LungShield Tonic definitely saved my father.
Thank you so much.
Andrew Waldon

Dear Alan,
I would inform you that seven years ago I was diagnosed at my local hospital that I have COPD. I have several times over the years been hospitalised because of severe breathing difficulties, and I’m on a list of medication including three different inhalers.
Last week when I received my trial order of Lungshield it was very obvious to me from the very first teaspoon that there were some magical properties with the tonic, which was a wonderful golden clear liquid. During the first four days my breathing improved, and I had an overwhelming sense of well being combined with an improved mobility. I started coughing up flam and on one occasion I coughed up half a cup size lump of clear jelly which had a very firm consistency. One the third day several of my neighbours commented that I was walking a lot better than normal. On the fifth day the consistency of the Lungshield suddenly changed from a lovely golden clear liquid to a muddy brown full of grainy bits. It was then that I realised that I should have shaken the bottle to mix the ingredients. The dregs in the bottom of the black bottle didn’t agree with me although I continued to drink them, and I felt very unwell and I was eventually sick. So I learnt a very valuable lesson – shake the bottle.
To day I have started on my new bottle of Lunshield, and yes I made sure that the bottle well shook before taking the tonic. I can say that the feeling of well being has immediately returned and I’m looking forward to allowing the magic to happen.
Many thanks
Kind regards, Peter
United Kingdom


For more information about LungShield
email herbal practitioner Alan Hopking

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