Herbs and bladder incontinence


Bladder Incontinence Tonic (IncoLess Tonic)

There are specific herbs that are anti-diuretic and muscle strengthening that are used to improve continence and self control.


Dear Alan, I’ve been using your IncoLess for over a year and I find it so effective now that I only need to take a dose once or twice a week and my bladder is under complete control. It is better than anything I took previously. Thank you so much, it’s changed my life.
Marilyn L. Cheshire.

Dear Alan, About a month ago I ordered the IncoLess tonic from you as for many years I have experiencing urinary incontinence which includes having to get up in the night. It has certainy improved my incontinence. Susan

Hi Alan
Just to let you know that I’m getting on very well with the Incoless tonic. The urge to go to the toilet during the day and the ability to hold on is so much better!  Claire



If you don’t have incontinence but have an overactive bladder then you could benefit from WaterLess herbs
For an underactive bladder or a natural diuretic for high blood pressure use WaterMore Tonic
KidneyShield – this is a multiherbal tonic to help detox, protect and improve the function of the kidneys

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