Herbs for the Protection of the Kidneys


KidneyShield Tonic

What are the kidneys?

The kidneys sit on either side of you abdomen just under the rib cage. They are 100-150g in weight. They help to filter the blood and return the blood to the blood circulation, removing waste substances and toxins. Kidney health is essential for your health, energy, skin and well-being.

Action of the kidneys

The kidneys regulate the blood pressure.
Together they filter 150-200 liters of blood per day, clearing and cleaning the blood for the health of the cells.
They regulate your body’s  salt, potassium, and acid, and the water balance, releasing these wastes into your bladder via urine
They are directly involved in the production of red blood cells.
The kidneys produce a hormone called erythropoietin (EPO) produced in the kidney’s interstitial fibroblasts in adults. In the foetus and babies this is actually produced in the liver.  EPO is an essential hormone to help in the production of red blood production.
Regulate blood glutose. Diabetes is discovered when the blood has to high blood sugar leavels. If your blood sugar is high and you are told you have prediabetes then you can take positive dietary action to offset the inevitable disease of diabetes if nothing is done. You can also help reverse this condition by taking powerful herbs as found in PancreasMore Tonic which regulates the insulin and blood sugar of the pancreas. So, paying attention to your blood sugar is critical for kidney health. Diabetes is the leading cause of chronic kidney disease.

Kidney disease

About 1 in 10 people have CKD (chronic kidney disease)
About 100,000 undergo dialysis in UK every year
About 10,000 are waiting for a kidney tranplant
CKD is the number one cause of heart disease and death
CKD is caused by diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure)
CKD is a factor in insulin resistance

Healthy foods for kidney health

A diet that is nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory which is free from refined sugar, refined oils, processed food, and junk foods. So a diet high in greens, vegetables, low-glycaemic index fruits, herbs ad spices; also healthy fats, fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkrout, and cleans animal protein and fish.
Cucumbers (and juiced) – also good to detox the body and even to help clear gravel in your kidneys (kidney stones); they also suppress the desire for protein which is important if you have CKD
Celery (and juiced) – this veg works like cucumber (good to combine in your juicing machine) and is even move effective at disolving kidney stones than cucumber juice
Dandelion greens – combining a load of these leaves with cucumber and celery is a great way to increase the flow through the kidneys. This is because dandy leaves are strongly diuretic
Beets (not too much due to its sugar)
Berries – all berries have high nutrient value and high antioxidants and kidney health benefits, especially blueberries improve renal function confirmed by research
Limes – high citric acid is known to be highly beneficial for people with kidney stones; and it is considered a preventative against kidney stones
Lemons – like limes, lemons are high in citric acid with it beneficial kidney support and health. Even small amounts of lemon juice per day, say, around 100ml, makes a difference to our kidney health.
Onions, leeks, garlic
Broccoli – can be juiced, blended with these other veg (listed above), or eaten of course; so beneficial to our health due to the green (chlorophyll), and to the kidneys and liver. Add onions and garlic which have shown important help to hypertension (high blood pressure), and you have super-natural kidney cleanser and detox.

Have a day just drinking this juice (do it for three days) and a superb natural Kitchen Kidney Cleanse. Add to the mix our medicinal herbal shapeshifers KidneyShield Tonic, or StoneLess Kidneys Tonic, and, wow, wonders will await you!

Or do a 10-day kidney cleanse as part of a clean-diet, eating no meats (fish only, or vegetable proteins like beans and lentils and nuts), no dairy products, and very low carbohydrates (low or no fruits, roots and grains). Include the two herbal tonics mentioned viz KidneyShield and/or StoneLess Kidneys Tonics. Drink plenty of pure water, or herbal teas,  throughout (bone broth is permitted). I recommend only eating within a 6 to 8 eating window, only having fluids outside these times i.e. the eating window is best between 11am and 7pm (or 12-6pm). This intermittant fasting routine increases autophagy (cellular detoxification and restoration) throughout the body’s organs.

A word about optimal hydration – 8 quick points

  1. Get good filtered water, i.e. distilled water, reverse osmosis, a well-researched water filter that clears all water toxins and negative minerals in water, or certificated spring water.
  2. When you wake drink plenty of water within 20-30 minutes i.e. 250ml – 500ml, you could aim for a whole litre in that time. So cleansing throughout your system.
  3. Get into the habit of taking a glass of water at least every hour through your working day. Get into this life-transforming lifestyle. If you think you’re hungry, you’re probably just thirsty – drink more of your water (with lemon juice).
  4. You can add a squeeze of lemon or lime to your water to have added benefit. You can also add good mineral salt to your water e.g. Himalayan Sea Salt or equivalent.
  5. Beware of coffee and alcohol. Both these are diuretic i.e. dehydrating. So match the intake of coffee, black tea, alcohol with your pure water regime.
  6. There are meridian pressure points in the hands (and feet) which you can regular massage at times during the day. Slip on your nopple sandles to self-massage your feet, or ask your partner to do this for 10-15 mins a day (kidney points are in the centre of sole of the foot (and palm of the hand). These points can increase the reflexes on the organs and kidney to improve the action of detoxification.
  7. Dry brushing of your skin, also known as Indian towelling. You can do this after your bath or shower using your hands, or a special skin bristle brush. Generally, brush towards your heart. You can also do this when you get up in the morning before getting dressed. Advantages of brushing are many: stimulates all organs, removes cellulite, stimulates the lymphatic system, tones and tightens the skin and muscles, improves nerve action. Don’t forget your face, neck and scalp!
  8. Make sure you have a bowel movement daily. If you struggle with a lazy bowel, consider a daily dose of MoveMore1 or 2 or XS (extra strong) Herbal Tonic, or if you have constipation use HerbaLax Dry Herbal Mixture.


KidneyShield Herbal Tonic contains the best herbs in the world (Europe, China, India, Africa, North and South America) to herb protect the kidneys, improve its function, and benefit the whole of the Renal System (kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra). No stone is left unturned! This tonic has herbs to help protect against infections of the kidneys, inflammation in the different parts of the renal system and to clear any build up of debris, sand and stones. For specific actions see Herbactive’s other renal tonics, see below.
This is a herbal tonic which contains a number of herbs that are protective to the kidney, also herbs to cleanse and flush the tubules and the bladder, also herb to strengthen the natural function of the kidneys (renal function). The action of KidneyShield is to improve the overall cellular level of the whole kidney system and to resist infection, and any sinister diseases.
Stevia: It is also considered safer for those prone to kidney stones to avoid sugar. Sugar has been found to be directly related to the development of kidney stones in men. To do this safely and healthily I recommend you start using Stevia and remove sugar from your household so you are not tempted back into using it again. Order your Stevia from Herbactive, see below. I also recommend the ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder for complete nutritional back-up to your system.



StoneLess Kidney Tonic

Strengthen the kidney and bladder and whole renal system and prevent kidney stones and bladder gravel for renal health

• for those who have a family history of kidney infections or bladder stones

• for those who have been diagnosed with kidney disease

• for those who have poor urinary flow and pains (to help water flow use WaterMore Tonic or ProstateLess for men)

• those with regular or frequent bladder discomfort, cystitis, urethritis (for infections use CystitisLess Tonic)

Replace all your sugar with Stevia:

In a study by Food and Chemical Toxicology (1997): compared to the group that ate sugar, the study group that took Stevia “the females had a decreased incidence of breast tumors, while the males displayed a lesser incidence of kidney damage”.

Prevent an operation on your bladder or kidneys take KidneyShield long-term.

We also have a specific herbal medicine as a KidneyShield Tonic which can be taken to help restore the right function and protection of the kidneys; the tonic can be taken as a general health promoting medicine for your kidney (renal) system.

The Kidney Flush using Fresh Herbs from the Countryside

If you want to really flush the kidneys and bladder system for a day, it’d be best to take highish doses of natural diuretics along with higher doses of the StoneLess Kidney Tonic 2tsp 4x/day on the day.
1. Take the StoneLess Kidneys Tonic for 14 days at a dose of 5ml 4x/day. You will need 300ml. Buy here Also take a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in warm water each day. This is a little known wonder remedy for the kidneys and bladder. It is now recommended in whispers by Renal Specialists and Surgeons. Google it to see for yourself.
2. Then on the Saturday (or any day that’s convenient) your renal system will be ready to do the flush.
3. Fresh natural diuretics can be collected the day before and kept sealed in the fridge. Here is a selection: dandelion leaves, couch grass root, burdock leaf, horse-radish leaf, silver birch leaf, borage leaf, heather flowers, broom tops, wild carrot tops, horsetail, cleavers, parsley, plantain leaf (you can also use dry herbs of course). Get a range of these (2-3 handfuls in total).
4. On the morning of your flush, take your fresh herbs and chop them up well.
5. Put them in a pan of 3L water and bring to the boil slowly with the lid on; allow to simmer at least 30 mins and let cool.
6. Strain and drink small amounts instead of any other drinks throughout the day. Whenever you urinate drink another glass.
7. Finish the 3L by the end of the day if you can.
This will give the kidneys a good safe natural flush.
Let me know how you get on.
Follow this by taking KidneyShield on a low dose for at least a month.

See prices for sizes and costs.

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