Herbal Blood Cleansers


This specific genre of herbal medicines are also called blood purifiers, depurulents, alteratives or adaptogens.

Herbs with this action elicit an alteration in the body, a shift for the better in the course of an illness. Hence their importance in chronic conditions as also to treat conditions arising from or causing toxicity.

These herbs improve the condition of the blood, accelerate elimination, improve digestion, and increase the appetite. To do this they cleanse the liver, cleanse the skin, regulate the organs and support the immune system.

Herbs in this category include barberry, blue flag, burdock, chaparral, echinacea, astragalus, figwort, oregon grape root, plantain, pokeroot, prickly ash, queen’s root, red clover, sarsaparilla, sassafras, thuja, wild indigo, yellow dock.
Such herbs are best used in combination according to the specific need.

Do you have symptoms of skin problems like boils and carbuncles, pustules, lumps on the skin, bowel irregularity, sleep problems, along with digestive problems, lazy bowels and often going down with viral illnesses, or any chronic condition?

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