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Bronchii and the Symptoms of Inflamed Bronchii

The respiratory system consists of air tubes and two lungs, each of which is enclosed in an airtight space called the pleural cavity. The main air tube, the trachea, extends from the larynx and divides into two main tubes called the bronchi. Each tube enters a lung where they branch into a multitude of smaller tubes called bronchioles.
When the bronchial tubes become inflamed or infected by viral or bacteria it is called Bronchitis. Bronchial infections occur mostly in winter and especially in cold, damp conditions. From a simple common cold, or throat infection, inflammation can spread down into the chest. This is often the result of reduced individual resistance due to stress, tiredness, fatigue, severe chilling, being in overcrowded areas, excessive smoking. Bronchitis is a dangerous condition especially for infants and the elderly, and needs to be reported to your doctor. Herbal treatment is for support, or for preventative purposes. The herbs will help clear the chest and contribute to improving immune system stimulation. Specialist treatment may be required as recommended by your doctor. This will help prevent secondary pneumonia.

Traditional Herbs for Bronchial Health
Herbs include Eucalyptus, Boneset, Ferula, Ground Ivy, Grindelia, Inula, St Johns Wort, Catnip, Wild Cherry, Lungwort, Blood Root, Soapwort, Mullein, Sweet Violet, Heart’s Ease.

Those with infections of the bronchii, lungs or whole respiratory tract may benefit from this herbal health tonic.

This is a strong herbal medicine relied on by all who need it; the central herbs in this mixture make it deeply effective.


Dear Alan, I came to you because I had a serious lung infection and shortness of breath which has become chronic…I used to be fit, walking 5 miles each week, playing cricket, but I was smoking 20 a day and my diet wasn’t too good, I couldn’t sleep flat without terrible coughing fits and in a sitting position sleep was very difficult, and I had a bad cough through the day with a lot of phlegm….you changed all that with your advice and a magic mixture (which tastes awful by the way!)… even from the very first day (hence my writing to you) I slept right through the night without coughing (!!!), coughing is right down now and because you recommended your smoking mixture (which has a wonderful aroma!) I’m off tobacco and only smoking 3 or 4 a day (but I’m addicted remember!). But the improvement within such a short time is amazing and I’m looking forward to my condition clearing completely with your herbs.
Thank you so much. Patrick K


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