1. Herbs and Breast Health
2. Herbs and Reproductive Health (Ovaries, Uterus and Cervix)


1. Herbs and Breast Health

BreastShield – anti-oestrogenic, oestrogen dominence

Anti-oestrogenic to help against immune resistance with additional herbs specific for breast health and protection


Dear Alan, I visited you in the Autumn when I had had a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. I thought you may like to know that my last CT scan showed bone tumours shrunk almost beyond recognition and bones grown back, exceeding all expectations. The oncologist said I should live a long life. Thank you for your help on my journey back to health. I recommend you to many people. Alison A


Natural Herbal Remedy
Herbs and Breast Health and Protection
Next to skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women, affecting one woman out of every eight at some point in life. Symptoms include a lump or thickening in the breast; a clear, bloody, or yellow discharge from the nipple; pain can also occur. Cancerous breast lumps are firm and do not shrink and expand with the menstrual cycle. See your doctor as soon as a lump or abnormality is found.
Risk factors for breast cancer include age, family history, smoking, alcohol, radiation exposure, obesity (esp. after menopause).
Breast cancers are adversely stimulated by oestrogen. Higher levels of oestrogen in the blood are associated with recurrence, resistance to treatment, and mortality.
Spread of cancer from the primary in the breast is mainly to the bones, lungs, and liver.
Surgery is the main orthodox treatment, followed by radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Tamoxifen is one of the most effective orthodox treatments. All internal treatment (orthodox and herbal) is designed to reduce oestrogen so that the anticancer genes p53 and p21 can more effectively do their work of clearing cancer cells.


hi alan. just wanted to let you know that we started using your herbal formula when my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, along with my homeopathic remedies.
She has been given the all clear, even the polyps in the bowel that they were concerned about have disappeared.
They are scratching their heads.
D. R. Homeopath.  England


Traditional herbs have been used for helping to improve breast function and health and protect against fluid retention, stagnation and symptoms of inflammation and prevent cancer. A formula that is anti-oestrogenic is primary to protect andprevebnt the breasts from the build-up of cancer cells and the failure of p53 to cope.
Specific herbs have been used together for the free flow of blood circulation and lymph through the breasts. Preventative herbs have a traditional action to shield the breasts from disease caused by excess oestrogen in the blood, drug-toxicity, circulatory deficiency, lymphatic stagnation, swelling and inflammation, or abnormal cellular lumps. Such herbs are used to detoxify and help to normalize the breast tissue function. The herbs are said to help to protect the breast tissue from toxic materials and serious breast diseases.
For general protection and gently lowering the adverse effect of oestrogen Alan Hopking recommends BreastShield herbs should be taken at a low dose for long-term.
For those with serious breast illness Herbactive Herbalist recommends specific anti-oestrogenic herbs at a high dose, in support of dietary and orthodox treatment. For example, it has been shown in research that Chaparral leaf (see Black Salve) has an anti-proliferative activity against T-lymphoma cells without affecting the viability of normal lymphocytes; it has also been shown in research that Chaparral leaf has anti-tumour activity on mammary carcinomas (Anesini C et al 1997 Phytother. Res. 11:521. and Anesini C et al 2001 Phytomedicine 8(1):1).


Hi Alan. After the first eschar detached I used the Black Salve again for 7 days and currently I have a dark thick eschar which is itching a bit but no pain at all.  I imagine this will detach in it’s own time so am keeping it bandaged but doing little else to it.  Inflammation around the eschar is minimal however there is still a large lump extending under the skin below and around the eschar. I am using your ABC powder, Black Salve Strong Internal Tonic, Herbshield and CBD oil 20% (10 drops per day). Pleased as punch the way this has worked out. Thank you! R


Let’s ask, why do so many women develop breast issues? It goes back to a common and misunderstood problem: Oestrogen Dominance.

How oestrogen dominance causes breast issues
Oestrogen Dominance is the key cause of many of the breast issues women experience today, whether that’s fibrocystic breasts, lumps in the breasts, or breast cancers. It’s also involved in other oestrogen-related cancers like cervical, uterine and ovarian cancers (see my OUC-Shield Tonic for more info on herbal treatment for this condition).

What exactly is oestrogen dominance?
Oestrogen dominance is an imbalance in oestrogen levels relative to progesterone, too much of the “aggressive estrogens” (E1 and E2) relative to protective E3, or the recirculating of oestrogen metabolites that then act like oestrogen. This condition is unfortunately common in our modern world, due to toxicity, dietary choices, and lifestyle factors.

Toxicity: undertake a detox once or twice a year (include TotalDetox Tonic, LiverDetox Tonic, ColonCleanse Powder).
Diet: keep to a low carb diet which includes regular intermittant fasts (skip breakfast every so often).
Lifestyle: make sure you exercise daily, socialise often and maintain your creative interests.

A few symptoms of oestrogen dominance to watch for are (and the herbs for these conditions):
Lumpy and fibrocystic breasts – Progesteronal Tonic, BreastShield Tonic
Fibroids – FibroidsLess Tonic
Thyroid nodules – ThyroidLess Tonic
PMS – PMS-Less Tonic
Painful periods – PMS-Less Tonic
Uterine polyps or endometriosis – OUC-Shield Tonic, Endometriosis Tonic
Infertility and miscarriages – Fertility Tonic, Miscarriage Tonic
Brain fog – BrainMore Tonic
Mood swings – MoodStepUp Tonic, DepressionLess Tonic
Insomnia – SleepMore Tonic
Fatigue – EnergyMore Tonic, TireLess Tonic
Bloating and weight gain (especially around the hips and thighs) – WindLess Tonic, WeightLess Tonic

What is the go-to herbal tonic for oestrogen dominance?
1. Progesteronal Tonic
2. BreastShield Tonic
3. EndocrineSeven Tonic


News: There has been a study of over 5000 women in Shanghai with breast cancer that recently found that those who ate soya lived longer and had fewer recurrences. The thinking is that the competitive inhibition of the phytooestrogens worked in the same way as tamoxifen as the benefit to women taking tamoxifen was not as great as to those who did not take it. January 2011

Drinking smoothies will also help your condition – find out more about smoothies

Lithocholic acid and Breast Illness

There are over 20 chemicals in the body that can help slow the ageing process, but the most effective one is lithocholic acid. This is a bile acid produced in the liver. It has been found to kill breast, prostate and neuroblastoma cancer cells by interfering with the mitochondria in those cancer cells, reports Concordia University in Montreal.
To help improve the liver function and action Herbactive Advanced Botanical Centre of Medicine recommends taking the tonics LiverDetox and Liver Restorative Tonic.
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Breast Disease
Action effective from the very first dose

The most exciting discovery as to what Bloodroot’s sanguinarine can do is on breast cancer cells. The same University of Minnesota study also discovered that Sanguinarine had an effect on breast cancer cells after a single application. DNA synthesis of breast cancer tumors (MCF-7) led to tumor growth inhibition. Some aspects of this inhibition remained in place for at least three days after single administering (others came back after 24 hours). The overall results lead the University of Minnesota researchers to conclude that Sanguinarine may be able to “suppress breast cancer cell proliferation for extended lengths of time.”
To treat this condition with herbs see our Herbactive tonics for this condition take BreastShield Tonic (also Essiac/Caisse-ACT has a long tradition of use for breast cancer). Also include Black Salve Strong Internal Tonic and HerbShield. Also recommended is the ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus.

Sanguinaria canadensis. Research shows that Bloodroot has consistent anti-neoploastic activity. It is effective against abnormal tissue, and can shrink them; and has proven useful with skin tumours, breast masses and sarcomas. It is the major herb (with chaparral) in Black Salve which is becoming a popular method to fight external malformed masses and breast lumps. See more information about the amazing actions of bloodroot and Black Salve.

For external treatment see Black Salve – we also have a specific strong tonic that can be taken with the BreastShield Tonic, called Black Salve Strong Internal Tonic, see prices

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News from science research
Strawberry extract reduced the expression of several genes involved in the processes of invasion and metastasis, such as Csf1, Mcam, Nr4a3 and Set. The extract simultaneously stimulated expression of the gene Htatip2, which is thought to suppress metastasis to the lymphatic ganglion in breast cancer patients. Scientific Reports, 2016; 6 (1) DOI: 10.1038/srep30917


2. Herbs and Reproductive Health (Ovaries, Uterus and Cervix)

The herbs used to protect and enhance the health female reproductive organs have been specifically researched for this purpose. Abnormal cells in the female reproductive system were identified as being successfully treated with these herbs.

You can order this mixture of herbal extracts OUC-Shield Tonic. To order this tonic click here.
For more info about the herbs referred to here please email herbactive at info@herbactivehealth.com


Nitric Oxide to fight Abnormal Cells – latest research

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a “substance of interest” for slowing and even stopping tumor growth. Researchers are getting closer to discovering the specific conditions which can trigger NO-related and NO-inspired tumor suppression − making it potentially one of the strongest yet little-known cancer-fighters.

Nitric Oxide is a water soluble, free radical gas produced by the body’s own cells. It is critical to many key biological processes, including neurotransmission, immune system function, and vascular health.

NO is also a promoter of cell growth, which can make it both a cancer tumor promoter under certain circumstances, as well as a cancer suppressor. One of the most powerful ways it can help heal cancer is by encouraging the growth of healthy cells.

Although it’s unknown the exact “low point” at which NO may increase cancer tumor growth, what is clear is that Nitric Oxide at a high level is a tumor suppressor.

Being proactive with prevention by upping your NO levels naturally may help prevent and even heal cancer.

Studies have also found that increasing Nitric Oxide can help in:

reducing inflammatory response
boosting the immune system
reducing the impact of harmful bacteria, fungi, and parasites
improving exercise efficiency and endurance
reducing infection and healing time
improving bone density
Upping your consumption of L-arginine is likely the best way to increase Nitric Oxide production for cancer-fighting and overall health. Here are a few other tips:

Eat veggies that contain healthy nitrates such as organic greens and root vegetables.
Promote healthy gut and mouth flora.
Organic dark chocolate is an excellent source of L-arginine. Other good sources of L-arginine include organic turkey and chicken, pumpkin seeds, and spirulina.
Sleeping on a device such as a Biomat, which uses Far-Infrared light and negative ions to promote healing, is also said to increase NO levels and the restoration of healthy cells in the body.

– Source TTAC

Order L-Argenine from Herbactive. We supply 90 tablets 1000mg each. Cost £20.50. Telephone your order 0800 0834436 or 0044-1425 613436


Recommended Supportive Herbal Tonics for Serious Illness :
Caisse – formula for life threatening illness Organic Alcohol-free Concentrated Tincture
Black Salve – also see the Black Salve Strong Internal Tonic now available, see our store
White Blood Cell Count
ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus
WheatGrass Juice
Total Detox Tonic
WormLess Anti-parasitic Tonic
Adaptogenic Tonic (herbal blood cleanser)

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