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Head-lice Treatment with Quassia
The following is a general guide about my herbal treatment for head lice which gives tips for success.
Lice anywhere on the body suggests imbalance in the system. In children it is common because they are going through physical and hormonal changes. It is spread amongst them in the class. The children’s hair isn’t dirty; they are going through changes and during this time they become vulnerable to this louse which feeds on the child’s blood. We have a complete programme to clear them from the scalp. This involves taking the herbal LiceLess tonic internally, to build the child’s system up and improve their resistance; and a lotion made with quassia and stemona two of the primary herbs for this condition. It is safe and highly effective. You also need to buy a special head lice comb from your pharmacy. Apply the lotion and massage it into the scalp and hair of your child. Brush the hair out straight, then using the lice comb go through all the hair clockwise. Leave for 20 minutes then again while the hair is still damp with the Quassia Lotion, do the combing again. Depending on how bad the lice infestation is, this ritual needs to be repeated 4-8 times daily. The lice and all the eggs are usually killed within 24 hours by this method. But you may wish to repeat it the next day and the day after to make sure there are none left, especially if your child’s hair is long and thick.
The small sizes are usually sufficient for one child. If you have 2 or more children with lice you will need one of the larger sizes.

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