Herbs and Cystitis



This is the inflammation of the bladder and/or urethra with possible bacterial infection (E. coli) of either structures.
The symptoms are frequency and burning on urination; pain and tenderness over bladder area; intense desire to pass urine even after the bladder has been emptied; strong odoured urine, which may be cloudy.

The diet should be lots of vegetables, whole grains, some meat and fish and fresh fruit. Plenty of fluid – water, fruit juice (no added sugar), mint tea. Take a natural multivitamin supplement – you couldn’t do better than take our ABC Daily Powder.

There are specific herbal medicines for this painful infection. Herbs include uva ursi, buchu, juniper berry, couch grass, agrimony and parsley piert.


I wanted to tell you how well the Cystitis Less tonic worked for me. I had the usual symptoms – a constant burning discomfort eased only by a hot water bottle along with pain and stinging at the end of urination. After chatting with you on the phone briefly to confirm the dosage, I took one teaspoon (I use a 5ml medicine spoon) in water every hour. It smelled lovely and tasted quite nice! By bedtime, I’d taken about 6 doses and drank a lot of water and the burning discomfort had eased to a slight sting at the end of urination. Come the morning, all symptoms had ceased, but I continued to take the remedy through the day, just more spaced out (every two or three hours). My symptoms did not return. On the third day, just to be extra sure I was in the clear, I took one dose in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. My cystitis had cleared up and my symptoms were gone within hours on the first day though, and I’m SO glad I’ve found something that works without antibiotics! I like to keep some handy just in case, and I’ve been telling friends who suffer with cystitis about it too. Thank-you for making something that’s so effective in such a short space of time! Now I don’t have to worry about getting thrush after taking antibiotics either! Edith, Wales


To whom it may concern
I consulted Alan Hopking because of the intense bladder discomfort that was diagnosed as the irritable bladder syndrome. That discomfort and pain has plagued my life for many years until I have started taking Alan’s herbal tincture that he made specifically for my condition, using his experience and expertise in herbs. I can highly recommend Alan as a practitioner of herbal medicine and recommend his herbal tinctures as very effective.
A.A. Douglas, Isle of Man

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