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WartLess Herbal Tonic and Lotion

This herbal health tonic, WartLess Tonic and Wart Lotion is for the treatment of warts and verrucas, plantar warts, flat warts, molluscum contagiosum, genital warts, condylomata, seborrhoeic warts, verrucas, moles and skin tags (NB The lotion should not be used on sensitive areas – ask our herbal specialist if in doubt).
There are specialist herbs in these mixtures which make them so successful. The tonic works from within the bloodstream upwards to the wart, and the lotion soaks downwards into the wart to kill the virus or clear the condition. These remedies only contain whole herbal extracts, nothing else is added. This makes the use of these herbs so safe and successful.

Is is also important to take ABC Daily Herbal NutriPowder Plus with this treatment

Many of my patients have written in with their stories of using these whole herbal remedies. Read a few of their stories, see below.


Warts on my face
Hello Alan, A year ago I developed a projected-type of wart, sticking out to about 2mm from the middle of my forehead. I applied your wart lotion 2-6 times a day and after a month the whole thing literally fell off, leaving fresh pink skin underneath. My wife and I are so pleased of course. Thank you so much. George. London.

Dear Mr Hopking, I ordered your Wart treatment 3 weeks ago for a wart on my face near my cheek bone, not an attractive place for a girl. It sometimes got itchy and inflamed. I tried all kinds of products to remove it, including tea tree oil, but nothing touched it. But I’m contacting you now because within a matter of 3 weeks that wart has all but disappeared; the itchiness has gone and the skin is no longer inflamed. It is the most powerful thing I’ve ever used, it is absolutely fantastic. It has made such a difference to my confidence. I wish I’d known about it years ago. I can’t thank you enough.
EP. London.

Dear Alan, your wart lotion was very effective in removing a sizable wart on my jawline. It took about six weeks, but did the job. No mark there now as far as I can see. So thank you for that. Regards, Susan. UK

Dear Mr Hopking, My young son had warts dotted all over his face. He was getting jibes from other boys and was becoming introverted. We used your WartLess Tonic and the Wart Lotion as you had instructed and after just a few weeks the smaller warts began to go. We kept up the medication you gave us and now he has a completely clear face. We are all so pleased, not least our son. Thank you so much.
Mrs A J.

Dear Mr Hopking, I am 76 now. But in my early 40s I developed a very large mole on my right cheek. Strangely it never grew larger but it was at least an inch across. When I came in to see you, you advised me to apply the Wart Lotion only, because I didn’t have other moles or warts arising. I applied it diligently, and in a week the whole mole turned very brown (it had always been dry and somewhat crusty). Then in the morning when I washed my face the whole thing just peeled off my cheek. I couldn’t believe it. You can hardly notice anything has been there. This was over 30 years of living with this mole! You can imagine how I felt! I am most grateful to you.
Mrs A. N.

Dear Alan, I am a 50+ professional male. I have 4 blemishes or ‘things’ on my face and 1 mole on my back. I’ve had them all for years. One in the ‘third eye’ area – this is a kind of minute ulcer, very small but noticeable; slowly enlarging; had it for perhaps 20 years. One on my left cheek near the nostril – a kind of lump, perhaps a skin-coloured mole, very small but gradually enlarging over the years. The third is on the right cheek 2cm under the eye – this is like a persistent pimple, very small, skin coloured; perhaps 3-4 years. The fourth is definitely a mole on the right upper part of the cheek – it is quite large, slightly brown, fairly flat; it’s been there all my life; sometimes itchy. Lastly, a largish flat mole or wart on my right shoulder blade, which was just reachable for me to touch; quite often itchy; had this for probably more than 20 years. I decided I’d have a go with your Wart Lotion only (not the Wart Tonic as I don’t have a spreading wart problem, as advised by you). You sent me the normal strength lotion as I was treating my face (but you did say I might require the stronger lotion for the mole on the back). I carried the little bottle of wart lotion in my pocket. I dabbed it on each ‘wart’ often, perhaps 6-10 times a day. It was easy to do and didn’t take a minute to complete all five areas. I called it off after 2 weeks because my left and right skin under my eyes became inflamed; the right side appeared ‘burnt’. I wasn’t worried. After a few days the right crusted lightly and then easily peeled off with no harm done. The left got better without crusting. The good news is that the ‘ulcer’ thing in the third eye area crusted itself (there was some redness around it) and eventually I was able to carefully peel it off. It has gone, disappeared! I look so much better!! Also the left cheek mole or ‘thing’, came off thee days after stopping the lotion, and has gone. So already 40% of the mission has succeeded! The others have not responded yet despite redness around them. I e-spoke to you and you encouraged me to resume. So I have and I shall report back with my results. But I am already a very happy man! Thank you, and so inexpensive along with your free email support. I am very impressed with your expertise.
– Mr A (name withheld by request). UK.


NHS Surgery Nurse
Hello Mr Hopking, I am the nurse at the local NHS Surgery. I see lots of patients who have used your wart medicine and lotion who report their effectiveness that I now refer patients to your clinic rather than have liquid nitrogen treatment which is so often ineffective.
Nurse (name witheld), Christchurch, Dorset UK.

I was recommended to you by a nurse in Bournemouth. They had treated my warts for some time with no result. But within one month of using your wart lotion they cleared up. They are completely gone. Very, very good, thank you for an excellent product.
Ron. Bournemouth. UK

It worked! I was told about you by my GP Clinic. I had to apply it for quite some time but it eventually cleared them all. Thank you very much.
Alan. Bournemouth. UK


Warts on my fingers
I’m a massage therapist. I had warts in the creases of two fingers for over two years. They were unsightly to my clients (and to me!), I had the freezing treatment at my GP clinic, but it didn’t work. You gave me the WartLess Tonic and the Wart Lotion. I nearly gave up because nothing much seemed to happen! I took the tonic and applied the lotion twice a day. But a carried on because there were slight changes. Within 6 months they had both disappeared. This is a long time to wait but in terms of the years i’d had them and the years I might have had them it certainly was worth it. I recommend your treatment to my clients. Thank you.
– Maggie T, Dorset.

Hi Alan, I just wanted to share with you how your WartLess herbal medicine helped my daughter.
Daniella who is 7 years old broke out in a number of warts on over her body about a year ago.  I took her to my local GP as they seemed to be spreading and he told me that this is quite a common occurrence in children of school going age.  It is called Molluscaem Contagiosus (I hope my spelling is correct).  My GP said that the warts were very contagious and they lasted on average for two years.  This makes it impossible to keep children home from school to prevent spreading.  The only thing he could recommend was cortisone cream to keep the itch away and to stop the infection which was a yellow pus-like substance.  He added that I should not apply the cream too often or in too big a quantity as it tends to thin the skin causing complication of its own.  Finding this hard to accept as a diagnosis I consulted a second GP who told me exactly the same thing.
Of course I was shocked that this was the diagnosis and cure.  It seemed to be going from bad to worse and of course the warts just kept spreading.  Daniella who is very self conscious as it is became very shy and embarrassed to let anyone see her.  I could see this becoming far more of an issue than either of the Doctors had predicted!
That is when I looked to other forms of medication and did some research on the internet.  I immediately called you and asked you if I could have an appointment.  I must compliment you as you were very quick to see me, in fact it was myself who had to delay as I live in London and your clinic is in Lymington, so we had to wait for the weekend.  You consulted with Daniella and myself and within minutes you had diagnosed the problem.  The warts were just an outworking of a lowered immune system.  You gave me the WartLess ‘lotion’ to apply externally and also a tonic to help build her immune system – and very strict instructions!
I followed your instructions applying the ‘lotion’ as often as we could sometimes up to 6 times a day, and letting Daniella drink her tonic which she has now acquired the taste of and loves it.  In two weeks every single warts had disappeared.  I must mention we were up to about 40 warts by the time we saw you.
We went on holiday in those two weeks and I religiously kept up our herbal regime.  Daniella knew it was doing her good and I could see the difference in a few days after starting the medication.  I threw out the cortisone cream after 3 days and have never looked back.
Daniella now takes her tonic every day and has even moved on to your ABC Daily 50 Herb Powder (which is fantastic).  If I forget in the morning both her and her brother (4 years old) nag me until I give then their ‘goong gai’ (our little name for it).  Both my children have not been sick since taking your 50 herbs and Daniella’s immune system has never been stronger.  The other day she started with a sniffle and within 12 hours it had gone.  I put that down to the proper nutrients that are going into her body.
Our whole family is now taking your products – most importantly your 50 herb powder [ABC Daily] and have found such a difference in our day to day lives. My husband who has a very pressurised job is not as tired any more and has more sustainable energy during the day. He has even recommended that his team take it to keep up with the pressure. I am taking it and have found all my digestive problems are disappearing.
Thank you so much for doing what you are doing. Your years of research and expertise have helped our little girl from a potentially dangerous emotional experience and the rest of us to lead fuller lives.
Best wishes
Carolle Gregersen, London.


I used your Wart Lotion regularly on my wart and after just a month it has gone! An excellent and pain free product! Thank you! Gay Kempton


thanks v much for recommending the wartless lotion for my mole – after just 3 weeks using it, it went v dry then flaked and its now a lot paler in colour and flatter. i will continue with it.
Liza. Preston, UK


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