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N.B. The herbs mentioned here are suggestions – no claims are made for effectiveness. It is best to obtain holistic advice from a qualified herbalist for prescriptions and dosages. It is best to see a qualified practitioner of herb medicine for best results. Email me if you have any questions. If you want to find out a wider range of herbs for the condition you are wanting to treat, make a thorough search in my page on Herbal Materia Medica, or email me. The info on this page is very simple and basic, but accurate nonetheless. It is designed to get you thinking about your illness or dis-ease more widely. Where appropriate I refer you to a tonic which you could use more beneficially for the condition. To order any of the tonics listed or to check their prices go to our online store.


Illness or Disease:
Herb Tonics Used as Preventatives to Promote Wellness

ABDOMINAL PAIN – correct diagnosis essential (flatus/wind; pancreatitis; gall bladder; gastritis; ulcer), WindLess Tonic, gallstone tonic, pancreasmore
ABSCESS OF TOOTH – An abscess at the end of the root. This is caused by bacteria like staph or strep or even a fungus. If the face is swollen with tooth tenderness or pain, it should be treated immediately by an antibiotic tincture, especially Echinacea, Wild Indigo and Myrrh along with Myrrh , Sage, Tea Tree and Thyme oils. MouthShield
ABSCESS – others (breast, skin, abdominal, rectum) bloodcleanser
ACIDITY – see Heart Burn.
ACNE: ROSACEA – A red rash in the middle third of the face – nose, adjacent parts of the cheeks, chin, and centre of the forehead – and a so-called ‘rum nose’. Also there is a dilation of capillaries, pimples, and overgrowth of tissue, dandruff and occasionally ulceration of the cornea of the eye. Certain foods can exacerbate this skin condition (e.g. coffee, tea, nuts, chocolate, hot peppers, alcohol, spices), this may be due to gastric hypochlorhydria (diminished secretions of hydrochloric acid in the stomach). Anti-inflammatory herbs and gastric normalisers are used alongside immunostimulants and toxic eliminants. A good tonic would include Gentian, Centaury, Broom tops, Burdock Root, Pasque Flower and Golden Thread. See our specialist tonic: Rosacea Tonic
ACNE VULGARIS – More than eighty percent of all teenagers are affected by acne in varying degrees of severity. The main cause is an increase in the production of androgen (male) and oestrogen (female) in maturing teenagers. This stimulates the sebaceous glands producing an over-supply of sebum (natural oil in the skin), which clogs the pores causing blackheads and whiteheads. Diet is still and important factor in controlling acne. Prescriptions must include a lotion of Calendula and Nettle and an internal remedy to balance the hormonal changes and cleanse the skin using Agnus Castus, Squaw Vine, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root and Red Clover Flower. Best to use SpotLess Tonic and Lotion
ADDISON’S DISEASE – Liquorice, Borage Adrenal Tonic
ADENOIDITIS – Baptisia, Myrrh, Echinacea, use CatarrhLess Tonic
ADRENAL GLANDS DISEASES – Liquorice, Borage Adrenal Tonic
> EXCESSIVE ALDOSTERONE – email me for a specialist tonic
> EXCESSIVE EPINEPHRINE – email me for a specialist tonic
> EXCESSIVE (CUSHING’S) – email me for a specialist tonic
> INSUFFICIENT (ADDISON’S DISEASE) – email me for a specialist tonic
ALLERGIC RHINITIS – Plantain, Sambucus, use AllergyLess Tonic
ALLERGIES – Plantain, Astragalus, use AllergyLess Tonic
ALOPECIA – Liquorice, Echinacea, Eclipta see hair tonics
ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE – Hawthorn, Ginkgo, Herbactive leaf, Myrobalan; use ForgetLess or MentalPepTalk or BrainMore
AMENORRHOEA – Mitchella, Pennywort
ANAL PRURITIS – Althea, Stellaria cream or try Detox Tonic or WormLess Tonic (for possible parasites)
ANAEMIA – Rehmannia, Urtica, use Wheatgrass Tonic or an iron tonic
> HAEMOLYTIC – Wheatgrass Tonic
> IRON-DEFICIENCY – Bilberry Wheatgrass Tonic or iron
ANEURYSM – Hawthorn Heart and Circulation Tonic
ANGINA PECTORIS – Hawthorn, Adonis, Salvia milt., Astragalus, Heart and Circulation Tonic
ANOREXIA NERVOSA – Condurango, Milk Thistle, Gentian, Peppermint; tonics to use: WindLess, WorryLess, SynergyPluss, MoveMore 1, also ColonCleanse Powder, or herbal bitters
ARTHRITIS – Devil’s Claw, Apium, Menyanthes, Guiacum; for arthritic analgesic and stiffness PainLess Tonic
ASTHMA – Ephedra, Lobelia, Datura, Squill, Asthma weed BreathLess Tonic
BRONCHIAL – Inula, Eucalyptus, Echinacea BreathLess Tonic
ATELECTASIS – BreathLess Tonic
ATHEROSCLEROSIS – Garlic, Yellow Melilot Heart and Circulation Tonic, atherosclerosis
ATHLETE’S FOOT – Marigold; ask for Fungal Cream
ATONIC CONSTIPATION – Juglans MoveMore 1 or MoveMore 2 Tonics
ATOPIC DERMATITIS – Oregon Grape root SkinClear
ATRIAL FIBRILLATION – Convallaria Palpitations Tonic

BACTERAEMIA (BLOOD POISONING) – Uncaria, Wild Indigo HerbShield or InfectionLess
BALDNESS – Eclipta, Polygonum multiflorum, Rosemary; Hair Tonics and bhringaraj
BEDSORES – Xanthoxylum, Armoracea, Ginger Heart and Circulation Tonic or LegUlcerLess Tonic and Poultice, slippery elm
BELL’S PALSY (NEURITIS) – Passiflora, Paullinia; NerveShield and Lotion
BENIGN TUMOURS – Forsythia (for any tumour use HerbShield Tonic and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness), see also Fibroids
> OF BLADDER – Daucus HerbShield and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness –
> OF BREAST – Taraxicum leaves, Fritillary herb BreastShield and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness – Black Salve
> OF OESOPHAGUS – Sanguinaria, Sweet Violet HerbShield and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness
> OF KIDNEYS – Viscum HerbShield and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness KidneyShield
> OF OVARY – Vinca; FibroidsLess Tonic HerbShield and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness
BILE DUCTS, INFLAMMATION OF (CHOLANGITIS) – Dandelion root; Gall Bladder Tonic, Liver Detox
BLACK HAIRY TONGUE – Aloe MouthShield, Herbal Toothpaste
BLADDER – (for bedwetting, incontinence or bladder overactivity try WaterLess or IncoLess Tonic)
> BENIGN TUMOUR OF – Daucus HerbShield and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness
> Acts as a preventative against cancer – Viscum HerbShield and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness
CYSTITIS – Uva Ursi, Agropyrum WaterMore Tonic CystitisLess
> SAGGING (CYSTOCOELE) – Astragalus Prolapse Tonic
> STONES IN – Aphanes StoneLess Kidneys Tonic
BLEPHARITIS (EYELID INFECTION) – Eyebright, Ju Hua (use our eye-drops in an eye-bath) SkinClear Tonic
BLOOD POISONING – Phellodendron, Rheum Blood Cleansers
BODY ODOUR – Trigonella Total Detox Candida Tonic
BOILS – Garlic Detox BloodCleanser
BONE(S) – Medicago; BoneMore Tonic
> CALCIUM LOSS IN (OSTEOPOROSIS) – Dioscorea BoneMore Tonic
> Acts as a preventative against cancer – Comfrey leaf Caisse – formula for life threatening illness and HerbShield Tonic
> INFLAMMATION OF (OSTEOMYELITIS) – Myrrh HerbShield InflammationLess
BRADICARDIA – Hawthorn Heart and Circulation Tonic
BRAIN – Ginkgo; ForgetLess or MentalPepTalk Tonic or BrainMore Tonic
> Acts as a preventative against cancer – Mistletoe Caisse – formula for life threatening illness and HerbShield Tonic
BREAST – Fenugreek; for poor milk flow for nursing mothers MilkMore Tonic
Acts as a preventative against BREAST CANCER – BreastShield, HerbShield, Caisse, Black Salve
BREAST SIZE – BreastMore
> Acts as a preventative against cancer – Taraxicum leaf Caisse – formula for life threatening illness and HerbShield Tonic
BRIGHT’S DISEASE – Glycyrrhiza Kidney Tonic
BROMHIDROSIS (BODY ODOUR) – Trigonella, Triticum Detox or Wheatgrass Juice or Candida Tonic
BRONCHITIS – Mullein Bronchitis Medicine
BRONCHIECTASIS – Hyssop Bronchitis Medicine
BUERGER’S DISEASE – Ginkgo, Ephedra, Aesculus, Hawthorn
BUNION – Tabebuia
BURSITIS – Apium, Salix Anti-inflammatory joint medicine

Acts as a preventative against cancer – Viscum, Astragalus, Uncaria Caisse – formula for life threatening illness and HerbShield Tonic
CANDIDIASIS (CANDIDA, THRUSH) – Agropyrum, Coptis (see ThrushLess Tonic) Candida
> SCALP Candida internal medicine and Anti-candida Scalp Lotion
> MOUTH – Salvia MouthShield
> VAGINA – Deadnettle ThrushLess Tonic
CATERACT – Euphrasia, Chamomile, Fennel SeeMore Tonic EyeDrops
CHICKEN POX – Echinacea, Coptis Anti-virus medicine
CHILBLAINS – Ginger, Capsicum Heart and Circulation Tonic
CHOLANGITIS – Meadowsweet
CHOLECYSTITIS – Berberis vulgaris; HickoryChickoryDock (Liver Tonic)
COELIAC DISEASE – Peppermint – see coeliac disease
COLD, COMMON – Elder flower, Boneset, Garlic ColdLess Anti-viral Tonic
COLD, COMMON – Elder flower, Boneset, Garlic HerbShield Tonic
COLITIS – Slippery Elm, Mentha, Potentilla, ColitisLess
> MUCUS – Bayberry, Geranium ColitisLess
> ULCERATIVE – Chondrus, Althea root ColitisLess
> IRRITABLE – Bistort, Stachys, IBS-Less
> LAZY – Rheum, Psyllium MoveMore 1 or MoveMore 2 Tonics
CONN’S SYNDROME – a disease of the adrenal glands involving excess production of a hormone called aldosterone – email me
CONSTIPATION – Rhubarb, Rhamnus, Rheum, Ranunculus MoveMore 1 or MoveMore 2 Tonics
CORONARY THROMBOSIS – Hawthorn, Lime flowers, Garlic Heart and Circulation Tonic
CRABS – Stemona, Styrax take LiceLess Tonic and Lotion
CROHN’S DISEASE – Mentha piperita, Marshmallow ColitisLess
CROUP – Terminalia CoughLess Tonic or Cough Syrup
CUSHING’S DISEASE – Liquorice Adrenal Tonic
CYSTIC FIBROSIS – Comfrey, Papaya email me for a specialist tonic
CYSTITIS – Agrimony, Buchu, Couch Grass, Juniper, CystitisLess Tonic
CYSTS – all kinds of cysts, including Styes (but see styes below) – CystLess Tonic

DANDRUFF – Achillia, Burdock root; also ask for a scalp lotion, take SkinClear Tonic
DEAFNESS – Euphrasia, Ginkgo Tinnitis Tonic
DENTAL CARIES – Myrrh, Sage, Cloves MouthShield
DERMATISTIS – Calendula, Burdock, take SkinClear Tonic
> ATOPIC Berberis aq., Sophora flavescens, Phellodendron
> CONTACT – Tabebuia, Astragalus
> SEBORRHOEIC (DANDRUFF) – see Dandruff; take SkinClear Tonic
DIABETES INSIPIDUS – Gentian, Syzigium PancreasMore, Stevia, Gymnema, Stevia
DIABETES MELLITUS – Wormwood, Syzigium PancreasMore, Stevia, Gymnema
DIARRHOEA – Oak, Hamamelis, Acacia MoveLess Tonic
DIVERTICULITIS – Wild Yam ColitisLess
DUODENUAL ULCER – Irish Moss HeartBurn and slippery elm powder
DYSENTERY – Acacia, Oak, Geranium MoveLess Tonic
> PRIMARY – Agnes Castus, Dong Gui
> SECONDARY -Dioscorea, Trillium
DYSPEPSIA – Melissa, Angelica HeartBurn Tonic

EARACHE – Piscidia, Yarrow HerbShield or ColdLess AntiViral Tonic
ECZEMA – Nettle, Scrophularia SkinClear Tonic
EMPHYSEMA – Lobelia, Ephedra, BreathLess Tonic
EMPYAEMA – Baptisia
ENDOCARDITIS – Crataegus; take two tonics: Heart and Circulation Tonic and HerbShield
EPILEPSY – Passiflora; Epilepsy Tonic
EYES – for all eye problems take SeeMore Tonic and Eye Drops

FIBROIDS – Beth root, Thuja, Periwinkle, Poke, Cleavers, FibroidsLess
FLU – Eupatorium perforatum Antiviral
FOOD POISONING – Echinacea HerbShield
FRIGIDITY – Liriosma Herbal VW Tonic
FROSTBITE – Prickly Ash bark, Ginger Heart and Circulation Tonic
FROZEN SHOULDER – Wood Betony, Willow FrozenShoulder Tonic
FURUNCLES – Poke root

GALLSTONES – Barberry, specialist Gallstone Tonic and method
GASTRIC ULCER – Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, plus Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Powder
GASTRITIS – Agrimony Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Powder
GEOGRAPHICAL TONGUE – Goldenseal MouthShield
GERMAN MEASLES – Echinacea HerbShield
GINGIVITIS – MouthShield
GLANDULAR FEVER – Astragalus, HerbShield
GLAUCOMA – Eyebright, Bilberry SeeMore Tonic
GLOSSITIS – Thyme (see Tongue) MouthShield
GOUT – Salix GoutLess Tonic
GRAVE’S DISEASE – Lycopus Thyroid Tonic

HAEMORRHOIDS – Pilewort; PileLess
HAIR on Body and Face (Hirsutism) – HairLess Tonic
HAY FEVER – Pantago HayFever Tonic
HEADACHES – Scutellaria, Feverfew HeadacheLess Tonic
HEART ATTACK – Hawthorn Heart and Circulation Tonic
HEART BURN – Dandelion, Meadowsweet, Chamomile; HeartBurn Tonic
HEART FAILURE – Hawthorn Heart and Circulation Tonic
HEPATITIS – Astragalus, Berberis, Ginseng Liver Tonic
HERNIA – Meadowsweet, Ulmus HeartBurn
HERPES – Echinacea HerbShield
HICCUPS – Valerian
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Yarrow, Viscum, Hawthorn Heart and Circulation Tonic
HIVES – Urtica SkinClear
HOARSENESS – Terminalia; email me for a specialist tonic (for singers from opera to heavy metal)
HODGKIN’S DISEASE – Poke root, Galium; LymphCleanse
HYPERTHYROIDISM – Lycopus ThyroidLess Tonic
HYPOGLYCAEMIA – Liquorice, Stevia; PancreasMore
HYPOTHYROIDISM – Fucus ThyroidMore
HYPOXIA – Lobelia, Triticum Wheatgrass

IMPETIGO – Liquorice; email me for a specialist tonic
IMPOTENCE – Turnera, Pausinystalia, Catuaba, Liriosma, Eugenia Herbal V8 (men) or Herbal VW (women) Tonic
INDIGESTION – Carum, Elettaria, Mentha, Basilicum HeartBurn Tonic
INFANT DIARRHOEA – Witch Hazel MoveLess Tonic
INFLAMMATION – SYSTEMIC – InflammationLess Tonic
INSECT STINGS – Garlic, Thyme, Tea Tree
IRITIS – Eyebright, Cats Claw SeeMore Tonic
IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME – Bistort, Stachys, Potentilla IBSLess Tonic

KIDNEY FAILURE – Fleece Flower root; Kidney Tonic, KidneyShield
KIDNEY STONES – StoneLess Kidneys Tonic

LARYNGITIS – Baptisia MouthShield, InfectionLess Tonic
LEUCORRHOEA – Lamium Hormonal balancing tonic
LEUKAEMIA – Myrrh, Tabebuia HerbShield Tonic and Caisse – formula for life threatening illness, WBC Tonic
LICE INFESTATION – Picrasma, Stemona HeadLice Tonic or LiceLess Tonic
LOW BACK PAIN – Black Cohosh, Cramp Bark Lumbago Tonic
LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS – Oregon Grape bark HerbShield, ABC Daily Powder
LYMPHANGITIS – Phytolacca LymphCleanse
LYMPHOMAS – Cleavers, Phytolacca LymphCleanse and HerbShield

MALABSORPTION SYNDROME – Spiralina, Rheum, Chondrus LGS Tonic
MALARIA – Cinchona MaleriaShield
MASTITIS – Vitex, Fenugreek, Feverfew BreastShield
MEASLES – Echinacea, Coptis HerbShield
MENIERE’S SYNDROME – Thorn Apple, Ginkgo, Asplenium MotionLess, Menieres
MENINGITIS – Feverfew, Garlic HerbShield, infection
MENOPAUSE – Salvia, Vitex, Anemone, Hypericum, Life root, Wild Yam FlushLess Tonic
MENSTRUATION – Penny Royal (to increase), Capsella (to reduce), Vitex (to regulate) PMS-Less Tonic
MIGRAINE – Feverfew, Lemon Balm, Skull Cap, Piscidia MigraineLess Tonic
MOLES – Greater Celendine (fresh juice applied) WartLess
MORNING SICKNESS – Chamomile, Peppermint, Ballota Morning Sickness Tonic
MOTION SICKNESS – Ginger, Peppermint, Marjoram MotionLess Tonic
MUCUS COLITIS – Symphytum leaf, Althea, Tormentil ColitisLess
MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS – Paullinia, Strychnos, Centella; NerveShield
MUMPS – Yarrow, Echinacea HerbShield
MUSCLE SPASMS – Viburnum opulus ABC Daily Powder
MUSCLE WASTING -to build muscle MuscleMore Tonic
MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY – Paullinia, Spiralina, Uncaria; NerveShield
MYXOEDEMA – Fucus, Phytolacca, Iris ThyroidMore Tonic

NAEVI – Rubus, Cytisus
NASAL POLYPS – Rubia cordifolia; Nose Drops, nasal polyps
NEPHRITIS – KidneyShield
NEURALGIA – Passion flower NerveShield and Lotion
NEURITIS – Baptisia NerveShield and Lotion
NICOTINE Dependence – SmokeLess Tonic
NONSPECIFIC URETHRITIS (NSU) – Echinacea, Barosma HerbShield, CystitisLess

OBESITY – Atractylodes, Juglans WeightLess Tonic or LemonDetox Diet, Stevia
ORGASMIC FAILURE IN WOMEN – Angelica sinensis, Liriosma HerbalVW Tonic
OSTEOARTHRITIS – Poplar bark PainLess Tonic
OSTEOPOROSIS – Astragalus BoneMore Tonic

PANCREATITIS – Wormword, Liquorice, Jambul seed; PancreasMore
PARKINSON’S DISEASE – Belladonna (caution), Centella, Terminalia; PancreasMore
PEDICULOSIS – Garlic, Fenugreek, Pfaffia LiceLess Tonic
PELLAGRA – HerbShield, InflammationLess
PEMPHIGUS – HerbShiel, InflectionLes
PEPTIC ULCER – Marshmallow root, Slippery Elm bark, Filipendula Acid suppressing tonic and Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Powder
PERICARDITIS – Motherwort, Hawthorn Heart and Circulation
PHLEBITIS – Cinchona, Salix; VeinsLess InfectionLess
PILES – Pilewort, Rhubarb; PileLess
POLYPS – Beth root, Shepherd’s Purse, Vinca, Viscum Fibroids
POSTNASAL DRIP – Solidago CatarrhLess or ColdLess/AntiViral, nose drops
PREGNANCY – Raspberry leaf Morning Sickness Tonic
PROGESTERONE – Progesteronal Tonic
PROLAPSED UTERUS – Oldenlandia Prolapse
PROSTATE – Seranoa ProstateLess Tonic
PSORIASIS – Rumex, Trifolium, Burdock PsoriasisLess Tonic
PULMONARY ABSCESS – Pulmonaria, Balm of Gilead LungShield
> EMBOLISM – Garlic Heart and Circulation, LungShield
> INFARCTION – Hawthorn, Lime Flowers Heart and Circulation
> OEDEMA – Althea, Pellitory LungShield
PYLONEPHRITIS – Astragalus KidneyShield

RAYNAUD’S DISEASE – Horse Radish root Heart and Circulation Tonic
RELAPSING FEVER – Medicago, Meadowsweet, Yarrow HerbShield Tonic
RESPIRATORY NEUROSIS – Valerian, Anemone NerveShield, WorryLess
RETINITIS – Bilberry, Euphrasia SeeMore Tonic
RINGWORM – Cats Claw, Hydrastis, Berberis FungalLess tonic and lotion

SCABIES – Calendula, Cleavers LiceLess
SCIATICA – Passiflora, Jamaican Dogwood SciaticaLess Tonic
SCROTAL CYSTS – Fennel, Blood root CystLess
SEASICKNESS – Ginger, Peppermint, Ballota MotionLess Tonic
SEPTICAEMIA – Urtica, Echinacea, Oldenlandia BloodCleanser
SEXUAL ANXIETY DYSFUNCTION (Erectile Dysfunction) Herbal V8 (men) and Herbal VW (w)
SHEEHAN’S SYNDROME (hypopituitarism from growth or surgical shock) – Caisse-ACT – for life-threatening illness, Vitex
SHINGLES – Passiflora, Echinacea Shingles Tonic and Lotion
SHOCK – Acorus gram., Ginger, Valerian WorryLess
SINUSITIS – Solidago, Hydrastis, Plantago CatarrhLess Tonic
SPASTIC CONSTIPATION – Hops, Geum MoveMore-1 Tonic
SPRAINS – Arnica (external), Armoracea Arnica
SQUINT – Eyebright, Ju Hua SeeMore Tonic
STERILITY – Dodder seed; Fertility Tonic
STIFF NECK – Valerian, Black Haw, Cramp Bark Arnica Lotion
STRESS, and stress-related disorders – WorryLess Tonic
STROKE – Crataegus, Passiflora Heart and Circulation
STYE – Galium, Anemone, Arctium root, Echinacea; CystLess Tonic also external wash in eye-bath with Myrrh and Euphrasia (may be used as a hot poultice) Eye Drops
SUNBURN – Aloe gel
SYSTEMIC LUPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS – email me for a specialist tonic

TAPEWORM – Wormwood, Tansy, Aloe WormLess Tonic
TESTOSTERONE – Testos4Torros
THREADWORMS – Wormwood, Tansy WormLess Tonic
THRUSH – Uncaria, Marigold ThrushLess Tonic
THYROTOXICOSIS – Lycopus ThyroidLess Tonic
THYROID – LOW – Kelp, Iris, Poke ThyroidMore Tonic
TINNITUS – Ginkgo SoundLess Tonic
TONGUE DISORDERS – Hyssop; MouthShield
TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA – Ginkgo, Passiflora NerveShield and Lotion
TUMOURS – Forsythia, Viscum, Phytolacca, Oldenlandia HerbShield Tonic, also Caisse-ACT – for life-threatening illness
URTICARIA – Urtica, Arctium, Sassafras SkinClear Tonic

VAGINAL INFLAMMATION – Lamium, Wild Yam, Yoghurt ThrushLess or FlushLess
VARICOSE ULCERS – Leg Ulcers Tonic and Poultice, Circulation

WARTS – Chelidonium (externally use fresh juice) WartLess Tonic
WHIPLASH – Viburnum opulus and Arnica Lotion
WHOOPING COUGH – Ferula, Mullein LungShield and Cough Syrup
WRY NECK – Cramp bark, Arnica lotion


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